Sunday, July 19, 2009

my PLAIN post!

it was like long time i'm not update my blog..last updated was JUNE was 2 and a half weeks ago..seriously,i really2 missed to blogging but in other side of my was like..i am totally addicted with the blogger stop for a while to update the blog..ahah..or or maybe i am too dissapointed with my EE results..? perhaps..maybe...ahah..

dis morning i had parents day in my college which my parents have to see almost all my lecturers..yeah..except my EALD lecturer..because ms.julia is not there,like we couldn't see her..i got many compliment than complain about me..ahah..i'm a little bit inch expand for that..but all the lecturers said that i am tooooo I?ahah..but honestly yah..i'm a quiet person in a big group..but a bit talkative and such being a joker in a small group..i don't know why i can comfortable in a small group...maybe i can concentrate with a few people n become very close with them..ahah..wat a funny reasons..n even i donno why...why? why? and why?

i'm a little bit sad when the time i have to face econs lecturer..i feel like i want to cry..because she said don't waste your money and time okayh..have to put more effort..she really2 wants to help me to excell in my econs because i am too low and not well-being performance in that particular said that i'm not really good in,like i have to do more writting..not just memorising the facts and theories..and at the end when it comes to exam..i will blur enough to answer because i memorise n i'm not understand the,i will screwed up in my essay part..but that's not the main reasons why i want to cry..but it is because i saw most of my friends that i always hanging around got an excellent top 10 or top 15 in the list..n i was like i am below 40??it was too far...and the differences between my marks n them like 20-30% ?? why it happen to me..?? one can help me..i must have my own,from starting now on..i have to do more econs essay like almost said that just take a few short question and give to her to mark..yeah..thanks teacher..i appreciate your effort..this is my way,i choose this way n i will work hard for it! :)...

( i know it's sounds a bit nerd..but who cares...this is my's up to me to write anything in my post..okayh!..if u don't like it,u can get off loser!i don't even want you to read my blog... )

huu..i feel like so lonely right now..i'm stucked here...all my friends are busy studying..n so do I...(what the h*** am i writting?i also students like them..) ahaha..i wanted to contact them but seems like they all so busy..when i misscalled them,they are not replying back..some of them..yeah,,replied it and some of them are not..n sometimes i feel like i'm the one that contact them n not them...not because i'm too lonely here but i want to remain my friendship constantly...i dont want to lost contact with them..i am badly missed them..huhu..maybe,i should understand their situation...okayh..they are too busy with their a lot of assignments,exams..their new friends just let the time to decide it..because i also going through all that also right now..even much more senior than my friends to feel the situation..because i pursue my study earlier..ahaha..annnnddd..btw..i'm fine with that..yeah..hopefully...?? is there any hope for me..??? (too emo)..aahah..sympathetic!


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