Wednesday, August 19, 2009

new chapter!!

heya people..i'm back..!!yeah..i am very2 damn lazy to write a new post!! don't have mood and feelings to write..being busy all the time with other stuff.. donno hot story!! i..just sign up for facebook last tuesday..*sigh*..yeahaa.. fana help me to sign up..ahaha.. cause i'm so lazy to sign up by to her..!!..wink3..i hope i'm not get addicted.. yeah...but sure cannot..because my fren said that they are addicted with facebook!!owh no..nvm..just have fun rite..ahaha..supposely wanted to sign up after my WACE exam..but hurm..donno suddenly change my mind to sign up more early...heee..because more easy to contact with my ex-lower secondary schoolmate and my collegemate..

waiting for kamil to give me the pictures that we snap last friday in KDU..but i still waiting and waiting until this moment n this seconds..daaa..he like suddenly missing in how many days i wait for him..and now i cannot update my *colouful wall of picture* in my blog..ahaha..because i tend to become a very professional photographer dat day using his expensive camera..huh...upset!!ahaha..soooo perasan one la heart feelings,like i wanted to put the picture as my memories..nvm..maybe another time..or maybe i should bring my own camera next time..don't have to wait for other resources and can upload faster..yeah..if only my camera with me..duh! because my sister always hold it for her own,like i cannot use the camera..pity me..hurm..=(
ahaha..but i don mind because i rarely use the camera..eheh..

summary of my jouney for 3 days last week..:

-went to KDU at about 4.30 o'clock..invited by dila to attend MKM held by her college..MKM which is stand for 'malam kebudayaan melayu'..sort of 1 malaysia celebration..ahaha..
-a lot of performance presented by the students..and2...special guest..zainal abidin came and do a performance!!..wee..LIVE man!!
-huaaa..i want my pictures!! duh..depressed!!
-had a long conversation with dila and kamil..
-and enjoy!!
-but have to go back fast like 11 p.m?? never go back late like that before..ahaha..

-went out wth cabob..he fetch me at home and then fetch roy in cheras..after that..went to my beloved TIKL..yippi..visit some of my teachers and my buddy nn my juniors..mish them a lots..i bumped into my pet bro..and he was like blur when he saw me n never entertain me also..he didn't talk to me and even greet me..daaa...badly..!!sooooo sad..damn sad..he's the first one that i really2 miss when i left the school..ergh..nvm..serious like damn sad...owh..i wish he could hear my heart broken feelings..huhu..sokayh..maybe he stress or watever..hope he doing fine now..and more concentrate with his trial n also spm [coming soon!!]..but he's getting handsome nowadays..eheh..been proud of that for a while..teeehee...
-then get off from TIKL n wanted to fetch my pet bangi..but from KL,we already sesat like an hour..because we donno how to go to bangi from there..and it was like me and cabob only awake n try to find the way..n we just go anywhere follow our instict to get out fom that place while roy nicely sleeping at the back..zZzZzZz..because maybe he too tired..and finally!!yeah..we reach bangi..weee..happy for that..ahaha..i kept teasing my pet sis with cabob..ahaha..donno why..feel like there's a chemistry between them..then went to alamanda...had our lunch at pizza hut..n watched movie..wee...district 9..yeah..seriously had fun on that day.but forgot to snap picture..wasted owh!!hope can hangout like that again after my MOCK exam..which is after RAYA..huhu..if they still around here..i mean if they in KL..yeah..basically..hoho..

-yeah..balik kampung!!went back to my dad's hometown in malacca..
-nothing much to say..but seriously miss my grandma sooo much!!...i cannot go back for raya in malacca this year..since i have to stay here to do my revision for my MOCK exam..damn sad weyh..huhu..sob3 =(

MOCK exam is just around the corner people... !!
16/08/09- EALD
17/08/09- ECONOMICS
18/08/09- PSYCHOLOGY
23/08/09- ACCOUNTS
24/08/09- APPLICS MATH
26/08/09- ORAL TEST..(I'M not sure about this date)

caiyok!! caiyok!! gambate!!

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