Monday, October 12, 2009


i am a SUSHi King lover right now..i admit that i don't like and i can say i really hate2 sushi for a long time how many years i didn't eat sushi and my family also long long time not go to sushi king because of me..haha..because of who??because of me!! ( purposely repeated )..but because of yesterday,i became a sushi king lover!! regret about it...the proof is..i ate sushi at sushi king again for my lunch today..with yong tsing,yee lin,yan hwa and tracy lim..i never eat with them for lunch before although i am quite close with,just now was our first time eat together..but j-anne..sob3..she's not there with us since like she is one of my wife..she should be there too..hu2..( only them know what i'm talking about..) haha..but again..okayh..i'm not a LESBIAN!!..i repeat again..i am definitely not a LESBIAN!!..haha..they are all my hunny bunny..wee.yippi..nvm j-anne..we eat together next time,the moment for today and yesterday was unbelievable...what an unexpected things and moments that i never expect that drag me to be a SUSHI lovers! my sister said..we have to choose the nice,we can have an appetite to eat again..haha..yesterday,i went out with my family..since like we want to celebrate 3 birthday straight..which is celebration for my bufday,my bro's, and my dad's,we want to try a new taste..we decide to go to sushi king at the end..nothing much to say..just a wall of my pictures..weeeheee..just enjoy the show..=)

day : sunday
venue : sunway pyramid
with : my beloved family =)

dAY : Monday
veNue : sunway Pyramid ( my playground )..^-^
wives : yee lin,yan hwa,yong tsing..j-anne not here..sob3 :(
fiancee : tracy lim..( haven't approave yet )..haha..LOL...

me and tracy!!

WE again!!



full of plates..


happy FAMILY tree..wink2

half of me..


  1. cun nyer amoi2 tuh....
    bg no hp bleh???

  2. oi zalikha!
    i told u sushi is nice
    i dnt care, after this, u have to eat with me!!!!