Monday, August 24, 2009


pity arizan...just now,he messaged me and said that he didn't do well in his law exams..he said like it's damn hard!..hurm..nvm arizan..maybe it takes time to suite the new way of exams format..i noe you can do well and better next time..caiyok2.gambate!!..even dila also said that she can't really understand law wanna to cry to do the question..nvm people!just cheer up..and pick the new leaf to be better..okayh??..i will support u all from left,right,behind,in front and all the way..ahaha....even i'm not a good respondent to make u all calm and even myself..but i'm a good and loyal listener and i'll try my best to be an understanding person..wee..yippi..=) heart feelings people..=p

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