Friday, October 2, 2009

what done is done..

i'm in the library!!haha..alone..waiting for my friends..because they having their EALD class..maybe it takes time like 15-20 minutes..i have 5 hours break starting this week every friday..because my applics class for the tutorial finished,we have to concentrate for our WACE exam..since like we left only 1 month to go before we can finish our matriculation..yeah..but then for 3-4 weeks or 1 month in november until december after WACE ,i didn't take note at all for how many weeks..we,march intake AUSMAT are going to suffer!!!..erghhh...seriously suffering..and even i'm being sophisticated now..because after our WACE..we have to complete our LAN subject which is the compulsory subject for all universities to take..suggested by the government..which the subjects are Malaysian studies and Islamic studies..damn..i am so pleased to study those 2 subjects but the problem is..i have to study like 9 hours per day for 2 subjects!! can you imagine that..that is too malaysian studies for 5 hours per day and it will become 25 hours per week only for malaysian studies..add up with islamic studies which we have to study 4 hours per day..but i don mind to study islamic studies..because that is my favourite and scorer subjects when i was in my primary and secondary schools..but for malaysian studies..its history!! history..!!i will feel sleepy then for that 5 hours..erghhh!!..but i won't complain about it..what the..haha..i already complained it here..daaaa..nvm..maybe i have to accept just a while..i am,we cannot complain about it..we have too..because i love my,i will done it..yeaaahaaa..wish me luck people..wink3..=(

last two days,i went to BSN ( Bank Simpanan Nasional )..*for those who doesn't know what BSN stand for..
i went there with my mum..since like i'm on my holiday that,i take advantage to withdraw my money..because i want to transfer it to ASB ( Amanah Saham Berhad ) for my future..then,'alang-alang' i already at BSN,i want to buy for my cousins for politeknik,i ask that lady in the i want to buy polikteknik lady said here also,i buy la..she give me something like receipt payment or whatever it is called..huh..too bad huh?? i'm an account student and i don't know what is it??..hehe..that is very terrible for me..go on..i thought i have to buy for the only and on9 for my cousins..but then after i paid,i only realised that i paid for my!! because of why?? because i paid under my name and my IC...owh s**t!!..i was like very shocked that time and a little bit frustrated because i'm wasting money..duh..i didn't realised that..long time ago,like my matrix also my school teacher did for us...errrrghhh..wasted!! my mom seriously like angry with me..because at first,she already warned me not to buy first..but as usual,i am very3 stubborn girl..go and buy the at the end,my mom ask me to pay back..huhu..RM6 for nothing!!..can you imagine that?? how stupid i am!!..

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  1. I hate the fact that we have to learn those stupid LAN subjects!
    Anyway, see? I'm very good one. Read ur blog n comment.
    U never comment on my blog!!!!
    Thanks for waiting for us :P
    Good luck studying for WACE!