Wednesday, August 5, 2009

it was like a dream..

okayh..dis usual i 'lepak' with my frens at cafetaria..martin likeee soooo emo..sad maybe??donno la..he seems that he's not okayh..i hate when he's like that..yeah..basically i like to see when he is happy and hyperactive..ahaha..always kacau people aroud him..not emo like this morning..arh..nvm..he always like that..i'm use to it already..ahaha...anyhow,martin..i love you man..u still the best...but later evening,i met him..he looks fine and last,thank god..=)..i relieved for that..LOL..

Today's lunch we ate at lunch box which is indonesian restaurant i guess..yeah..the branch of restaurant from indonesia..i ordered indozest spicy fried rice...i ordered because the name sounds soooo weird..i donno la..i always like to try the new taste..yeah..but u guess wat..after i taste my foods...aiyo....i don like taste so too oily..and not nice...duh...why arr..i'm still thinking everytime i ordered new and weird food that i never doesn't taste nice..*sigh*..watever it is..the food is in my stomach edi..ahaha...and i paid for it..owh..not forget to mention that shaleen skip her applics class today!...hoho...because she said applics boring..yeah..i agreed with her basically..ahaha...but we are in different class..i think my class is more fun perhaps..because tracy heard from azhar..duh..maybe for him la..not for me..i'm not interested with that..especially applics class..because i will feel that i'm soooo stupid person in the world..=(

On friday,we don't have any class because all the lecturers have a conference session at sunway medical class...!! and we are planning to go sunway lagoon on many my classmate want to go there..but still donno the price..i kept thinking about my money in my allowance like RM 150 a,i have to use the money wisely.. at least i have to spend RM 50 for that outing..maybe we can get discount..fanah said that..the initial price is RM 48..maybe we can get discount after we show our student card..i really2 hope for that..nn govini said maybe she can get half price because her dad is working for travel i think..i'm not sure also..just wait for next day to know the actual price so i can know my budget..ahaha..i also have to save RM25 for MKM in KDU held on 14 august which is next friday..wee..huuu..i can't wait to go sunway lagoon..long time i didn't go for how many years..ahaha..tooo excited..i told my mom in the car just now about that plan..n she said..yes..she gave me permision to go..wink2..but i haven't tell my dad yet..hope he will approve..hurm..let see...wish me luck people...yeah..

just now,i opened my comment box..n i got a comment from hyqal..a.k.a cabob..ahaha..n guess wat..he said..'weyh,asal ko nmpk makin bulat ni??aku kat sini makin kurus!..'haha..a big laugh on dat..adoi..mana taknye..aku study,mkn..duduk terlentang..gemokla..not like him...take army!..not really army..but still under tudm..i guess so..sorry if i'm wrong..i can't remember bad i don't remember..a lot of stuff in my head..but i think he's in tudm..yeah..n he keep asking me when i want to belanja him..yeah..for sure..because i already promised him..ahahah..LOL..nvm if i'm fat..i try to diet now...i'm trying okayh...
CABOB!! I will..wait for the new zalikha..but overall is..i LOVE my BODY!!..=)

'it was like a dream'..i donno why i write this for my post idea on that..

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