Friday, July 31, 2009


i hate when he delete me..
silent and speechless..


i wanted to eat 'kuew teow bandung'..because i feel like soooo 'mengidam' today..ahaha...donno why..n at last i got it!..huuu...i feel i'm the happiest person in my own world...tralalaa..i had lunch with fana just now..and we only ate at cafetaria..i will only eat at cafetaria like 4 days in a week..another day i will eat at medan or medan and medan?huh! place to go anymore..owh.ya...if i feel free,i will go once a month..ahah..although it just near my college..10-15 minutes only..nn nowwwwww....i feel like i want to eat 'kuew teow bandung' again for my dinnner..duh! 'kuew teow bandung' become my favourite..never mind..fana also like to eat 'tomyam' what...ahaha..that's not a big deal..n luckly that food is ver delicious compared to sarawak laksa that i ate that day at laksa shake restaurant..feel like a mud!

fana like a crazy woman just now..ahaha..sorry to say that dear..but very nice to hangout with her..never stop laughing if i'm with her..i like to tease her..n she also like to tease me..LOL..n the important part for today isssssss.....she introduced to me 'keropok lekor'....i mean not because i donno wat is 'keropok lekor'..daaa..but she introduced me to one stall that sell 'keropok lekor'..ahaha..since like i very rarely to eat at cafetaria for,i do not know very well all those foods..ahaha...aiy0o..sounds funny..after went 'makan'..we snap some pictures near AUSMAT stuff room..which there is a nice weyh..but the weather is i can burnt all my fat under the we go..!

today,i'm wearing baju,feel like more ayu than fana..yeah..i win for 'ayuness' title..n fana,you won for the 'crazy woman' title okayh..ahaha..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

rainy feelings...

i have to do a lot of stuff tonight..
a new assignment is coming on..which is EALD assignment..
and yet pyschology assignment i haven't start yet.. many things happen today..
i did my applics homework halfway sooooo HARD..
i told shaleen n she agreed with me...pei ling also said like that..
so,i'm not going to feel that i'm the one that said it's hard..
the question i did just now is probability topics..since f4 or f5..
i noe i hate that topics..n i have to face again in choice okayh..
*sigh* mumbling myself alone in this library..
i have to memorise psychology notes for tomorrow quiz..
like 2 topics to finish in ONE NIGHT!! damn it weyh..
can you imagine that...??n yet the topics are not's's a lot of point that we have to remember..
and i'm thinking that we are totally in rushing situation now..
the WACE EXAM schedule is paste on the board already..
and suprisingly that my econs and psychology exams will be held on the same day..!!
duh..hate econs,we have to memorise,understand a lot..and currently..of course psychology subject also we have a lot to memorise...n we will suffer on that day..ahah..because of too much of essays to write!!
HELP ME!..auhh..still mumbling again...
just now..shaleen said something...n i don't get it..
ahaha..shaleen!! i will force you to tell me..okayh..
i'll wait for that..
perhaps tomorrow i will ask her again..because today i don't have same class with her..
but i met her just now..yeah..n she ask me to online today..
but with a lot of things and stuff...i cannot online..sooooo sorry dear..
but maybe we can spend time on FRIDAY together...not forget with USHA also..
tralalala..mish u guys..=)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


A beautiful hadith..( taken from myspace bulletin )
Read and try to menyelaminye...renung2kan..=)

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said: 'When a man dies and his relatives are busy in funeral, there stands an extremely handsome man by his head. When the dead body is shrouded, that man gets in between the shroud and the chest of the deceased..

Selepas pengebumian, semua orang pulang ke rumah, 2 malaikat Mungkar dan Nakir, datang dalam kubur dan cuba memisahkan lelaki kacak ini supaya mereka boleh menyoal lelaki yang telah meninggal itu seorang diri mengenai ketaatannya kepada Allah. Tapi lelaki kacak itu berkata,Dia adalah temanku, dia adalah kawanku. Aku takkan meninggalkannya seorang diri walau apa pun. Jika kamu ditetapkan untuk menyoal, lakukanlah tugasmu. Aku tidak boleh meninggalkannya sehingga aku dapati dia dimasukkan ke dalam Syurga.'

Thereafter he turns to his dead companion and says, 'I am the Qur'an, which you used to read, sometimes in a loud voice and sometimes in a low voice. Do not worry. After the interrogation of Munkar and Naker, you will have no grief.'Selepas itu dia berpaling pada temannya yang meninggal dan berkata,'Aku adalah Al-Quran, yang mana kamu membacanya, kadang-kadang dengan suara yang nyaring dan kadang-kadang dengan suara yang perlahan. Jangan bim ban g. Selepas soal siasat dari Mungkar dan Nakir, kamu tidak akan bersedih.'

When the interrogation is over, the handsome man arranges for him from Al-Mala'ul A'laa (the angels in Heaven) silk bedding filled with musk.Selepas soal siasat selesai, lelaki kacak mengatur untuknya daripada Al-Mala'ul A'laa (malaikat dalam Syurga) tempat tidur dari sutera yang dipenuhi bauan kesturi.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said: 'On the Day of Judgement, before Allah, no other Intercessor will have a greater status than the Qur'an, neither a Prophet nor an angel.'Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) bersabda :'Di hari pengadilan, di hadapan Allah, tiada syafaat yang lebih baik darjatnya daripada Quran, mahupun dari nabi atau malaikat.'

Do keep forward this hadith to all..because...Rasu lullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said:'Pass on knowledge from me even if it is only one verse'...waallahu alam..

wednesday.. last i managed to change my blog backgroud..
huu..hepi for to me...and some of my resources..=)
i donno what i'm happy for..
but watever it is..can you see..??i manage!..
it's pink...and I Aaaammm....slightly changed the pictures on the top of my page..
today..i had presentation for my econs..
i felt like i did 80% badly..huhu..basically,usha did the power point..and i try to edit..
but i gave the pendrive early to teen..and ms.suzana said..
maybe our group is next week..but we have to get ready first..
i ask my friends from econs 5 and they said that some of the group will do the presentation
this friday..n after analyse all things..i was like a little bit relax to edit the power point..
n suprisingly was.....after the group 3 finish presenting,ms.suzana said..
marshmallow cake..your turn now...
and i was like still relax..ahah..damn crazy rite??
zachery will be the presentator of my group..
and suddenly...he point at me..i was like...huh??
what??wey2..i'm not really ready...i never present before...huhuu..i really scared that time..
and a little bit shocked..n maybe a little bit excited...ehehe..maybe..
zachery is,like..i don mind to replace him..because he coughing like many times in class..
poor,i just go in front and present our work..
n teacher said that all are ok..but we have to edit some point in our power point..
but overall is.....I relieved! thank goodness..hew,i feel like i wish more other
PRESENTATION!!.....i feel sooooo excited to do it again...and if i have another chance..i want to do more better
than JUST Now..YEAH!!..

sorry for my bad english writing..[ in a hurry weyh ]

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

mad? crazyness..

my blog looks plain!..n so0ooo boring..
i mean the background..or maybe my story perhaps??hee..
the colour is pale and like a 'sick' colour..
wanted to change it but donno how to change..can you see??..
now i feel so slow in using the computer technology..ahaha...
in other words..i'm not really know how to use the computer applications ..
wait2...i mean for the blogger only..get it?
this evening...i was like become crazy woman..i'm shouting at my brother..
without any reasons!! huh?? am i mad??!!!!
well..mybe because i still got headache and he did some weird sounds that i don't want to hear..
and when i said stop making the sounds,he still make the sound.........
n i feel something get into my head n suddenly really2 loudly...i SCREAMED to him...
huuu..maybe i'm too stress n i donno why..maybe i have a problem..
n i cannot express it to anyone...n all the while...i still donno the answer..
maybe because of my friends...i mean not my college friends..but my old friends..
some of them....yeah.....
i'm sick of it...i'm the one that tried to fix the relationship..but they won't..or am i a desperate girl??
it's like totally NO okayh!!
i know they are busy..but i'm also studying i still have time to try to contact my friends..
i was like give up for right now...totally give up....
and it was like many times i wrote about this..erghhhhhhhh...
so..i will life is just once..AND..
what is the best for me...i will try to grab and appreciate it..
N I wanted to turn to a new leaf and start a new life with a new people n with my
appreciatable friends..owww...n one more thing...get lost LOSER...I don't need you anymore!

i'm a stalker..n hope is just only hope..i will try to forget about that speckie guy..:(

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

personality ??

first of all..i would like to say that everyone are sick !! wat a suprise isn't it? feel a little bit better..but now i'm affected from pei ling..i got flu from her....ahaha..feel like soooo suffering when having flu and cough at the same time..cannot taste the nice smell of foods..huh..unluckly for that..but at least i relieved from my heavy pain headache after i took 2 tablets of actifast-panadol last night..not having anything for dinner and just eat the huh??

early this morning i had psychology class n we did some gave each of us an envelope with our name on top of it inside the envelope,there are a paper which is written about our personality...This is it..( for public reading ) LOL..

'You tend to attract friends and opportunities as you go and manage to survive life's stormy times with style and good humour as you are incredibly adaptable and resilient.Once you are commited to a love relationship or friendship,you are totally devoted and faithful.You tend to cling to others as you can't bear to be alone.You are the leader for the future and because of this high responsibility ; you will be going through the pressure of personal change.'.....

'Your weaknesses is your pride and emotions.Nobody can beat you up,as much as you can beat yourself up within your own mind.Although you are independent, and assertive you are also suprisingly trusting often innocently walking into the lion's den at times. You are 'doers' rather than 'talkers'. You are the impulsive, act first, ask questions or have doubts later peson'..

cool huh??is it reliable ?? ahah..i think most of it are similar with me..but suprisingly that...all people get the same descriptions of personality..because i ask my fren...i want to see her description of personality..and then she said..all the same..only the trend of the writting is different..and i was like...huh??ahahahh..blur and become 'stone' for a truth everyone have the same personality in my of them...LOL..this all are because of astrology!..

i'm still thinking about that speckie guy...and hoping to see him again...=(

Monday, July 20, 2009

sickness =(

i'm in the library now..again..have to wait for my econs class start...everytime i post a new post..hew seems like i always at the same place and at the same time..=p duh..blablabla..

i'm not feeling very well since last night..i slept so early yesterday because i got heavy headache after watched harry's sounds so funny aite?? fall sick after watching the movie ?? but anyway..we can fall sick anywhere and anytime rite?? oooorrr...maybe i missed a small child that sit beside me in the cinema?? perhaps..who knows rite?,today seems like it's not my luck..i'm scared i cannot concentrate in class..even dis morning,i'm not really doing well for my applic topic test..but at least i try my best...

pei ling also got flu...since like we have strong it?? fall sick TOGETHER..she has flu and i got fever and cough..i said to xiang jek n joyce...don't come,they're not affected want thick sweater right now...anyone?? and i just look around..and nobody want to give me...ahaha...stupid of me! i just mumbling with myself..of course no one will give me a sweater..or or...can i have blanket please?? starting to be crazy now..ergggggggghhhh...i cannot stand already...i wanted to go home...sleep,sleep,sleep until next morning...can i do that?? right now,i feel like i want to pluck my head and throw away!!!!!! see..i told u..i talk nonsense already..huhu...hope i can get well soon..pray for me guys..

suddenly..i'm thinking about that speckie guy..hurm..=)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

my PLAIN post!

it was like long time i'm not update my blog..last updated was JUNE was 2 and a half weeks ago..seriously,i really2 missed to blogging but in other side of my was like..i am totally addicted with the blogger stop for a while to update the blog..ahah..or or maybe i am too dissapointed with my EE results..? perhaps..maybe...ahah..

dis morning i had parents day in my college which my parents have to see almost all my lecturers..yeah..except my EALD lecturer..because ms.julia is not there,like we couldn't see her..i got many compliment than complain about me..ahah..i'm a little bit inch expand for that..but all the lecturers said that i am tooooo I?ahah..but honestly yah..i'm a quiet person in a big group..but a bit talkative and such being a joker in a small group..i don't know why i can comfortable in a small group...maybe i can concentrate with a few people n become very close with them..ahah..wat a funny reasons..n even i donno why...why? why? and why?

i'm a little bit sad when the time i have to face econs lecturer..i feel like i want to cry..because she said don't waste your money and time okayh..have to put more effort..she really2 wants to help me to excell in my econs because i am too low and not well-being performance in that particular said that i'm not really good in,like i have to do more writting..not just memorising the facts and theories..and at the end when it comes to exam..i will blur enough to answer because i memorise n i'm not understand the,i will screwed up in my essay part..but that's not the main reasons why i want to cry..but it is because i saw most of my friends that i always hanging around got an excellent top 10 or top 15 in the list..n i was like i am below 40??it was too far...and the differences between my marks n them like 20-30% ?? why it happen to me..?? one can help me..i must have my own,from starting now on..i have to do more econs essay like almost said that just take a few short question and give to her to mark..yeah..thanks teacher..i appreciate your effort..this is my way,i choose this way n i will work hard for it! :)...

( i know it's sounds a bit nerd..but who cares...this is my's up to me to write anything in my post..okayh!..if u don't like it,u can get off loser!i don't even want you to read my blog... )

huu..i feel like so lonely right now..i'm stucked here...all my friends are busy studying..n so do I...(what the h*** am i writting?i also students like them..) ahaha..i wanted to contact them but seems like they all so busy..when i misscalled them,they are not replying back..some of them..yeah,,replied it and some of them are not..n sometimes i feel like i'm the one that contact them n not them...not because i'm too lonely here but i want to remain my friendship constantly...i dont want to lost contact with them..i am badly missed them..huhu..maybe,i should understand their situation...okayh..they are too busy with their a lot of assignments,exams..their new friends just let the time to decide it..because i also going through all that also right now..even much more senior than my friends to feel the situation..because i pursue my study earlier..ahaha..annnnddd..btw..i'm fine with that..yeah..hopefully...?? is there any hope for me..??? (too emo)..aahah..sympathetic!