Tuesday, October 20, 2009

it will never end

it was so extremely fast..it's already 11.50..i didn't realise that..i just arrived to my house from college..like an hour ago..around 10.40 like that..n now the time like soooo fast moving..tick-tock-tick-tock..until it reach 12.00 a.m later..and complete the 24 hours time..and after that,we begin to start our new day again..and wait for the 24 hours to be end..aaaauhh..aaa...iiii...eeeeerr...i want the time to be slow..i'm scared time moving very fast..but sure la..if i cry until my blood coming out from my eyes also,i still can't change the time..hehe..

today,i had one class which is psychology class only..it's like 2 hours i'm in the college..i drove today..but my mummy wanted to use that car..so,like i drove back just now like soooo fast..i never drive like that before..i also shocked with myself..because my mom have an appoinment today..so,i cannot be late..i drove like thunder..can you imagine that..i never drive soooo fast before unless if i'm in hurry la..but yes..today i am really2 in hurry..i'm scared my mom will late..but thank god..nothing happen..then,i told my mom about that..and she scold me..ahah..how lame am i..she said 'just drive slowly..if anything happen,ur life will gone..that is the most important..'actually,i realised that..but i don't know sometimes if we drive like crazy manner..it was fun actually..it's like gave us an opportunity to be like a racer for a while..haha..although it just a MYvi car and not the sports car..and and by turning the radio to be LOUD while driving..it was soo fun bebeyh..but i'll make sure that i do it that once in a blue moon only..because my parents will get angry with me later..a-e-i-o-u..on top of that..it's DANGEROUS okayh!! children under 18: beware!!don't follow me..farhanah!! u are not 18 yet..so,better watch out..haha..

yesterday,i went to pyramid with my friends..we wanted to take our lunch over there..since like we don't want to eat at medan already..haha...almost 8 people i think went there..at first yasmin wanted to go..but she had another plan..so,she not following us..we were confused which restaurant we want to eat..so,end up..we just went to mcD..and half of us went to KFC and bought foods for ourselves..but we 'curik-curik' ate at mcD..since like mcD is beside KFC..so,that will be easy rite??haha..but then,luckly no one check us..if not,we are going to be kicked out from the restaurant..haha..then,after lunch,we went to archade (is this spelling correct??)..nvm..just check it out in dictionary later..hew hew..we played a few games..not really a few la..but 2 games only we played..but i played 1 game only..mario-kart..it was totally fun..and shaleen always kept winning..and i never win once also..huhu..sad2..=(..sob3...we went there just for a while only..while we played,shauni,farhanah and su yin watched movie..since like kelly drove her car..so,it was fine for 5 of us to go back college separately..

We went back to college after that..wanted to study at library..but library is totally FULL..with MUFY students..aiyo..everywhere in the library also can see blue t-shirt..either the 1st floor or 2nd floor..it's totally fulled..because MUFY had their trial this week..i guess so..so,we decided to empty class..and we checked our time table..but seems like sw-4-6 is empty..so,we study there..me and shaleen was discussed about the econs topic..which we are going to gave headache to read the notes for WACE..it's totally a lot man..but we are so lucky..because we don't have to read from the text book..we just to read from the notes that are given by ms.suzana..but fewwwhh..it still a LOT..i hope i can manage to read it..because i am L-A-Z-Y- bum-bum to read..i am not hardworking reader..even.my dad also knew that..hehe..

gtg..here some picture we took yesterday..

to ... : i'm glad that you are happy now than before..

Monday, October 12, 2009


i am a SUSHi King lover right now..i admit that i don't like and i can say i really hate2 sushi for a long time ago..like how many years i didn't eat sushi and my family also long long time not go to sushi king because of me..haha..because of who??because of me!! ( purposely repeated )..but because of yesterday,i became a sushi king lover!! yummy3X.no regret about it...the proof is..i ate sushi at sushi king again for my lunch today..with yong tsing,yee lin,yan hwa and tracy lim..i never eat with them for lunch before although i am quite close with them..haha..so,just now was our first time eat together..but j-anne..sob3..she's not there with us since like she is one of my wife..she should be there too..hu2..( only them know what i'm talking about..) haha..but again..okayh..i'm not a LESBIAN!!..i repeat again..i am definitely not a LESBIAN!!..haha..they are all my hunny bunny..wee.yippi..nvm j-anne..we eat together next time kayh..so,the moment for today and yesterday was unbelievable...what an unexpected things and moments that i never expect that drag me to be a SUSHI lovers!..duh..like my sister said..we have to choose the nice sushi..so,we can have an appetite to eat again..haha..yesterday,i went out with my family..since like we want to celebrate 3 birthday straight..which is celebration for my bufday,my bro's, and my dad's birthday..so,we want to try a new taste..we decide to go to sushi king at the end..nothing much to say..just a wall of my pictures..weeeheee..just enjoy the show..=)

day : sunday
venue : sunway pyramid
with : my beloved family =)

dAY : Monday
veNue : sunway Pyramid ( my playground )..^-^
wives : yee lin,yan hwa,yong tsing..j-anne not here..sob3 :(
fiancee : tracy lim..( haven't approave yet )..haha..LOL...

me and tracy!!

WE again!!



full of plates..


happy FAMILY tree..wink2

half of me..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

do I have a PRIDE??..the answer is YES!

life is hard isn't it??sometimes..maybe yes and maybe no..past few days ago..there is one strange girl gave me a comment and the comment sounds like sooooo 'deeeesssperate' comment..i can say that and i can confirm it as an 'unwell wishes'..well,the starter of the story will begin like this..sorry gurl,no heart feelings if you suddenly and not purposely to open my blog and read this statement..but it just not fair for me..i have a pride as a woman..okayh..not really a woman..but as a gurl..cause i am not too old to be called a 'woman' and not to be young to be called a 'gurl'..haha..okayh2..go on..don't want to waste time..this one girl is not my friend..i donno which earth she come from..nvm..she added me on myspace..i approved her..i don't know why i suddenly just approved her..because i'm not really simply approve people that i don't know..maybe because she is a girl..so,like i don't mind to approve her..then,she gave me a message and asked..wether i'm single or have been taken already by 'someone'..and i just simply replied her that i am totally single and straight forward i ask her 'why?'..daaaa..strong to be like this ogeyh..then..i received unexpected answer from her..she said: she tried to find a girlfriend for her friend and she said that guy is very nice..18 years old..and 'blablabla'..i was like what????? am i look like toooooooooo desperate girl to have a boyfriend and she try to be a matchmaker for me and her friend?? and i was straightly thinking..i have a PRIDE okayh!!!..i am not a girl that simply want a guy from where he come from and try to approve him like that..without knowing them first..what do you think i am??and i was like cursing that time..not really2 'bad cursing'..but just a little bit 'bad words' come from my mouth..and 1 more thing..is that guy is totally A desperate guy??if you are,try to find another gurl and totally that girl is not me!eerrrrgh...! but the truth is i am not angry at all but just shocked its do happen to me..like i have no pride..it's not wrong to find a girlfriend through a 'connection web'..but try to be a gentleman as a guy..try to get know that girl slowly or whatever it is..and don't be too desperate to ask other girl.or easily..ask ur fren to look straight for you and ask for the approvement to be attached..i can said that is totally horrible and can't be accepted by a girl like me!! and do 'mind your own wishes' people..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

it was not my mistake..

i don't have mood to write blog nowadays..only if i feel like my 10 cutey fingers want to touch this keyboard and type!!grrr...lazy dumm2 of me..i just got my psychology,EALD and accounting paper just now..it was like totally horibble..not really horrible..i can say that my marks are much higher this time compared to my EE results..and i think my marks are average..AVERAGE!!..i am only me..i cannot say that i am too sad..yeah..maybe i can say it too because i do really dissapoint my parents..but this is only ME..my average of me..i still in average level..i cannot expect to get results that i really2 can't achieve..i mean for this moment..yeaaa..people might advance in the future..but for me..i have to move forward slowly..i cannot be like bummm..getting higher marks like that..i cannot put higher expectation results for me to achieve..it just like not worth it!..i know very well how my ability could be..i can't just put my expectation for an A++ in such a way my level is just B or C+..because if i put higher expectation,i will be more suffer and become soooo..upset if i couldn't get at the end..because i cannot achieve the real high super expectation....hurm..but yes for sure..i want an excellent results..pleaseee..everybody also want..but at this moment..i will work harder for the last minute expectation..just same like what i did for my little tiny PMR and little advance SPM..from the worst trial to a better actual results..i hope i can excel more better for my entire AUSMAT..wish me luck people!!..to my parents,i won't dissapoint both of you again for this time..but i can't promise for my applics..hehe..i can't help on it..and yet i donno why..because i really2 sucks at MATH!..although if i do a lot of questions..

huhu..did my oral test yesterday..it was quite ok for me..but i donno how my marks are given to me..because i was talking to AUStralian people!! fuh..it was nervous that time..i can't really think about the points when she kept asking me questions one by one..but at least i have a point to talk about..i wasn't like keep quiet in that room..and blinking over the time..but i think 1 question i couldn't answer because i don't know what she asked!!..errghh..the question is something like this..( i donno wether correct or not )..'how speech can empowering your language'..i was like huh??i'm not really said 'huh?' to her..haha..but it was just my silent thought..and i was like..'can you repeat again the question'..duuh..although she repeated the same question also..i couldn't answer!! because i donno what point i want to say..it just a speechless moment when we already sat on that chair in that 'blessful' room..and talking with someone that we cannot see their face..only can hear their voice..and they can hear our voice..but i know they can see us..only us cannot see them..maybe because they don't want us to feel nervous..but yet daaa..we still nervous..because its an ORAL!!..spontaneously have to answer the questions... haha..but for me i prefer like that..because at least i cannot see their face..so,i will like less ''hurm..errrkk..'' to answer their questions..hehe..fullstop for that..gtg now..dada..
sorry for my bad grammar..i have to wake up now and digest my grammar lessons back..

Friday, October 2, 2009

what done is done..

i'm in the library!!haha..alone..waiting for my friends..because they having their EALD class..maybe it takes time like 15-20 minutes..i have 5 hours break starting this week every friday..because my applics class for the tutorial finished already..now,we have to concentrate for our WACE exam..since like we left only 1 month to go before we can finish our matriculation..yeah..but then for 3-4 weeks or 1 month in november until december after WACE ,i didn't take note at all for how many weeks..we,march intake AUSMAT are going to suffer!!!..erghhh...seriously suffering..and even i'm being sophisticated now..because after our WACE..we have to complete our LAN subject which is the compulsory subject for all universities to take..suggested by the government..which the subjects are Malaysian studies and Islamic studies..damn..i am so pleased to study those 2 subjects but the problem is..i have to study like 9 hours per day for 2 subjects!! can you imagine that..that is too cruel..like malaysian studies for 5 hours per day and it will become 25 hours per week only for malaysian studies..add up with islamic studies which we have to study 4 hours per day..but i don mind to study islamic studies..because that is my favourite and scorer subjects when i was in my primary and secondary schools..but for malaysian studies..its history!! history..!!i will feel sleepy then for that 5 hours..erghhh!!..but i won't complain about it..what the..haha..i already complained it here..daaaa..nvm..maybe i have to accept it..it just a while..i am MALAYSIAN..so,we cannot complain about it..we have too..because i love my COUNTRY..so,i will done it..yeaaahaaa..wish me luck people..wink3..=(

last two days,i went to BSN ( Bank Simpanan Nasional )..*for those who doesn't know what BSN stand for..
i went there with my mum..since like i'm on my holiday that time..so,i take advantage to withdraw my money..because i want to transfer it to ASB ( Amanah Saham Berhad ) for my future..then,'alang-alang' i already at BSN,i want to buy pin.no for my cousins for politeknik application..so,i ask that lady in the counter..how i want to buy polikteknik pin.no?..the lady said here also can..so,i buy la..she give me something like receipt payment or whatever it is called..huh..too bad huh?? i'm an account student and i don't know what is it??..hehe..that is very terrible for me..go on..i thought i have to buy for the pin.no only and on9 for my cousins..but then after i paid,i only realised that i paid for my pin.no!! because of why?? because i paid under my name and my IC...owh s**t!!..i was like very shocked that time and a little bit frustrated because i'm wasting money..duh..i didn't realised that..long time ago,like my matrix pin.no also my school teacher did for us...errrrghhh..wasted!! my mom seriously like angry with me..because at first,she already warned me not to buy first..but as usual,i am very3 stubborn girl..go and buy the pin.no..and at the end,my mom ask me to pay back..huhu..RM6 for nothing!!..can you imagine that?? how stupid i am!!..