Saturday, October 10, 2009

do I have a PRIDE??..the answer is YES!

life is hard isn't it??sometimes..maybe yes and maybe no..past few days ago..there is one strange girl gave me a comment and the comment sounds like sooooo 'deeeesssperate' comment..i can say that and i can confirm it as an 'unwell wishes'..well,the starter of the story will begin like this..sorry gurl,no heart feelings if you suddenly and not purposely to open my blog and read this statement..but it just not fair for me..i have a pride as a woman..okayh..not really a woman..but as a gurl..cause i am not too old to be called a 'woman' and not to be young to be called a 'gurl'..haha..okayh2..go on..don't want to waste time..this one girl is not my friend..i donno which earth she come from..nvm..she added me on myspace..i approved her..i don't know why i suddenly just approved her..because i'm not really simply approve people that i don't know..maybe because she is a,like i don't mind to approve her..then,she gave me a message and asked..wether i'm single or have been taken already by 'someone'..and i just simply replied her that i am totally single and straight forward i ask her 'why?'..daaaa..strong to be like this ogeyh..then..i received unexpected answer from her..she said: she tried to find a girlfriend for her friend and she said that guy is very nice..18 years old..and 'blablabla'..i was like what????? am i look like toooooooooo desperate girl to have a boyfriend and she try to be a matchmaker for me and her friend?? and i was straightly thinking..i have a PRIDE okayh!!!..i am not a girl that simply want a guy from where he come from and try to approve him like that..without knowing them first..what do you think i am??and i was like cursing that time..not really2 'bad cursing'..but just a little bit 'bad words' come from my mouth..and 1 more that guy is totally A desperate guy??if you are,try to find another gurl and totally that girl is not me!eerrrrgh...! but the truth is i am not angry at all but just shocked its do happen to i have no's not wrong to find a girlfriend through a 'connection web'..but try to be a gentleman as a guy..try to get know that girl slowly or whatever it is..and don't be too desperate to ask other girl.or easily..ask ur fren to look straight for you and ask for the approvement to be attached..i can said that is totally horrible and can't be accepted by a girl like me!! and do 'mind your own wishes' people..


  1. darling,
    i used to hv a psycho adding me on ms.
    a girl who is a psycho!
    jgn layan ppl like this.
    delete her if u havent doen it!

  2. bravo2!!!!
    ape lg...
    delete jer pompn tuh....