Monday, September 28, 2009

K.U.M ticket

i found this last week!!
memories when i was f4..
a piece of tissue from tanta and sis ann..
my senior secretary of K.U.M..
which stand for Kelab Usahawan Muda ( The Entrepeneur Club )..
wat a suprise i still keep this thingie..soooo proud of it a little short while..hehe..
tanta,come and take a look of this..sure you will be suprise also..haha..
i think..but most probably yes!
he will get suprise..=)


this is my sister 'business blog' and her partner..
just wanna to promote it here in my blog..haha..
do come and visit to see the reasonable thingie ogeyh..

drop of sunshine

'Salah dan silap harap dimaafkan ye..
Halalkan makan dan minum..
semoga ceria di samping keluarga menyambut hari lebaran..
di bulan yang mulia ini..'
ikhlas dari nor zalikha bt nor azman dan keluarga..
untuk kaum muslimin dan muslimat..=)

wee..a new post today..last thursday equal to 4th day of raya..i just finished my applics exam..the last exam and the last day to get rid of heavy stress..yippi..because of why..?? because then i can only enjoy my actual raya..haha..but i think i am sooo have exam during raya time..than people that have exam after raya..for me,that is moooooreee stressful ogeyh..i'm on holiday until this everyone start to go back to their school and college..and i was like stuck here..athome??..enjoy my holiday soooo sesat...(owg laen study,aku cuti...owg laen cuti,aku study..blablabla..)ok..go 3 days (thursday after applics,saturday and sunday),i was not fully at home..enjoy hangout at my friends house because..some of them did 'open house' a.k.a 'rumah terbuka'..for 2 days cabob become my driver..haha..since like my house and his house like sooo near..not really near..but still,he picked me up at home on saturday and sunday and went raya to our technic's friends and also a few of our teacher house..but like pity him..i didn't pay anything for the journey..he paid the toll and also fuel..ahah..when i ask him wether i have to pay him or not..he said no,like okayh..because somethimes we have to bully him also..since like he always bully me at school!! *sigh*..cabob,don get angry okayh..(like he knows what i wrote in this blog..)ahaha..nvm,just express my feelings about this..thanks la cabob =) appreciate it time,can go jalan with you again..traaalala..

hee..yesterday,mummy's family ,nenek and mama's family came to our 'happening' giler arr..long time like my house not full with our relatives..have fun and enjoy sakan..seriously..( haha..kire meriah la umah )..with my aunties cousins uncle voice..our voice..haha..combined together and be one voice..became soo LOUD..daaa..luckly no one of our neighbour come and 'serang' us..hehe..and at last..we didn't snap any picture!! sister wanted to...but she said she a little bit shy..what la..damn funny..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

burst out!

someone said this to me :
'Talking to you was nice,i can become me,wherenever i talk to you,talking to you,comfort my soul,turned my pale life into colourful..thanks because make me smiling..'

Owh,isn't that soooo sweet..i am really2 touched dear when you said like that to me..hurm..lets have a night talk again next time yah =)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


heu..i like this's my birthday..!! yeah..
thanks to those that wishing me on dat day...before or after 090909..
hehe..i am really appreciate that..
just celebrate with simple mood only..
yeeha..i got a new handphone from my parents..
as my birthday present..wee..thanks dad,mom..
i am excitedly happy and no words to describe about it..
since my old hp spoilt already last month..
at last i had a new hp..:))..hurm..still smiling until reaches my cheek..wee..
thanks to yasmin,usha and shaleen too..thanks you guys!!..
cause gave me a 'rantai' with love shape thingie..
love it..!! :))..
and one more thing,the 'rantai' also change colour when our mood is change..
not really our mood actually but it's more basically change according to our body temperature and surroundings..and my colour always change to BLUE..ahaha..
donno why..which is stand for HAPPY mood..!!although sometimes..i feel soooo stressed and still change to get it.. it supposed to change to RED!..
watever it is..i LOVE YOu gUYS..u all also love me rite??ahaha..=p

orait..i was told by my juniors from my technic school that my picture was sticked on the board near warden room..i was like soooo suprised and shock..and they ask me this..

'akk,dpt scholarship dr sunway yeh??kos AUSMAT kan??'
i was like..'ha'ah'...cmne tau niyh'?
and she replied me..'laaaa...gamba da terpampang lekat kt skola'..

i was totally SHOCKED that TIME!!
at first,i don't believe at all..and pet sis called me later at night and said the same thing..
and the weird thing my school got my picture??even i also don't have one of it..
and btw,the scholarship that i got is just entrance scholarship by Tan Sri Dato' Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah..hurm..wink..weird..

expectation for my MOCK exam..::
i am totally want to excell my applics exam..duh..damn hard!! but i tried to improve for my MOCk..
hurm..hopefully i can get a great marks for my EALD,ECONS,PSYCHO And ACCOUNTS..
really hope for FAVOURATE subjects!! i come..!!
but..but..i am really2 frustrated..last week..i study hard for my psycho..memorise all things..
and rite now..i feel like i forget everythings!!erghhhh..stressful!

to kecique at KBU college :good luck to you too beb!!

Monday, September 7, 2009



my cakepie birthday!!
september calendar..

03/09/09 - Azrul Azhar ( KTU , ex-TIKL )
07/09/09 - Yasmin
08/09/09 - Haire ( awie )
09/09/09 -!! and and eMiyl..
11/09/09 - Sarrah Alia
13/09/09 - Thenesh Dayalan
20/09/09 - Heidi ( Beyi ) &...nuRfaDzilah
21/09/09 - Haqim ( Aqi )
29/09/09 - Amira ( mya ) , deqna and kakna..=)

Hepi bufday to all of you..!!
may god bless you..and may happiness come to you.. =)
wish you all the best..

Friday, September 4, 2009

my thought..

today,like no words to say...
suddenly yesterday i'm thinking like..
a lot of man are annoying..
yerrr...i purposely to think that.
i think like my 2nd time i feel
like i hate BOYS!!
they annoyed me..
i donno why i think like that..
maybe some of them.
yeah..and some of them..
are very-very nice to me..
i cannot say i hate all guys...
that's not fair to some of them..and and..
people will assume i'm lesbian then rite??
just because of minority of guys..
that are totally annoyed me..
i will said that i don't like the majority one..'s time!! again...
last time also..i feel the same things..
it's like a season for me..
no heart feeling guys..
i just express my words..
to release my extension wire in my head..
you can throw your defend words if you want..
i really don't mind..
different people have different opinions and thought right..??
so,this is it..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Independence day..52th

not too late to wish..
to all malaysian..
i am totally proud to be one of malaysian.. in multicultural society..
not forgotten..1 MALAYSIA yah..