Thursday, August 27, 2009

joy! =)

hola people..yesterday was the first time i break my fasting at college..with a group of muslim which mostly are pre-U students..yeah..i mean most of them..that doing MUFY,A LEVEL,CIMP and also AUSMAT..and maybe another course also there..but i didn't notice and never know..ahah..sorry..because like malay students there are very very few and the population like a small piece of first,planning not to go...but fanah said she and hannah want to,i was like wanted to go then..maybe can get a new friends there..i mean malay farhanah said..well fanah..i know what u mean okayh..=p farhanah,u are so so naughty!!..
but at the end..hannah cannot come because she said she had,like just 2 of us the aus
matian there that are stuck in the crowd of people..ahaha..btw,thanks to ustazah because maryam said that she cook the foods...we ate rice with a few of dishes..which is meat,chicken and a little bit of vegetables..and we just paid RM1 for that..can you imagine..??can you?can you?with RM1 we can eat a lot of things..wuaaa....damn nice..and i was thinking about my technic school during that time..where I stayed in hostel when i was in form 5..we ate together like a hostel,like we treat our friends like a family members..then,performed terawih prayer together..went for moreh after terawih...then,as usual..go for a night prep to study..and the next morning,sahur together..wee..especially with my dormmates..i am very2 close with my dormmates than my classmates..maybe we always together in a dorm..sharing problems,doing work together,eat together and even sleep together..ahaha..don't be suprise..but no lesbian bad mindset ya..ahaaha..that's the reasons why we are very close to each other...all are because of we are always TOGETHER!..haha..huu..i really2 missed my past time...i hope i can turn back the time..but i can't..just hoping that we can do a reunion in the future..gathering back like before..huhu..hurm..=( sob3x..

moving on,before me and fanah went back home..while waiting for my mum to fetch usual..again..yah..what we always do is.....PICTURE TIME!!!..teehee..more addicted to that..donno why..don't have any treatment for that..ahah..because it's FUN some of the pictures that we snap a routine,i will always uploaded the pictures that we snap..never missed for we come!!..the background of sunway university college at night..i mean..only at our foyer..ahakx..

the picture seems not very clear enough..maybe..because we are too far from the camera..ops!eheh..

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