Friday, August 28, 2009


had my EALD test just now..from 2.30p.m to 4.00's test is focusing on writing..which we have to write a speech..there's a two choices question which is basically about current issue in australia and another one is current issue in western Australia..but we have to choose one,i decided to choose a question based on the current issue in Australia..actually like in class,we have to do the assignment about the topic which is issue that happen in the world,in australia and also in western australia..but then,so lucky the question is based on the topic that we have digested..but daaa..i donno why suddenly i am blank and cannot think about the topic that happen in western australia..duh!so,i make up my mind to choose current issue in first i wanted to do about racism issue..because i did that topic before..but then i think again like racism issue is a sensitive,i don't want to do..and at the end i just write about recession that happen in australia..luckly i take econs least i know what to write than write something that i am not very sure..

at foyer,meeting martin,jeyshaan and larry..larry have a break at this moment in his college..i mean he's from another college..just drop by to our college..ahah..and then martin ask me..'what topic you wrote??'..and i said 'recession in australia'..then he said..that topic is likely more to global issue..every country also faced the recession..i was like 'huh!'..yeah..basically i know that recession topic is a global issue which is more to world issue..but i don't have any an idea that,i just wrote it..better than nothing write?? and i was like too frustrated because i'm scared i will lose a lot of marks..huhu..then jey issue is still ok..its still current issue..anything also can write about doubt for that..huhu..i was relieved then..

in car,on my way dad suddenly ask any test today?? i was like..(since when my dad have a strong instinct about this..??)hehe..and i was like..yah..just now,i had my eald test and blabla..i said that i wrote about resession for my topic..and i ask it ok?? and he replied me with a positive emotion and answers..eventually,i was like totally and heavenly relieved for the second time..but just wait and see for the marks..hope i can get better marks for that..wee..=) many times my pancik gave me a message yesterday but i didn't credit la pancik..sorry kayh..??
he asked me to wake him up for sahur also..owh,pity him...maybe mancik kejutkan next time kayh..(hoping that he can hear what i want to tell him..) hurm..okayh guys..that pancik is my friend yah..we called each other like me as mancik and i called him as pancik..ahaha..just for fun people!! cute nickname...teehee..

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