Saturday, December 26, 2009


any hot guys here??LOL

ex-TIKL reunion..mish u guys!!

hurm..baby3..cutie mutie..LOL..i don't know what i try to say..but i really2 had fun yesterday..superb..happy..undescribed feelings that can show my excitement..hurm..had ex-TIKL reunion yesterday..venue : mid valley..yeah..i mean here ex-TIKL but not really all ex-TIKL came..just some of us only..some people can't join..because have something else to do..but still had a great time..but still hope we can do again for next's like our annual gathering...perhaps can do next year..and really hope can meet matrix students after this..since like matrix students will going back to KL for their holidays on january but students from other U will going back to their university and start their sem,maybe end of next year.. we can meet together again or else during chinese new year..who knows right??..hehe..have same holidays..really2 hope for that.

looking forward to hangout with my college friends this tuesday..can't wait to meet them..miss they all too much already ='(

sob3..since like so many times our plan have been,make it done bebeyh..weee..

Monday, December 14, 2009

it just me.

Just a picture
3 pictures in one..can describe about me a thousand of words..
somehow,it still me!

Friday, December 11, 2009

forgive me?

last two days..i read this magazine..the 'remaja',it sorts of teenagers magazine..haha..usually i just bought this magazine not really often..i can count how many times i bought a year!!hee..perhaps once in 6 months??how bad am I!it's not like i am soo stingy or what..but i don't have heart to buy it sometimes..only if i'm in my mood to read all those magazines..if not,i just borrow from my sister or my's me..wee's main topic..i took a quiz from that magazine which it's all about forgiveness thingie..hurm..let see..the topic is..'Are you a person that easily forgive other people mistake??'
i took this quiz to see what is inside of me and what people might think about me and who am's like all the time if i made a mistake,i seek for forgiveness and what i hope is other people can forgive me easily..but how i think if other people made a mistake,can i easily forgive them??and i want to know if i'm easily forgive other people or,i tried this quiz..well,after i did the quiz..i found that:

I am easily forgive other people but hard to accept it
'forgive other people before i go bed is my routine,i don't like to make a conclusion of my day as horrible like yesterday..and i don't want to be feel like sophisticated about it..but what is the differences between me and others is i can easily forgive other people..maybe people might see that i don't want to talk with them after they did a mistake..but actually,frankly speaking..i forgive them already..i already forgive them after they did their mistake..hurm..hur just me..its my natural way..i really2 want to be friendly back after they did some mistake,what they have done..although it just a tiny single mistake..but i can't..don't ask me..and i already tried..sorry people??..i know it sounds like i am soo cruel maybe??but i told you..i forgive other people after they did their mistake but to accept and to face them back kinda take a short or longer time for me..i desired to talk with them again..especially if its happen with my own best friend,or or with my family!can u imagine that??it's totally the hardest principe is if i get hurt deeply once,totally like if its a serious matter,forever i will hard to believe them just enough for me to forgive them..but to accept them back is moderately hard for me..'

People might think that i am a bad person..sadistic..pathetic..but guys..i'm totally sorry..i try to change okayh..dats my promise..maybe i did all this because of my age??well u noe..teenager age...they oftenly like to 'memberontak'..and i'm not being matured..and maybe based on my experince mom always said..'let people do to us ika,but don't we ever do anyhthing that can hurt or harm others''s true..i noe and i did that before and maybe i'm not be like this 'pathetic' or 'uneasily accept other people'..i emphasised that sentences..hurm..if one of my friend in my high school did something that never appreciate what i did for her,she tried to be a backstabber..tried to think that she's the one that should be fully loved by other people especially teachers and friends (it's not like i'm soo jealous with her okay!! but u noe..well3..)..sharing is caring la huh!..don't control other people so that people can love you only,she make my close guy friend which i share every single problems with him and also known as my twn brother not treat me properly anymore and doesn't care about me at all..even i'm the one that introduce her to him..she tried to close with all friends that i close..i don't even know wether its just a coincident or purposely or whatever words that u can replace it just happen to me!!huu..and she tried to use other people for her own benefits..she told me before..people will never see her 'bad behaviour'..but i think i am so lucky to have an advantage that i can see her bad's totally horrible year for me..i'm always fall sick that year..and she doesn't care about me at all..i told just what i feel..and i still can't accept her in my life today..i gave her so many time to change and chances but she just take it for granted..what else i can say..i'm not a PERFECT girl to judge and fixed other people..

Monday, December 7, 2009


'Does my head look big in this??'

oh last..i finished read this book..for so long i bought this..i mean not really a few weeks only..maybe because i have no time to concentrate reading this book all the way..since like last two weeks my days were fulled with 2 LAN subjects night,i slept very early because i have to wake up early for the next,not really in mood to read..but i gathered all my strength,i managed to finish this book.. the story was quite good..was okay for me..let me tell a little bit about this book..the story is about..

'A muslim girl who was born in Australia,she wearing a hijab or vein and she is a could she survive in the middle of the city of Australia..her decision to wear the hijab starting when she's in year 11 full-time takes a lot of she can manage to cope with the prejudice that happened around her..sort of like people look her from up to down of her appearance and looks her as a weird person,how people think a piece of material that she wearing on her head..and can she still attract the cutest boy in school??'..and its all about..and so on..

many things to write but i just summarise it..maybe in next few weeks,i can go out with someone to accompany me to go to KLCC..wanna to buy some other books at kinokuniya bookstore..well,i think kinokuniya have a lots of novels that we can search n variety of novels that we can choose..hurm..maybe i can grab one book only..because english novel quite expensive for me..but not at all..just some of it only..ahaha..and most important things..i am totally a very slower reader like a doubt for that darling..haha..i think i will stop now..since like i have nothing else to write..i'm typing right??well..u noe..typing replace my hands to write..ahah..blablabla..since..i'm out of an,gudnite people!hope tomorrow will be better than today..!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


had fun just now.

met my fellow jasprincess..just a few of them.jasprincess stand for 'princess of jasmine'..the name was given because we were from 'jasmine dorm' in school..yeah..jasmine is a type of flower..maybe when some people heard this name..this is a dorm of MPP..okayh..whatsoever!! just past and it will always remain in my heart n mind..being a person that have to hold the responsibilities as a MPP is not easy..i mean..although MPP is just the same like prefect like in other school..but i don't know we are different..we used to be hated by other people..because of was sooooo stereotype..i tell u!once they heard that one MPP make a this bad thing this nonsence things la..change la..n so on..they will hate the whole entire group of people..i can say some of them judge us from outside and try to talk bad things behind us..although they never know us or eben talk to us..they simply like to be a judgemental person..hurm..but,honestly,i never regret who am I's time for me to stop..i will stop with that yah..i just wanna to refresh my mind..try to recall back the nostalgia..but for me,i don mind..people like that would never be my friends..i don't like people that think they are too PERFECT..and don't care what they want to say about other people..many people make a mistake in their,u can't blame us on that people..thanks to those that always supporting us from back,behind,in front and all side of the corner..i appreciate it..owh boy!!zalikha!!stop with that okayh!..past is past..and people will always and can change..bear that in your mind..p/s:i'm so sorry if anyone can get hurt with my words...

so,go on..had a barbeque last night..people that came;me,nina,kakna,deqna (they are twins..)hehe..nora,haire and ijam..basically haire n ijam were not included as jaszprincess..but we are very close with was totally awesome..we laugh n laugh all night..nora will never stop make us laugh..i don't know why..she always make us happy..with her cracking jokes..every single minutes we laugh until our stomach feel like going to be burst..i have no words to describe how much i miss them..yesterday gathering was like annual gathering for us..too sad that some of our members couldn't join the party because we don't have same holiday..except me..because i finished my matriculation already..and since i just stay at,there will be no problem to go out with anyone..but with my parents permission la huh..haha..because i'm a,its not really good to go out so often..especially at night..wuaahhahah..

while we're stuffing our mouths,arguing about how many minutes we need on the treadmill for every bite..there's a cute boy attract our attention..n he is sooooo cute..his face like nora said..can be her husband..!!haha..ok..i talk nonsense here!!daaa..of course cannot..8 months boy want to be a husband to a girl that is 18 years old..can you see the differences between their age??OMG..btw,i'm sorry..again!!i make up the story..quack-quack..penguin!!ops!!not penguin!!,it's a duck okayh..after we finished all..finished tidy up usual..we did night talk session..i don't know what time i slept..this moment of time,we shared our problems..when we laugh,we laugh..but when we sad,we will always shared people sad..sharing is caring right??so,that's what we try to practice..since long time not see each other..many things we want to talk's not like we cannot share our problem with an outsider or other people that we are not very close..but sometimes we scared because of our experinces..friend sometimes can be a backstabber..sometimes they used us for their own just not we cannot believe them but maybe it takes time to share our very privacy secrets..hurm..but it just my perception and point of views..i don't know about other's perception..maybe there are slightly different opinion from me..

then,just now..after we send kakna n deqna to bukit jalil LRT,me,nina and nora went to IOI mall..since like nora wanted to watch,we went there..and we watched this other nice movie at all that attract us..we are more likely love romantic movies..a typical teenagers like us..damn cool isn't,we decided to watch 'LOVE HAPPENS' for me,the movie was quite slow n totally out of my taste..i felt that movie was totally boring..i can give 1 and a half over 5 ONLY!!..erghh..and can u very few people only in a's about 10-15 people only..
huuhu..wee..snap a lot of pictures!!'s not like we are very3 'jakon' a person that never found a camera in their own world..but its an annual gathering.people!.once a year only we can meet like this..because we are from different places..i mean different places not like other planet or somewhere else but from our house to another's not like 5 minutes only we can walk n chit chat,chit chat like takes time for 2-3 hours or more toone,can imagine that huh..and maybe we have another comitment to do..i had a great time this two days..before we left,we have a bit of a kodak moment ang hug each other.

*more pictures i uploaded in the facebook..

Friday, December 4, 2009


faster wake up!haha.mumbling myself.ALONE.tonight.sitting in front of the computer.start to press my keyboard very gently and softly.actually,i'm so lazy to update my blog nowadays..i don't have any ideas about that.but,farhanah already asked me to update my blog.muahahaha..
here it you wish my dear.

like,woke up at 6 something..make myself n get ready to go to,is my final exam for the LAN subjects..basically n honestly,i'm not really understand what i learnt in malaysian studies..yeah..but i think not only me that could not understand what the lecturer teached us..n talking about that subject in front of the class every morning until noon..ha-ho-ha-..not suprise if i said most of the students have same feeling n thought like me!! no doubt for that okie..but i hope i can pass the subject..just hoping..hehe..well,i was the 3rd last person that went out from the exam hall just 'the'...why everyone went out so early??ok-ok..i noe the reason..u noe the reason??yeah..u should noe okayh!!have to!!i did the exam very slow..still can play with my pencil n look around..haha..hurm,then..had lunch with farhanah,usha,shaleen,yasmin n n farhanah ate first..and others ate later..farhanah was very hungry,so..i decided to accompany her 'makan'..haha..yea right??if farhanah read this..sure i'm dead..haha..because that's are totally not the legal reason..=pp

after that,studied islamic studies for a while..i read it already last night..and just want to make a last minute revisions to refresh back..went to class n finish it the paper..then,had a presentation about our project..which the project contribute like 30% for the entire topic was like 'discuss why women don't want to get married nowadays and how to prevent this problem'..sort of that..huhu..i think i did quite ok..i think..farhanah took my video..and i watched the video..and i was like soooo retarded..everytime also my hand move up and down by holding the pen or ..whatever the thing..i can't upload the video in here..since farhanah not send to me any video..haha..

HOORay for a while!!at last i completed my LAN,i can enjoy my legal holidays..haha..oh dear..stop it with the 'legal' words..miahaha..but i like it..quack-quack-
looking forward for the plan for tomorrow..going to have a barbeque with my friends at nina's house..maybe 5 of us only..others cannot come..since like some of my jasprincess in matriculation..u know la some of matriculation are too far from K.L..huhu..i could wish that we can get together back like hard to have the same free time together after we pursued our studies in different path ways of studying..ok!..stop with that emo mood..maybe nina will fetch me at my house after i come back from my dentist house n her house just nearby only..okayh..not really near.but still can be categorised as ''near''..haha..sounds nonsences..but that is a to say..near but not really near..haha..okie dokie..whatever..i just can't wait to meet them i come girls!!

gtg..i have no mood right now..someone might angry at me.huu...i don't know..but i felt that way..oh,god..maybe it just my feelings..but hope i can receive a good news tomorrow..

Monday, November 23, 2009

MS and IS!

just a PERFECT word to describe my starter of the day for today.
erghh..hate it when i have to wake up early after spent a week for my holiday..then have to continue wake up early every morning for this 2 beautiful isn't it..duh..i emphasised the beautiful word,now..u get what i mean write??please2 and thank you..huuu..i am damn lazy weyh..seriously..i mean it..because today,i really had a terrible time for my morning time..owh..please..i don't have to mention it..5 hours to spend only on malaysian's like totally crazy..and i'm hunger for the excitedness of that subject..but still can't!!..the subject was totally boring!!for me..but i think most of my friends think and felt the way like i doubt for that my dear...but yet,luckly every 1 hour lecture,we still can have a break..wee..

feeewhh..the crazyness of malaysian studies!haha..

during break okie..=p

But then,my day become cheerful back like as usual..because of my islamic studies..though,at first,only me and hannah attend the class out of 7-8 people for AUSMAT march intake..and i feel awkward in that class..because too few people only..first time in my life got only 2 students attend the class..haha..but i am so proud with myself because i managed not to open my mouth every 5 or 10 seconds..i managed to do that okayh!!i just fall in love with my islamic studies..again!! after i finished my spm syllabus..i find it very interesting..the lecturer explained to us here and there almost perfectly..and i feel like i won't skip my islamic studies for this 2 weeks..i like islamic studies since i was,not a big deal for that..i can cope easily for that subject..since like only just both of us in that class just now,so,the lecturer tend to ask us more and ask wether if we have any problem to ask him or not..haha..that's cool huh..we can ask anything that we not really sure..hurm..whatever it is totally exciting to learn islamic studies for tomorrow..yeeehaaaa..=)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

awards night!

yuhuu..awards night just passed by me..held on 19th November 2009..last thursday..from 6 p.m to 10 p.m..the last night that i could enjoy with my collegemate!!..yaaa..though,we have still a lot of days to spend after this for LAN subjects but days that we could spend only like a quarter of time..because we only same class for Malaysian studies!!perhaps!..huhu..okayh..stop with the dramatic action..hehe..for me,a quarter of time can be used with full of meaningful rite??so,that's what i'm gonna to do bebeyh.

i make myself sooo fast..then,i went to usha'a house..because my friends that same table with me are all over,i asked my mum to sent me there..try to look forward what they are wearing and i tried to fullfill my time with touch up a little bit of my make up..ok3..honestly..i'm not a perfectionist in make,i will just put the make up on my face..simply okayh!!haha..last time,i told one of my friend that tried to comment on my make up..i said to him..he can see me in a beautiful perfectionist appearance with a gorgeous make up when i get married 6-7 years later..hahaha..6-7 years later????cool huh?maybe it's too late some of them to get married..but for me..i want it to be planned like that..i just want to graduate first,then work and have my own satisfaction on here and there..hurm..)

The most unwanted part was..we had an accident a little bit at usha's housing area..not really housing area..just in front of her house..hurm..actually,kelly wanted to reverse her car...then maybe the sensor not really cover all the sight..and she didn't realised that got car behind,she accidentally bang the car...the car was static..and that car was volvo..okayh..luckly not the new volvo but its OLD VOLVO..!!hurm..go on..the owner of the car wanted a big of 'ganti rugi' for that..honestly..i went out from the car and try to look wether it is serious or not..and guess what...his car was nothing!!!no scratch at ALL!! AT ALL!!..can you read my lips??if yes,good job!!erghh..that guy damn..annoying!!..i think kelly's car was more in troublesome..i think she have to change her bumper and her plat no..then,kelly called her dad and told him..and he asked her to take a picture..h0ho..that malay guy was like totally pale in blue..don't know why..maybe because he scared that his car can just be polished only..and not a big serious scratch or,maybe he will think how he can get the 'ganti rugi' right..erghhh..yah..i admit that we did a mistake..he's not wrong at all..but can't you just settle it with a polite manner man..??maybe we can give him a RM50 at most to polish his car..because his car was totally FINE compared to kelly's car..but whatever it is..hope kelly can settled it with that man.

here some pictures in awards night ceremony..i just upload a little bit only..more pictures i uploaded in facebook..thank you..=)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


hello reader! =)
i'm back..yes!i'm's totally me.. last i can update my blog for a long time has been away from blogging..because i get easily addicted to blog if i start once..haha..first of all,i just finished my FINAL AUSMAT WACE EXAM a few days ago..hurm..conclusion for my exams..well,i will list all my subjects and how i can say about the exams.. haha..

1st paper : EALD known as English as Language and Dialect
I think this paper was ok..not really that hard n not really that easy..but i think the most difficult part was during the listening part..which i was not really can't understand the Australian accent..there are 2 part..but it just only for one part that i cannot understand..another part of question..i can understand what they are talking about..but the overall is i'm still scared about my EALD paper.

2nd paper : Applicable Mathematics
I really don't want to talk much about this PAPER..because i was totally SCREWED up the PAPER..i just can't help about it..hurm..i know2..i didn't do so much much effort for this subjects..but it's too hard for me..and i still wondering why i took this subject at the first place..hurm..*sigh**..Discreet Math is much easy than applics i guess..daaaa.i am such a BUMMER..!
3rd & 4th paper : Economics and Psychology
Hurm..guess what??i can get easily crazy when this two subjects were combined together..damn S***KS's not i cannot do..but it is two subjects which we have to think hardly and memorise hardly about the topics..i studied hard for this two almost everday i kept repeating reading the same things..and i can vomit to read again n again..duhh..but i think i did quite okay for my psychology paper..but for my econs..i have no enough time to finish it..that is always be my problem if i have to get through all the economics paper from sem1 until sem2 n until my final..errrrghhh..damn it..i hate dat..
5th paper : Accounting
Accounting was ok..not really that hard..i think its more easy than 2008 past year paper..i can do a lot of question also..but still not have enough time..although i didn't put down my pen at all for a second..i kept continue doing all the question..and yet not enough time..i am damn upset weyh..because i know i can do..but hopefully my marks will be ok..

so,that's the conclusion of my final exams..haha..seriously FINAL exam for my matriculation..i hope my TER will be,i can proceeds to my degree next year..obviously,i will counted my TER with the best 4 subjects;which is psycho,EALD,accounts and econs..owh,no applics! more AUSMAT syllabus that i have to learn after this..huhu..gonna missed a lot of things that related with collegemate,my lecturers,our memories..huhu..sob3 =(
but we still have to study LAN subjects which is compulsory set by the government which is malaysian n islamic studies next week..maybe 2-3 weeks only before the exam..i mean LAN subjects exam..then,we will go our own way..maybe some of us will still continue study in sunway..but some of us are not..who knows..they will be pursue their studies so far far away..but i hope our memories will never end and remain forever in our heart n dramatic..hahah..but seriously..i'm gonna mish them..

just now was fun..i really had a great time this morning..i went to KLCC with kamil..i am totally bored yesterday..i wanted to go out..but i don't know with who i want to go out..but then suddenly kamil called me last night and asked me wether i can go out with him or not to KLCC because he have to take some stuff that he booked at ZARA MAN..and i said YES for that..hoh0..

First,we went to kinokuniya bookstore..were there like 1 hour i think..the bookstore was nice..i like..i bought 1 book..i have to take my iniciative to improve my writing this,during this 2 months before i can proceeds to my degree,i want to revise my grammar back for my broken communication..daaa...i know i am totally weak when it comes to speaking time..but i'm still in learning,just bought an english novel..not really thick..not really thin..not really in small writing..because i will not in mood if i have to read anything in small writing..haha..i mean for the first time to be an english novel just me..tadaa..btw,i really2 can't wait to finish that book..wee..

At first,we wanted to watch 2012 movie..but the line was totally long and very crowded at the counter..i know..i's a school holiday..everyone want to watch movie rite...??especially day!!,we cancelled our intention to watch..maybe next time..damn sad..but if we want to watch also..still we can't..because kamil have to go back early..since he had prom night tonight at sunway hotel for his SAM night..must be fun..can't wait for AUSMAT awards night..and yet i haven't decided what i'm gonna to wear..maybe just a simple outfit perhaps..i don mind..the most important things,i want to enjoy for tomorrow's night..yeah..sadly,farhanah won't be there..huhu..sob3 =(

Then,we went to ZARA MAN,accompany kamil to take his stuff there..then,went to this eyewear shop to buy his contact lens..i don't want to say which shop..because there's a story behind this..guess what??..there was this one lady in that shop..she was like soooooo annoying..we donno 'nak tak nak' to entertain us..i was like what the **** weyh..i hate that kind of people..why u can't just give us a beautiful we can buy many contact lens from your shop..ahahaha..*sigh* sentences doesn't make any sense..ahah..ridiculous want to buy a lot of contact just because for 1 smile..what i try to explain here is that lady have to respect others..okay..i admit we looks very very high school students but we have feelings also..we can know which is good and which is bad..u don't have to show us your dislike face or whatever *bluerk* face..we ARE customer..we have,thats your job to entertain us..duhh..whatever,lucky they sell reasonable price for the contact lens compared to others..if not,we will never want to buy at your shop lady..but thanks to another lady..because make our mood to cheer up back..=)
she was nice..she talked n explained to us very polite..i appreciate that..hurm..=)

After that,we went to dessert's bar..we want to try something new..and kamil was interested with the ice-cream..but at the end..he didn't order the ice-cream also..we ate a set of sandwich and a was totally nice and the food is very healthy..and the price not really expensive..i think it's worth it..and i just fall in love with that place..with the foods..and and very nice waiter overthere..they are friendly..hurm..=))..and we go back after's some pictures that we managed to snap..outside was raining just now so we couldn't take any picture..damn sad..but it was enjoyable..thanks kamil!!glad to go out with you again next time..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

it will never end

it was so extremely's already 11.50..i didn't realise that..i just arrived to my house from an hour ago..around 10.40 like that..n now the time like soooo fast moving..tick-tock-tick-tock..until it reach 12.00 a.m later..and complete the 24 hours time..and after that,we begin to start our new day again..and wait for the 24 hours to be want the time to be slow..i'm scared time moving very fast..but sure la..if i cry until my blood coming out from my eyes also,i still can't change the time..hehe..

today,i had one class which is psychology class's like 2 hours i'm in the college..i drove today..but my mummy wanted to use that,like i drove back just now like soooo fast..i never drive like that before..i also shocked with myself..because my mom have an appoinment,i cannot be late..i drove like thunder..can you imagine that..i never drive soooo fast before unless if i'm in hurry la..but i am really2 in hurry..i'm scared my mom will late..but thank god..nothing happen..then,i told my mom about that..and she scold lame am i..she said 'just drive slowly..if anything happen,ur life will gone..that is the most important..'actually,i realised that..but i don't know sometimes if we drive like crazy was fun's like gave us an opportunity to be like a racer for a while..haha..although it just a MYvi car and not the sports car..and and by turning the radio to be LOUD while was soo fun bebeyh..but i'll make sure that i do it that once in a blue moon only..because my parents will get angry with me later..a-e-i-o-u..on top of's DANGEROUS okayh!! children under 18: beware!!don't follow me..farhanah!! u are not 18,better watch out..haha..

yesterday,i went to pyramid with my friends..we wanted to take our lunch over there..since like we don't want to eat at medan already..haha...almost 8 people i think went first yasmin wanted to go..but she had another,she not following us..we were confused which restaurant we want to,end up..we just went to mcD..and half of us went to KFC and bought foods for ourselves..but we 'curik-curik' ate at mcD..since like mcD is beside,that will be easy rite??haha..but then,luckly no one check us..if not,we are going to be kicked out from the restaurant..haha..then,after lunch,we went to archade (is this spelling correct??)..nvm..just check it out in dictionary later..hew hew..we played a few games..not really a few la..but 2 games only we played..but i played 1 game was totally fun..and shaleen always kept winning..and i never win once also..huhu..sad2..=(..sob3...we went there just for a while only..while we played,shauni,farhanah and su yin watched movie..since like kelly drove her,it was fine for 5 of us to go back college separately..

We went back to college after that..wanted to study at library..but library is totally FULL..with MUFY students..aiyo..everywhere in the library also can see blue t-shirt..either the 1st floor or 2nd's totally fulled..because MUFY had their trial this week..i guess,we decided to empty class..and we checked our time table..but seems like sw-4-6 is,we study and shaleen was discussed about the econs topic..which we are going to gave headache to read the notes for's totally a lot man..but we are so lucky..because we don't have to read from the text book..we just to read from the notes that are given by ms.suzana..but still a LOT..i hope i can manage to read it..because i am L-A-Z-Y- bum-bum to read..i am not hardworking dad also knew that..hehe.. some picture we took yesterday..

to ... : i'm glad that you are happy now than before..

Monday, October 12, 2009


i am a SUSHi King lover right now..i admit that i don't like and i can say i really hate2 sushi for a long time how many years i didn't eat sushi and my family also long long time not go to sushi king because of me..haha..because of who??because of me!! ( purposely repeated )..but because of yesterday,i became a sushi king lover!! regret about it...the proof is..i ate sushi at sushi king again for my lunch today..with yong tsing,yee lin,yan hwa and tracy lim..i never eat with them for lunch before although i am quite close with,just now was our first time eat together..but j-anne..sob3..she's not there with us since like she is one of my wife..she should be there too..hu2..( only them know what i'm talking about..) haha..but again..okayh..i'm not a LESBIAN!!..i repeat again..i am definitely not a LESBIAN!!..haha..they are all my hunny bunny..wee.yippi..nvm j-anne..we eat together next time,the moment for today and yesterday was unbelievable...what an unexpected things and moments that i never expect that drag me to be a SUSHI lovers! my sister said..we have to choose the nice,we can have an appetite to eat again..haha..yesterday,i went out with my family..since like we want to celebrate 3 birthday straight..which is celebration for my bufday,my bro's, and my dad's,we want to try a new taste..we decide to go to sushi king at the end..nothing much to say..just a wall of my pictures..weeeheee..just enjoy the show..=)

day : sunday
venue : sunway pyramid
with : my beloved family =)

dAY : Monday
veNue : sunway Pyramid ( my playground )..^-^
wives : yee lin,yan hwa,yong tsing..j-anne not here..sob3 :(
fiancee : tracy lim..( haven't approave yet )..haha..LOL...

me and tracy!!

WE again!!



full of plates..


happy FAMILY tree..wink2

half of me..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

do I have a PRIDE??..the answer is YES!

life is hard isn't it??sometimes..maybe yes and maybe no..past few days ago..there is one strange girl gave me a comment and the comment sounds like sooooo 'deeeesssperate' comment..i can say that and i can confirm it as an 'unwell wishes'..well,the starter of the story will begin like this..sorry gurl,no heart feelings if you suddenly and not purposely to open my blog and read this statement..but it just not fair for me..i have a pride as a woman..okayh..not really a woman..but as a gurl..cause i am not too old to be called a 'woman' and not to be young to be called a 'gurl'..haha..okayh2..go on..don't want to waste time..this one girl is not my friend..i donno which earth she come from..nvm..she added me on myspace..i approved her..i don't know why i suddenly just approved her..because i'm not really simply approve people that i don't know..maybe because she is a,like i don't mind to approve her..then,she gave me a message and asked..wether i'm single or have been taken already by 'someone'..and i just simply replied her that i am totally single and straight forward i ask her 'why?'..daaaa..strong to be like this ogeyh..then..i received unexpected answer from her..she said: she tried to find a girlfriend for her friend and she said that guy is very nice..18 years old..and 'blablabla'..i was like what????? am i look like toooooooooo desperate girl to have a boyfriend and she try to be a matchmaker for me and her friend?? and i was straightly thinking..i have a PRIDE okayh!!!..i am not a girl that simply want a guy from where he come from and try to approve him like that..without knowing them first..what do you think i am??and i was like cursing that time..not really2 'bad cursing'..but just a little bit 'bad words' come from my mouth..and 1 more that guy is totally A desperate guy??if you are,try to find another gurl and totally that girl is not me!eerrrrgh...! but the truth is i am not angry at all but just shocked its do happen to i have no's not wrong to find a girlfriend through a 'connection web'..but try to be a gentleman as a guy..try to get know that girl slowly or whatever it is..and don't be too desperate to ask other girl.or easily..ask ur fren to look straight for you and ask for the approvement to be attached..i can said that is totally horrible and can't be accepted by a girl like me!! and do 'mind your own wishes' people..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

it was not my mistake..

i don't have mood to write blog nowadays..only if i feel like my 10 cutey fingers want to touch this keyboard and type!!grrr...lazy dumm2 of me..i just got my psychology,EALD and accounting paper just was like totally horibble..not really horrible..i can say that my marks are much higher this time compared to my EE results..and i think my marks are average..AVERAGE!!..i am only me..i cannot say that i am too sad..yeah..maybe i can say it too because i do really dissapoint my parents..but this is only average of me..i still in average level..i cannot expect to get results that i really2 can't achieve..i mean for this moment..yeaaa..people might advance in the future..but for me..i have to move forward slowly..i cannot be like bummm..getting higher marks like that..i cannot put higher expectation results for me to just like not worth it!..i know very well how my ability could be..i can't just put my expectation for an A++ in such a way my level is just B or C+..because if i put higher expectation,i will be more suffer and become soooo..upset if i couldn't get at the end..because i cannot achieve the real high super expectation....hurm..but yes for sure..i want an excellent results..pleaseee..everybody also want..but at this moment..i will work harder for the last minute expectation..just same like what i did for my little tiny PMR and little advance SPM..from the worst trial to a better actual results..i hope i can excel more better for my entire AUSMAT..wish me luck people!! my parents,i won't dissapoint both of you again for this time..but i can't promise for my applics..hehe..i can't help on it..and yet i donno why..because i really2 sucks at MATH!..although if i do a lot of questions..

huhu..did my oral test was quite ok for me..but i donno how my marks are given to me..because i was talking to AUStralian people!! was nervous that time..i can't really think about the points when she kept asking me questions one by one..but at least i have a point to talk about..i wasn't like keep quiet in that room..and blinking over the time..but i think 1 question i couldn't answer because i don't know what she asked!!..errghh..the question is something like this..( i donno wether correct or not )..'how speech can empowering your language'..i was like huh??i'm not really said 'huh?' to her..haha..but it was just my silent thought..and i was like..'can you repeat again the question'..duuh..although she repeated the same question also..i couldn't answer!! because i donno what point i want to just a speechless moment when we already sat on that chair in that 'blessful' room..and talking with someone that we cannot see their face..only can hear their voice..and they can hear our voice..but i know they can see us..only us cannot see them..maybe because they don't want us to feel nervous..but yet daaa..we still nervous..because its an ORAL!!..spontaneously have to answer the questions... haha..but for me i prefer like that..because at least i cannot see their,i will like less ''hurm..errrkk..'' to answer their questions..hehe..fullstop for that..gtg now..dada..
sorry for my bad grammar..i have to wake up now and digest my grammar lessons back..

Friday, October 2, 2009

what done is done..

i'm in the library!!haha..alone..waiting for my friends..because they having their EALD class..maybe it takes time like 15-20 minutes..i have 5 hours break starting this week every friday..because my applics class for the tutorial finished,we have to concentrate for our WACE exam..since like we left only 1 month to go before we can finish our matriculation..yeah..but then for 3-4 weeks or 1 month in november until december after WACE ,i didn't take note at all for how many weeks..we,march intake AUSMAT are going to suffer!!!..erghhh...seriously suffering..and even i'm being sophisticated now..because after our WACE..we have to complete our LAN subject which is the compulsory subject for all universities to take..suggested by the government..which the subjects are Malaysian studies and Islamic studies..damn..i am so pleased to study those 2 subjects but the problem is..i have to study like 9 hours per day for 2 subjects!! can you imagine that..that is too malaysian studies for 5 hours per day and it will become 25 hours per week only for malaysian studies..add up with islamic studies which we have to study 4 hours per day..but i don mind to study islamic studies..because that is my favourite and scorer subjects when i was in my primary and secondary schools..but for malaysian studies..its history!! history..!!i will feel sleepy then for that 5 hours..erghhh!!..but i won't complain about it..what the..haha..i already complained it here..daaaa..nvm..maybe i have to accept just a while..i am,we cannot complain about it..we have too..because i love my,i will done it..yeaaahaaa..wish me luck people..wink3..=(

last two days,i went to BSN ( Bank Simpanan Nasional )..*for those who doesn't know what BSN stand for..
i went there with my mum..since like i'm on my holiday that,i take advantage to withdraw my money..because i want to transfer it to ASB ( Amanah Saham Berhad ) for my future..then,'alang-alang' i already at BSN,i want to buy for my cousins for politeknik,i ask that lady in the i want to buy polikteknik lady said here also,i buy la..she give me something like receipt payment or whatever it is called..huh..too bad huh?? i'm an account student and i don't know what is it??..hehe..that is very terrible for me..go on..i thought i have to buy for the only and on9 for my cousins..but then after i paid,i only realised that i paid for my!! because of why?? because i paid under my name and my IC...owh s**t!!..i was like very shocked that time and a little bit frustrated because i'm wasting money..duh..i didn't realised that..long time ago,like my matrix also my school teacher did for us...errrrghhh..wasted!! my mom seriously like angry with me..because at first,she already warned me not to buy first..but as usual,i am very3 stubborn girl..go and buy the at the end,my mom ask me to pay back..huhu..RM6 for nothing!!..can you imagine that?? how stupid i am!!..

Monday, September 28, 2009

K.U.M ticket

i found this last week!!
memories when i was f4..
a piece of tissue from tanta and sis ann..
my senior secretary of K.U.M..
which stand for Kelab Usahawan Muda ( The Entrepeneur Club )..
wat a suprise i still keep this thingie..soooo proud of it a little short while..hehe..
tanta,come and take a look of this..sure you will be suprise also..haha..
i think..but most probably yes!
he will get suprise..=)


this is my sister 'business blog' and her partner..
just wanna to promote it here in my blog..haha..
do come and visit to see the reasonable thingie ogeyh..

drop of sunshine

'Salah dan silap harap dimaafkan ye..
Halalkan makan dan minum..
semoga ceria di samping keluarga menyambut hari lebaran..
di bulan yang mulia ini..'
ikhlas dari nor zalikha bt nor azman dan keluarga..
untuk kaum muslimin dan muslimat..=)

wee..a new post today..last thursday equal to 4th day of raya..i just finished my applics exam..the last exam and the last day to get rid of heavy stress..yippi..because of why..?? because then i can only enjoy my actual raya..haha..but i think i am sooo have exam during raya time..than people that have exam after raya..for me,that is moooooreee stressful ogeyh..i'm on holiday until this everyone start to go back to their school and college..and i was like stuck here..athome??..enjoy my holiday soooo sesat...(owg laen study,aku cuti...owg laen cuti,aku study..blablabla..)ok..go 3 days (thursday after applics,saturday and sunday),i was not fully at home..enjoy hangout at my friends house because..some of them did 'open house' a.k.a 'rumah terbuka'..for 2 days cabob become my driver..haha..since like my house and his house like sooo near..not really near..but still,he picked me up at home on saturday and sunday and went raya to our technic's friends and also a few of our teacher house..but like pity him..i didn't pay anything for the journey..he paid the toll and also fuel..ahah..when i ask him wether i have to pay him or not..he said no,like okayh..because somethimes we have to bully him also..since like he always bully me at school!! *sigh*..cabob,don get angry okayh..(like he knows what i wrote in this blog..)ahaha..nvm,just express my feelings about this..thanks la cabob =) appreciate it time,can go jalan with you again..traaalala..

hee..yesterday,mummy's family ,nenek and mama's family came to our 'happening' giler arr..long time like my house not full with our relatives..have fun and enjoy sakan..seriously..( haha..kire meriah la umah )..with my aunties cousins uncle voice..our voice..haha..combined together and be one voice..became soo LOUD..daaa..luckly no one of our neighbour come and 'serang' us..hehe..and at last..we didn't snap any picture!! sister wanted to...but she said she a little bit shy..what la..damn funny..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

burst out!

someone said this to me :
'Talking to you was nice,i can become me,wherenever i talk to you,talking to you,comfort my soul,turned my pale life into colourful..thanks because make me smiling..'

Owh,isn't that soooo sweet..i am really2 touched dear when you said like that to me..hurm..lets have a night talk again next time yah =)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


heu..i like this's my birthday..!! yeah..
thanks to those that wishing me on dat day...before or after 090909..
hehe..i am really appreciate that..
just celebrate with simple mood only..
yeeha..i got a new handphone from my parents..
as my birthday present..wee..thanks dad,mom..
i am excitedly happy and no words to describe about it..
since my old hp spoilt already last month..
at last i had a new hp..:))..hurm..still smiling until reaches my cheek..wee..
thanks to yasmin,usha and shaleen too..thanks you guys!!..
cause gave me a 'rantai' with love shape thingie..
love it..!! :))..
and one more thing,the 'rantai' also change colour when our mood is change..
not really our mood actually but it's more basically change according to our body temperature and surroundings..and my colour always change to BLUE..ahaha..
donno why..which is stand for HAPPY mood..!!although sometimes..i feel soooo stressed and still change to get it.. it supposed to change to RED!..
watever it is..i LOVE YOu gUYS..u all also love me rite??ahaha..=p

orait..i was told by my juniors from my technic school that my picture was sticked on the board near warden room..i was like soooo suprised and shock..and they ask me this..

'akk,dpt scholarship dr sunway yeh??kos AUSMAT kan??'
i was like..'ha'ah'...cmne tau niyh'?
and she replied me..'laaaa...gamba da terpampang lekat kt skola'..

i was totally SHOCKED that TIME!!
at first,i don't believe at all..and pet sis called me later at night and said the same thing..
and the weird thing my school got my picture??even i also don't have one of it..
and btw,the scholarship that i got is just entrance scholarship by Tan Sri Dato' Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah..hurm..wink..weird..

expectation for my MOCK exam..::
i am totally want to excell my applics exam..duh..damn hard!! but i tried to improve for my MOCk..
hurm..hopefully i can get a great marks for my EALD,ECONS,PSYCHO And ACCOUNTS..
really hope for FAVOURATE subjects!! i come..!!
but..but..i am really2 frustrated..last week..i study hard for my psycho..memorise all things..
and rite now..i feel like i forget everythings!!erghhhh..stressful!

to kecique at KBU college :good luck to you too beb!!

Monday, September 7, 2009



my cakepie birthday!!
september calendar..

03/09/09 - Azrul Azhar ( KTU , ex-TIKL )
07/09/09 - Yasmin
08/09/09 - Haire ( awie )
09/09/09 -!! and and eMiyl..
11/09/09 - Sarrah Alia
13/09/09 - Thenesh Dayalan
20/09/09 - Heidi ( Beyi ) &...nuRfaDzilah
21/09/09 - Haqim ( Aqi )
29/09/09 - Amira ( mya ) , deqna and kakna..=)

Hepi bufday to all of you..!!
may god bless you..and may happiness come to you.. =)
wish you all the best..

Friday, September 4, 2009

my thought..

today,like no words to say...
suddenly yesterday i'm thinking like..
a lot of man are annoying..
yerrr...i purposely to think that.
i think like my 2nd time i feel
like i hate BOYS!!
they annoyed me..
i donno why i think like that..
maybe some of them.
yeah..and some of them..
are very-very nice to me..
i cannot say i hate all guys...
that's not fair to some of them..and and..
people will assume i'm lesbian then rite??
just because of minority of guys..
that are totally annoyed me..
i will said that i don't like the majority one..'s time!! again...
last time also..i feel the same things..
it's like a season for me..
no heart feeling guys..
i just express my words..
to release my extension wire in my head..
you can throw your defend words if you want..
i really don't mind..
different people have different opinions and thought right..??
so,this is it..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Independence day..52th

not too late to wish..
to all malaysian..
i am totally proud to be one of malaysian.. in multicultural society..
not forgotten..1 MALAYSIA yah..

Friday, August 28, 2009


had my EALD test just now..from 2.30p.m to 4.00's test is focusing on writing..which we have to write a speech..there's a two choices question which is basically about current issue in australia and another one is current issue in western Australia..but we have to choose one,i decided to choose a question based on the current issue in Australia..actually like in class,we have to do the assignment about the topic which is issue that happen in the world,in australia and also in western australia..but then,so lucky the question is based on the topic that we have digested..but daaa..i donno why suddenly i am blank and cannot think about the topic that happen in western australia..duh!so,i make up my mind to choose current issue in first i wanted to do about racism issue..because i did that topic before..but then i think again like racism issue is a sensitive,i don't want to do..and at the end i just write about recession that happen in australia..luckly i take econs least i know what to write than write something that i am not very sure..

at foyer,meeting martin,jeyshaan and larry..larry have a break at this moment in his college..i mean he's from another college..just drop by to our college..ahah..and then martin ask me..'what topic you wrote??'..and i said 'recession in australia'..then he said..that topic is likely more to global issue..every country also faced the recession..i was like 'huh!'..yeah..basically i know that recession topic is a global issue which is more to world issue..but i don't have any an idea that,i just wrote it..better than nothing write?? and i was like too frustrated because i'm scared i will lose a lot of marks..huhu..then jey issue is still ok..its still current issue..anything also can write about doubt for that..huhu..i was relieved then..

in car,on my way dad suddenly ask any test today?? i was like..(since when my dad have a strong instinct about this..??)hehe..and i was like..yah..just now,i had my eald test and blabla..i said that i wrote about resession for my topic..and i ask it ok?? and he replied me with a positive emotion and answers..eventually,i was like totally and heavenly relieved for the second time..but just wait and see for the marks..hope i can get better marks for that..wee..=) many times my pancik gave me a message yesterday but i didn't credit la pancik..sorry kayh..??
he asked me to wake him up for sahur also..owh,pity him...maybe mancik kejutkan next time kayh..(hoping that he can hear what i want to tell him..) hurm..okayh guys..that pancik is my friend yah..we called each other like me as mancik and i called him as pancik..ahaha..just for fun people!! cute nickname...teehee..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

joy! =)

hola people..yesterday was the first time i break my fasting at college..with a group of muslim which mostly are pre-U students..yeah..i mean most of them..that doing MUFY,A LEVEL,CIMP and also AUSMAT..and maybe another course also there..but i didn't notice and never know..ahah..sorry..because like malay students there are very very few and the population like a small piece of first,planning not to go...but fanah said she and hannah want to,i was like wanted to go then..maybe can get a new friends there..i mean malay farhanah said..well fanah..i know what u mean okayh..=p farhanah,u are so so naughty!!..
but at the end..hannah cannot come because she said she had,like just 2 of us the aus
matian there that are stuck in the crowd of people..ahaha..btw,thanks to ustazah because maryam said that she cook the foods...we ate rice with a few of dishes..which is meat,chicken and a little bit of vegetables..and we just paid RM1 for that..can you imagine..??can you?can you?with RM1 we can eat a lot of things..wuaaa....damn nice..and i was thinking about my technic school during that time..where I stayed in hostel when i was in form 5..we ate together like a hostel,like we treat our friends like a family members..then,performed terawih prayer together..went for moreh after terawih...then,as usual..go for a night prep to study..and the next morning,sahur together..wee..especially with my dormmates..i am very2 close with my dormmates than my classmates..maybe we always together in a dorm..sharing problems,doing work together,eat together and even sleep together..ahaha..don't be suprise..but no lesbian bad mindset ya..ahaaha..that's the reasons why we are very close to each other...all are because of we are always TOGETHER!..haha..huu..i really2 missed my past time...i hope i can turn back the time..but i can't..just hoping that we can do a reunion in the future..gathering back like before..huhu..hurm..=( sob3x..

moving on,before me and fanah went back home..while waiting for my mum to fetch usual..again..yah..what we always do is.....PICTURE TIME!!!..teehee..more addicted to that..donno why..don't have any treatment for that..ahah..because it's FUN some of the pictures that we snap a routine,i will always uploaded the pictures that we snap..never missed for we come!!..the background of sunway university college at night..i mean..only at our foyer..ahakx..

the picture seems not very clear enough..maybe..because we are too far from the camera..ops!eheh..

Monday, August 24, 2009


pity arizan...just now,he messaged me and said that he didn't do well in his law exams..he said like it's damn hard!..hurm..nvm arizan..maybe it takes time to suite the new way of exams format..i noe you can do well and better next time..caiyok2.gambate!!..even dila also said that she can't really understand law wanna to cry to do the question..nvm people!just cheer up..and pick the new leaf to be better..okayh??..i will support u all from left,right,behind,in front and all the way..ahaha....even i'm not a good respondent to make u all calm and even myself..but i'm a good and loyal listener and i'll try my best to be an understanding person..wee..yippi..=) heart feelings people..=p


arguement with my little brother..actually,not a really heavy or big arguement..ahaha..and even it's not called an arguement also..chatting with him just now...while i'm in the library and he's at home..enjoy his school holiday..walaweyh..damn fun..i don't have break also..this make me jealous and missed my school life..huhu..sadness..=(...yesterday i called him 'beyi'..ahah..just wanna to give a new name to him...and i keep calling him that name since last night..but unfortunantely he don't like me to call him like that..adoi..but the name is soundly soooo cute..near to 'bayi' or baby..ahaha..even he's already 14 and i still like to treat him like a baby..and dat's the reason why i called him 'beyi'..daaa..damn funny..okayh heidi..i won't call you like that anymore..but i won't promise you that..teehee..well,.u know me..who am I..but's fair..u called me jelly...actually..the whole family called me jelly also..not only him..haha..because of why??sheesh..secret! ahaha..because it is totally embarassing if i tell the reason..hurm..and just now i said to's ok..jelly is nice to eat..and then he replied me..beyi is cute..daaaa...still like want to praise himself..but heidi..u are cute okayh...but a little bit dark la..natural skin...'sweet black!'..eheh..=p war!

yesterday,went to my grandma's house at keramat..visit her..she stayed alone..pity her..she have to break fast alone..go to surau alone to do tadarus and solat terawih...nek,take care kayh..we all love you..have time,we do come again to visit you..i'm used to stay with my grandma's long time ago..when i was,i'm a little bit close with her..because my old house is nearby her only..and then we moved when i was 8..from that on,i'm not really stay with my grandparents already...because my current house like too far..then,bought satay for her...wanted to buy at samsuri satay stall..but not open yet..because maybe we went there too early..and then just went to bazar ramadhan at setiawangsa and bought our food and her satay...but we didn't break fast with her because my dad said that he wants to solat terawih at mosque nearby our,like be4 six,we went home already...

then,accompany my sister to giant supermarket because she wanted to but some stuff...stupid things..when we already entered to giant and pick all the things that we want to buy,then suddenly my sister said that she forgot to withdraw money from the bank..and i was like 'huh?'..daaa..the machine like too far..hoho...basically i don't mind..but it's like almost 7p.m...i'm scared that my mum will get angry because it was like nearly time to break our then we pay fast and get off from giant with a big step..and she drove the car like too fast..because we run out of time..but luckly when we reached home,my mum was not angry with us..fewh..thank god..and still have time to prepare our food...

here's some picture that we snap before we went sister addicted to take pictures...=p..ahaha..LOL..giant is crowded!have to wear mask..!

have to go surau no..chiowzzz...