Tuesday, August 4, 2009

friendship or friedship ??

today's psychology quiz..hurm..i can answered all the questions..yeah..i'm happy for that..wink2..like two quiz which is covered for 2 subtopics, communication and relational influences..and....i think just one question i cannot answered properly...which is....'what is the meaning of LAD??'...daaa..i'm stuck there..i just remembered about the input and output of LAD..and i just wrote it..yeah..done!..maybe i can get 0.5 over 1 mark perhaps..=) lol..

i got a message from my pancik this morning..tralala..which the message is sounds like this..

If A is 1,B is 2,C is 3..and so on..and the last alphabet, Z will be 26...
Then, L + O + V + E is 54 . F + R + I + E + N + D + S + H + I + P is 108 .
isn't it interesting ??
FRIENDSHIP is twice more stronger that LOVE =)
see...it is proven..that friend is everything rite??...yeah..
basically friends are more important in our life after our family..wee..
we cannot find a truthly friend if we have lost one..but we can find any lover if we have lost one..
is anyone agree with me?? ahaha...(big laugh)

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