Friday, August 28, 2009


had my EALD test just now..from 2.30p.m to 4.00's test is focusing on writing..which we have to write a speech..there's a two choices question which is basically about current issue in australia and another one is current issue in western Australia..but we have to choose one,i decided to choose a question based on the current issue in Australia..actually like in class,we have to do the assignment about the topic which is issue that happen in the world,in australia and also in western australia..but then,so lucky the question is based on the topic that we have digested..but daaa..i donno why suddenly i am blank and cannot think about the topic that happen in western australia..duh!so,i make up my mind to choose current issue in first i wanted to do about racism issue..because i did that topic before..but then i think again like racism issue is a sensitive,i don't want to do..and at the end i just write about recession that happen in australia..luckly i take econs least i know what to write than write something that i am not very sure..

at foyer,meeting martin,jeyshaan and larry..larry have a break at this moment in his college..i mean he's from another college..just drop by to our college..ahah..and then martin ask me..'what topic you wrote??'..and i said 'recession in australia'..then he said..that topic is likely more to global issue..every country also faced the recession..i was like 'huh!'..yeah..basically i know that recession topic is a global issue which is more to world issue..but i don't have any an idea that,i just wrote it..better than nothing write?? and i was like too frustrated because i'm scared i will lose a lot of marks..huhu..then jey issue is still ok..its still current issue..anything also can write about doubt for that..huhu..i was relieved then..

in car,on my way dad suddenly ask any test today?? i was like..(since when my dad have a strong instinct about this..??)hehe..and i was like..yah..just now,i had my eald test and blabla..i said that i wrote about resession for my topic..and i ask it ok?? and he replied me with a positive emotion and answers..eventually,i was like totally and heavenly relieved for the second time..but just wait and see for the marks..hope i can get better marks for that..wee..=) many times my pancik gave me a message yesterday but i didn't credit la pancik..sorry kayh..??
he asked me to wake him up for sahur also..owh,pity him...maybe mancik kejutkan next time kayh..(hoping that he can hear what i want to tell him..) hurm..okayh guys..that pancik is my friend yah..we called each other like me as mancik and i called him as pancik..ahaha..just for fun people!! cute nickname...teehee..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

joy! =)

hola people..yesterday was the first time i break my fasting at college..with a group of muslim which mostly are pre-U students..yeah..i mean most of them..that doing MUFY,A LEVEL,CIMP and also AUSMAT..and maybe another course also there..but i didn't notice and never know..ahah..sorry..because like malay students there are very very few and the population like a small piece of first,planning not to go...but fanah said she and hannah want to,i was like wanted to go then..maybe can get a new friends there..i mean malay farhanah said..well fanah..i know what u mean okayh..=p farhanah,u are so so naughty!!..
but at the end..hannah cannot come because she said she had,like just 2 of us the aus
matian there that are stuck in the crowd of people..ahaha..btw,thanks to ustazah because maryam said that she cook the foods...we ate rice with a few of dishes..which is meat,chicken and a little bit of vegetables..and we just paid RM1 for that..can you imagine..??can you?can you?with RM1 we can eat a lot of things..wuaaa....damn nice..and i was thinking about my technic school during that time..where I stayed in hostel when i was in form 5..we ate together like a hostel,like we treat our friends like a family members..then,performed terawih prayer together..went for moreh after terawih...then,as usual..go for a night prep to study..and the next morning,sahur together..wee..especially with my dormmates..i am very2 close with my dormmates than my classmates..maybe we always together in a dorm..sharing problems,doing work together,eat together and even sleep together..ahaha..don't be suprise..but no lesbian bad mindset ya..ahaaha..that's the reasons why we are very close to each other...all are because of we are always TOGETHER!..haha..huu..i really2 missed my past time...i hope i can turn back the time..but i can't..just hoping that we can do a reunion in the future..gathering back like before..huhu..hurm..=( sob3x..

moving on,before me and fanah went back home..while waiting for my mum to fetch usual..again..yah..what we always do is.....PICTURE TIME!!!..teehee..more addicted to that..donno why..don't have any treatment for that..ahah..because it's FUN some of the pictures that we snap a routine,i will always uploaded the pictures that we snap..never missed for we come!!..the background of sunway university college at night..i mean..only at our foyer..ahakx..

the picture seems not very clear enough..maybe..because we are too far from the camera..ops!eheh..

Monday, August 24, 2009


pity arizan...just now,he messaged me and said that he didn't do well in his law exams..he said like it's damn hard!..hurm..nvm arizan..maybe it takes time to suite the new way of exams format..i noe you can do well and better next time..caiyok2.gambate!!..even dila also said that she can't really understand law wanna to cry to do the question..nvm people!just cheer up..and pick the new leaf to be better..okayh??..i will support u all from left,right,behind,in front and all the way..ahaha....even i'm not a good respondent to make u all calm and even myself..but i'm a good and loyal listener and i'll try my best to be an understanding person..wee..yippi..=) heart feelings people..=p


arguement with my little brother..actually,not a really heavy or big arguement..ahaha..and even it's not called an arguement also..chatting with him just now...while i'm in the library and he's at home..enjoy his school holiday..walaweyh..damn fun..i don't have break also..this make me jealous and missed my school life..huhu..sadness..=(...yesterday i called him 'beyi'..ahah..just wanna to give a new name to him...and i keep calling him that name since last night..but unfortunantely he don't like me to call him like that..adoi..but the name is soundly soooo cute..near to 'bayi' or baby..ahaha..even he's already 14 and i still like to treat him like a baby..and dat's the reason why i called him 'beyi'..daaa..damn funny..okayh heidi..i won't call you like that anymore..but i won't promise you that..teehee..well,.u know me..who am I..but's fair..u called me jelly...actually..the whole family called me jelly also..not only him..haha..because of why??sheesh..secret! ahaha..because it is totally embarassing if i tell the reason..hurm..and just now i said to's ok..jelly is nice to eat..and then he replied me..beyi is cute..daaaa...still like want to praise himself..but heidi..u are cute okayh...but a little bit dark la..natural skin...'sweet black!'..eheh..=p war!

yesterday,went to my grandma's house at keramat..visit her..she stayed alone..pity her..she have to break fast alone..go to surau alone to do tadarus and solat terawih...nek,take care kayh..we all love you..have time,we do come again to visit you..i'm used to stay with my grandma's long time ago..when i was,i'm a little bit close with her..because my old house is nearby her only..and then we moved when i was 8..from that on,i'm not really stay with my grandparents already...because my current house like too far..then,bought satay for her...wanted to buy at samsuri satay stall..but not open yet..because maybe we went there too early..and then just went to bazar ramadhan at setiawangsa and bought our food and her satay...but we didn't break fast with her because my dad said that he wants to solat terawih at mosque nearby our,like be4 six,we went home already...

then,accompany my sister to giant supermarket because she wanted to but some stuff...stupid things..when we already entered to giant and pick all the things that we want to buy,then suddenly my sister said that she forgot to withdraw money from the bank..and i was like 'huh?'..daaa..the machine like too far..hoho...basically i don't mind..but it's like almost 7p.m...i'm scared that my mum will get angry because it was like nearly time to break our then we pay fast and get off from giant with a big step..and she drove the car like too fast..because we run out of time..but luckly when we reached home,my mum was not angry with us..fewh..thank god..and still have time to prepare our food...

here's some picture that we snap before we went sister addicted to take pictures...=p..ahaha..LOL..giant is crowded!have to wear mask..!

have to go surau no..chiowzzz...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

roof top

yesterday was the last day having lunch with my frens which is kelly,yasmin,usha and shaleen..because me and yasmin will start fasting on saturday which is today..ahaha..without fanah..!!because she's having EALD class but me and usha company her makan at cafetaria after she finished her class..ahah..nothing much..just talk about our past time..wee..usha said that she had a crush on malay guys..i can't imagine that time..ahaha..and she had her first crush when she was kindergarten.usha..we are same..!LOL..but we all will continue having lunch together back after raya..teeehee..welcome ramadhan! the blessful month...then,we went to roof top before we went to our account class..we lepak first at usual,snap a few of pictures..with naughty fanah,yasmin and usha...sadly,shaleen had class that,she cannot join us..pity her..nvm..maybe next time kayh shaleen...=p
here's the pictures..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

question and answer..

2 questions people will keep asking me until now..

first question..: why i went to college??

how i'm supposed to say..?hurm..yeah..basically i'm in sunway university college now..doing my ausmat which is pre U programme..basic reason why i'm here is because of my dad ask me to pursue my study,i just follow first i really2 don't want because i think about my dad's money..because i'm a person that don't really like branded things or expensive thingie..not because i don't have interest on that..but just because of the PRICE okayh!!..and my education expenses like can achieve until thousands ringgit..wah..can you imagine for that??i was never imagine that i will continue my study in any private college after i finished my spm..i could wish that i just pursue my study in matrix or any public university..because i'm not a good student,like i feel if i pursue my study in college,my dad's money will be wasted..i told my mom and dad...and they said..this is like investment for my dad to sent me here..and my job is to study hard and achieve excellent results for my exams..n the real was a really2 challenging for me..huhu..but i will try my best..seems like my dad already spent a lot of money to send me,i have to work hard for it rite..although it's quite tough for me to suite with a new syllabus of education which is AUSTRALIA syllabus..but i will work hard for it!!yeah..people!!do come and join me..wink2..and people will aks u get a scholarship to enter the private college??and generally the answer is.... no!! i said..i am not clever enough to get any scholarship..duh!...ahahah..but i'm happy to study here after a few months..and i think i'm gonna miss all my friends here after we finish our matriculation end of this moment with them..yeah..n also i think i have more confidence to talk with other people after shyness at all..but i hope it will be dreams okayh..hehe..=)

and it was fun to stay or live and mixed in multicultural society..yippi..can get well to noe about their culture also..and especially the language!!..wee..i'm gonna to learn chinese language every day...feel like chinese language is very important to work with chinese company..hoho..but i hope i can manage to learn..**sigh**

second question..: can i read your blog,zalikha??

owh..yea..well..daaa...of is for fun and to read right..?? blog is for public reading!! can you get it??maybe not all people ask me like that but i think just one this guy ask me that,like i wanted to explain it here..duh..maybe blog can be explained to be an online diary..but not all private things we can share in our blog rite??..ahaha..especially about the 'heart feelings' thingie..kahkah..but its up to a person on how they write their blog..they have right to post anything that they want..but for me..i just write a new post when i have a story to tell and wat happen to me in the whole day..if only i have feelings and mood to write on that particular of time..ahaha...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

new chapter!!

heya people..i'm back..!!yeah..i am very2 damn lazy to write a new post!! don't have mood and feelings to write..being busy all the time with other stuff.. donno hot story!! i..just sign up for facebook last tuesday..*sigh*..yeahaa.. fana help me to sign up..ahaha.. cause i'm so lazy to sign up by to her..!!..wink3..i hope i'm not get addicted.. yeah...but sure cannot..because my fren said that they are addicted with facebook!!owh no..nvm..just have fun rite..ahaha..supposely wanted to sign up after my WACE exam..but hurm..donno suddenly change my mind to sign up more early...heee..because more easy to contact with my ex-lower secondary schoolmate and my collegemate..

waiting for kamil to give me the pictures that we snap last friday in KDU..but i still waiting and waiting until this moment n this seconds..daaa..he like suddenly missing in how many days i wait for him..and now i cannot update my *colouful wall of picture* in my blog..ahaha..because i tend to become a very professional photographer dat day using his expensive camera..huh...upset!!ahaha..soooo perasan one la heart feelings,like i wanted to put the picture as my memories..nvm..maybe another time..or maybe i should bring my own camera next time..don't have to wait for other resources and can upload faster..yeah..if only my camera with me..duh! because my sister always hold it for her own,like i cannot use the camera..pity me..hurm..=(
ahaha..but i don mind because i rarely use the camera..eheh..

summary of my jouney for 3 days last week..:

-went to KDU at about 4.30 o'clock..invited by dila to attend MKM held by her college..MKM which is stand for 'malam kebudayaan melayu'..sort of 1 malaysia celebration..ahaha..
-a lot of performance presented by the students..and2...special guest..zainal abidin came and do a performance!!..wee..LIVE man!!
-huaaa..i want my pictures!! duh..depressed!!
-had a long conversation with dila and kamil..
-and enjoy!!
-but have to go back fast like 11 p.m?? never go back late like that before..ahaha..

-went out wth cabob..he fetch me at home and then fetch roy in cheras..after that..went to my beloved TIKL..yippi..visit some of my teachers and my buddy nn my juniors..mish them a lots..i bumped into my pet bro..and he was like blur when he saw me n never entertain me also..he didn't talk to me and even greet me..daaa...badly..!!sooooo sad..damn sad..he's the first one that i really2 miss when i left the school..ergh..nvm..serious like damn sad...owh..i wish he could hear my heart broken feelings..huhu..sokayh..maybe he stress or watever..hope he doing fine now..and more concentrate with his trial n also spm [coming soon!!]..but he's getting handsome nowadays..eheh..been proud of that for a while..teeehee...
-then get off from TIKL n wanted to fetch my pet bangi..but from KL,we already sesat like an hour..because we donno how to go to bangi from there..and it was like me and cabob only awake n try to find the way..n we just go anywhere follow our instict to get out fom that place while roy nicely sleeping at the back..zZzZzZz..because maybe he too tired..and finally!!yeah..we reach bangi..weee..happy for that..ahaha..i kept teasing my pet sis with cabob..ahaha..donno why..feel like there's a chemistry between them..then went to alamanda...had our lunch at pizza hut..n watched movie..wee...district 9..yeah..seriously had fun on that day.but forgot to snap picture..wasted owh!!hope can hangout like that again after my MOCK exam..which is after RAYA..huhu..if they still around here..i mean if they in KL..yeah..basically..hoho..

-yeah..balik kampung!!went back to my dad's hometown in malacca..
-nothing much to say..but seriously miss my grandma sooo much!!...i cannot go back for raya in malacca this year..since i have to stay here to do my revision for my MOCK exam..damn sad weyh..huhu..sob3 =(

MOCK exam is just around the corner people... !!
16/08/09- EALD
17/08/09- ECONOMICS
18/08/09- PSYCHOLOGY
23/08/09- ACCOUNTS
24/08/09- APPLICS MATH
26/08/09- ORAL TEST..(I'M not sure about this date)

caiyok!! caiyok!! gambate!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

sunway lagoon!!

yeah..sorry not updating yesterday night..sooo..and damn tired..after went back from lagoon..i took my dinner and then i go to sleep..wanted to study but my eyes wanted to looking my bro's bed and the pillow..huuu..i cannot stand!!..pecum..go to the bed and sleep..nice dream..ahah..feel like i donno anything happen around me because i'm in a deep sleep..miow2..LOL..

yesterday was fun and totally awesome..had a great time with my friends..thanks to govini because she can get the ceaper price for the ticket..the ticket was RM35 per person for two theme..dry park and wet some picture that we take..

thanks and sorry to my sister..i borrowed her long tight and her shirt and also her shade..ahah.. without telling her..sooo..sorry..but btw..fair2 borrow my clothes..i borrow yours one..

hurm,we went many places yesterday..played a lot of games..and it was totally awesome..i'm scared about the high and still want to play sort of games that we can look down on the ground or or turn around 360 degree..OMG..i felt my life is flying already..i always close my eyes..i don't dare to look down..i always said....oh no! oh no!..why i choose this game to play...but at the end..i still want to because wanna to feel the feelings if we are in the high level..

and then..there's a story which suddenly i want to cry..yes..i cried!! embrassing!!...the story begin like this..when we wanted to play roller there are 5 of,like usha and shaleen sit together..and i supposed to sit with nitha..but i pity to see fanah sit,like..i don mind to sit alone behind them..because i really2 don,i sit alone...and i sit at the second row from behind..and then suddenly..there are two malay guys coming and sit behind first..i feel nothing la..they sit behind me..and they seems like look so fine..but then,during the time the roller coster wanted to move..they keep teasing me...i was like..'what the H***'..F*CK!'..sorry to say it here..i have been cursed them like so many times in the roller coster..and i was not shout at all..because they really2 make me mad...feel like i want to say face to face to them..'weyh bodoh!! ko boleyh jgn kacau aku tak??bodoh!!..ingat aku kecik nk buli aku la...bangang!!..da la muka mcam aku nk tembak ngan senapang askar yg besar tu..xde otak ke!..siut je...'..i am totally2 angry..hate it...stupid!!..spoil my mood...and when i'm totally angry..i will go away from anyone that is near to me..because i don't want to spoil their mood too..if i angry with someone..i will keep quite and not try to talk with another better i go away and try to calm myself rite??,other people will not hurt because of my bad mood and attitudes....since like in my secondary school..if i'm in bad friends will not dare to greet me or talk with me..because they know me very well already..

After that,i took my bag..and go far away from my friends..and then i heard someone called me..and i looked farhanah try to persuade me and ask me why i cry..and i told all the reasons..and she was like..never mind..forget about that two guys..don spoil ur mood...think about our money..yeah...and i was like relieve a bit after that..thanks fanah..u r so you!..yeah..i should enjoy..i should thinking about my dad's money..=)..simpang malaikat maut 44 if i forced to have a boyfriend like that two malay guys..huh! hopefully it's not going to happen to me...hurm...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


nothing to say much in this post..but just wanna to introduce a very colourful and cool stuff which is...usha's bracelet!!..damn nice a look..
this is usha's bracelet..ahaha..actually her mom's one..=p

teen !!..she's the model for usha's bracelet..ahaha..purposely cover her face because of her sexy eyes..eheh..

taken in account to yasmin and usha..yippi..
and i do look FAT!
maybe because of my posing position..ahaha..LOL..
(just a reason to cover line)
can't wait for tomorrow..sunway lagoon!! i'm coming !!yeah..
girls,cya all!!

6th August

tO : pEI Ling, Kelly and Shauni...

Happy advanced birthday !!

~ 6th August 2009 ~

Sweet 18 !! =)

wait..i would like to sing a song for you all..
yeah..basically bufday song..
ahaha..because i donno how to sing
another song..sorry??
but this song is sincerely from me..
Happy Bufday to you,
Happy Bufday to you..
Happy Bufday to 3 of you..
Happy Bufday to you..


may God bless you all..
may happiness always with you girls..
wish u all the best in watever you do..
don be naughty2 okayh..
old already..i'm still young..
don't let the past experience to be your next future..

Luv u all...mmmmuuahh..(hug and kiss)

will update soon...[10.30 a.m]..have to go to psycho class now..xoxo.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

it was like a dream..

okayh..dis usual i 'lepak' with my frens at cafetaria..martin likeee soooo emo..sad maybe??donno la..he seems that he's not okayh..i hate when he's like that..yeah..basically i like to see when he is happy and hyperactive..ahaha..always kacau people aroud him..not emo like this morning..arh..nvm..he always like that..i'm use to it already..ahaha...anyhow,martin..i love you man..u still the best...but later evening,i met him..he looks fine and last,thank god..=)..i relieved for that..LOL..

Today's lunch we ate at lunch box which is indonesian restaurant i guess..yeah..the branch of restaurant from indonesia..i ordered indozest spicy fried rice...i ordered because the name sounds soooo weird..i donno la..i always like to try the new taste..yeah..but u guess wat..after i taste my foods...aiyo....i don like taste so too oily..and not nice...duh...why arr..i'm still thinking everytime i ordered new and weird food that i never doesn't taste nice..*sigh*..watever it is..the food is in my stomach edi..ahaha...and i paid for it..owh..not forget to mention that shaleen skip her applics class today!...hoho...because she said applics boring..yeah..i agreed with her basically..ahaha...but we are in different class..i think my class is more fun perhaps..because tracy heard from azhar..duh..maybe for him la..not for me..i'm not interested with that..especially applics class..because i will feel that i'm soooo stupid person in the world..=(

On friday,we don't have any class because all the lecturers have a conference session at sunway medical class...!! and we are planning to go sunway lagoon on many my classmate want to go there..but still donno the price..i kept thinking about my money in my allowance like RM 150 a,i have to use the money wisely.. at least i have to spend RM 50 for that outing..maybe we can get discount..fanah said that..the initial price is RM 48..maybe we can get discount after we show our student card..i really2 hope for that..nn govini said maybe she can get half price because her dad is working for travel i think..i'm not sure also..just wait for next day to know the actual price so i can know my budget..ahaha..i also have to save RM25 for MKM in KDU held on 14 august which is next friday..wee..huuu..i can't wait to go sunway lagoon..long time i didn't go for how many years..ahaha..tooo excited..i told my mom in the car just now about that plan..n she said..yes..she gave me permision to go..wink2..but i haven't tell my dad yet..hope he will approve..hurm..let see...wish me luck people...yeah..

just now,i opened my comment box..n i got a comment from hyqal..a.k.a cabob..ahaha..n guess wat..he said..'weyh,asal ko nmpk makin bulat ni??aku kat sini makin kurus!..'haha..a big laugh on dat..adoi..mana taknye..aku study,mkn..duduk terlentang..gemokla..not like him...take army!..not really army..but still under tudm..i guess so..sorry if i'm wrong..i can't remember bad i don't remember..a lot of stuff in my head..but i think he's in tudm..yeah..n he keep asking me when i want to belanja him..yeah..for sure..because i already promised him..ahahah..LOL..nvm if i'm fat..i try to diet now...i'm trying okayh...
CABOB!! I will..wait for the new zalikha..but overall is..i LOVE my BODY!!..=)

'it was like a dream'..i donno why i write this for my post idea on that..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

friendship or friedship ??

today's psychology quiz..hurm..i can answered all the questions..yeah..i'm happy for two quiz which is covered for 2 subtopics, communication and relational influences..and....i think just one question i cannot answered properly...which is....'what is the meaning of LAD??'...daaa..i'm stuck there..i just remembered about the input and output of LAD..and i just wrote it..yeah..done!..maybe i can get 0.5 over 1 mark perhaps..=) lol..

i got a message from my pancik this morning..tralala..which the message is sounds like this..

If A is 1,B is 2,C is 3..and so on..and the last alphabet, Z will be 26...
Then, L + O + V + E is 54 . F + R + I + E + N + D + S + H + I + P is 108 .
isn't it interesting ??
FRIENDSHIP is twice more stronger that LOVE =)
FRIENDSHIP FOREVER too PANCIK ! is proven..that friend is everything rite??...yeah..
basically friends are more important in our life after our family..wee..
we cannot find a truthly friend if we have lost one..but we can find any lover if we have lost one..
is anyone agree with me?? ahaha...(big laugh)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

diarrhoea =(

i'm having diarrhoea since last pain n very uncomfortable..i think like many times i get in and out from the's all because i eat a lot of chillies last night..i ate at this one indonesia cuisine restaurant..i like spicy so i ate a lot of chillies..can you imagine?i have to eat spicy food at least one day..?ahaha..very funny aite..maybe i use with it..because from small,i stayed with my grandparents..and they are from negeri,as you know..negeri sembilan's foods are mostly are very spicy and use a lot of coconut milk..yummy3..ahaha.. and because of that..i love to eat spicy foods..and at least once in a day..LOL..but
yester day foods are really2 kill my stomach! duh..

yeah..shaleen and usha influenced by me!..which is influenced to blog..shaleen already created a new blog yesterday..and usha continue blogging again after long time she stop blogging..and..and watever it is..hope you all not addicted like me and farhanah..ahahaah..rite farhanah?? :P

yesterday..i message my dear fakhri..weyh,mish him a long time not contact him..because he's too busy with his preparation for how many months to go...wee..then he will free..i cannot come to his school which is my no time to visit him..too busy..because i also have to concentrate with my studies..i will finish my AUSMAT on november..then,insyaallah..i will continue my degree next year..yeah..but i'm still thinking where i want to continue my degree..wether i want to do 2+1 ( 2 years here and a year in aussie ) or 3+0 (3 years in malaysia)..but my family said that better do least i have an experience to study in how??..i'm too scared to go to other country..alone??!..but i love to stand on my own feet..try to be independence..n i'm still keep going on thinking about it..maybe i will decide later once i finish my matriculation..traalalala..

pssss..fakhri is my petbro okayh..=)