Thursday, August 20, 2009

question and answer..

2 questions people will keep asking me until now..

first question..: why i went to college??

how i'm supposed to say..?hurm..yeah..basically i'm in sunway university college now..doing my ausmat which is pre U programme..basic reason why i'm here is because of my dad ask me to pursue my study,i just follow first i really2 don't want because i think about my dad's money..because i'm a person that don't really like branded things or expensive thingie..not because i don't have interest on that..but just because of the PRICE okayh!!..and my education expenses like can achieve until thousands ringgit..wah..can you imagine for that??i was never imagine that i will continue my study in any private college after i finished my spm..i could wish that i just pursue my study in matrix or any public university..because i'm not a good student,like i feel if i pursue my study in college,my dad's money will be wasted..i told my mom and dad...and they said..this is like investment for my dad to sent me here..and my job is to study hard and achieve excellent results for my exams..n the real was a really2 challenging for me..huhu..but i will try my best..seems like my dad already spent a lot of money to send me,i have to work hard for it rite..although it's quite tough for me to suite with a new syllabus of education which is AUSTRALIA syllabus..but i will work hard for it!!yeah..people!!do come and join me..wink2..and people will aks u get a scholarship to enter the private college??and generally the answer is.... no!! i said..i am not clever enough to get any scholarship..duh!...ahahah..but i'm happy to study here after a few months..and i think i'm gonna miss all my friends here after we finish our matriculation end of this moment with them..yeah..n also i think i have more confidence to talk with other people after shyness at all..but i hope it will be dreams okayh..hehe..=)

and it was fun to stay or live and mixed in multicultural society..yippi..can get well to noe about their culture also..and especially the language!!..wee..i'm gonna to learn chinese language every day...feel like chinese language is very important to work with chinese company..hoho..but i hope i can manage to learn..**sigh**

second question..: can i read your blog,zalikha??

owh..yea..well..daaa...of is for fun and to read right..?? blog is for public reading!! can you get it??maybe not all people ask me like that but i think just one this guy ask me that,like i wanted to explain it here..duh..maybe blog can be explained to be an online diary..but not all private things we can share in our blog rite??..ahaha..especially about the 'heart feelings' thingie..kahkah..but its up to a person on how they write their blog..they have right to post anything that they want..but for me..i just write a new post when i have a story to tell and wat happen to me in the whole day..if only i have feelings and mood to write on that particular of time..ahaha...

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  1. hahaha, why dd u write this?
    n yup, i also feel tht way,
    as if will waste my dad's $$
    whatever it is, now tht we are here, hv to work hard.
    we hv to, or else, we will feel guilty
    good luck zalikha!