Wednesday, July 22, 2009

mad? crazyness..

my blog looks plain!..n so0ooo boring..
i mean the background..or maybe my story perhaps??hee..
the colour is pale and like a 'sick' colour..
wanted to change it but donno how to change..can you see??..
now i feel so slow in using the computer technology..ahaha...
in other words..i'm not really know how to use the computer applications ..
wait2...i mean for the blogger only..get it?
this evening...i was like become crazy woman..i'm shouting at my brother..
without any reasons!! huh?? am i mad??!!!!
well..mybe because i still got headache and he did some weird sounds that i don't want to hear..
and when i said stop making the sounds,he still make the sound.........
n i feel something get into my head n suddenly really2 loudly...i SCREAMED to him...
huuu..maybe i'm too stress n i donno why..maybe i have a problem..
n i cannot express it to anyone...n all the while...i still donno the answer..
maybe because of my friends...i mean not my college friends..but my old friends..
some of them....yeah.....
i'm sick of it...i'm the one that tried to fix the relationship..but they won't..or am i a desperate girl??
it's like totally NO okayh!!
i know they are busy..but i'm also studying i still have time to try to contact my friends..
i was like give up for right now...totally give up....
and it was like many times i wrote about this..erghhhhhhhh...
so..i will life is just once..AND..
what is the best for me...i will try to grab and appreciate it..
N I wanted to turn to a new leaf and start a new life with a new people n with my
appreciatable friends..owww...n one more thing...get lost LOSER...I don't need you anymore!

i'm a stalker..n hope is just only hope..i will try to forget about that speckie guy..:(

1 comment:

  1. omg.
    about the friends thingie.
    i totally know how u feel ;(
    hold on ok!
    things will get better : )