Sunday, August 2, 2009

diarrhoea =(

i'm having diarrhoea since last pain n very uncomfortable..i think like many times i get in and out from the's all because i eat a lot of chillies last night..i ate at this one indonesia cuisine restaurant..i like spicy so i ate a lot of chillies..can you imagine?i have to eat spicy food at least one day..?ahaha..very funny aite..maybe i use with it..because from small,i stayed with my grandparents..and they are from negeri,as you know..negeri sembilan's foods are mostly are very spicy and use a lot of coconut milk..yummy3..ahaha.. and because of that..i love to eat spicy foods..and at least once in a day..LOL..but
yester day foods are really2 kill my stomach! duh..

yeah..shaleen and usha influenced by me!..which is influenced to blog..shaleen already created a new blog yesterday..and usha continue blogging again after long time she stop blogging..and..and watever it is..hope you all not addicted like me and farhanah..ahahaah..rite farhanah?? :P

yesterday..i message my dear fakhri..weyh,mish him a long time not contact him..because he's too busy with his preparation for how many months to go...wee..then he will free..i cannot come to his school which is my no time to visit him..too busy..because i also have to concentrate with my studies..i will finish my AUSMAT on november..then,insyaallah..i will continue my degree next year..yeah..but i'm still thinking where i want to continue my degree..wether i want to do 2+1 ( 2 years here and a year in aussie ) or 3+0 (3 years in malaysia)..but my family said that better do least i have an experience to study in how??..i'm too scared to go to other country..alone??!..but i love to stand on my own feet..try to be independence..n i'm still keep going on thinking about it..maybe i will decide later once i finish my matriculation..traalalala..

pssss..fakhri is my petbro okayh..=)

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