Saturday, August 22, 2009

roof top

yesterday was the last day having lunch with my frens which is kelly,yasmin,usha and shaleen..because me and yasmin will start fasting on saturday which is today..ahaha..without fanah..!!because she's having EALD class but me and usha company her makan at cafetaria after she finished her class..ahah..nothing much..just talk about our past time..wee..usha said that she had a crush on malay guys..i can't imagine that time..ahaha..and she had her first crush when she was kindergarten.usha..we are same..!LOL..but we all will continue having lunch together back after raya..teeehee..welcome ramadhan! the blessful month...then,we went to roof top before we went to our account class..we lepak first at usual,snap a few of pictures..with naughty fanah,yasmin and usha...sadly,shaleen had class that,she cannot join us..pity her..nvm..maybe next time kayh shaleen...=p
here's the pictures..

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