Tuesday, October 20, 2009

it will never end

it was so extremely fast..it's already 11.50..i didn't realise that..i just arrived to my house from college..like an hour ago..around 10.40 like that..n now the time like soooo fast moving..tick-tock-tick-tock..until it reach 12.00 a.m later..and complete the 24 hours time..and after that,we begin to start our new day again..and wait for the 24 hours to be end..aaaauhh..aaa...iiii...eeeeerr...i want the time to be slow..i'm scared time moving very fast..but sure la..if i cry until my blood coming out from my eyes also,i still can't change the time..hehe..

today,i had one class which is psychology class only..it's like 2 hours i'm in the college..i drove today..but my mummy wanted to use that car..so,like i drove back just now like soooo fast..i never drive like that before..i also shocked with myself..because my mom have an appoinment today..so,i cannot be late..i drove like thunder..can you imagine that..i never drive soooo fast before unless if i'm in hurry la..but yes..today i am really2 in hurry..i'm scared my mom will late..but thank god..nothing happen..then,i told my mom about that..and she scold me..ahah..how lame am i..she said 'just drive slowly..if anything happen,ur life will gone..that is the most important..'actually,i realised that..but i don't know sometimes if we drive like crazy manner..it was fun actually..it's like gave us an opportunity to be like a racer for a while..haha..although it just a MYvi car and not the sports car..and and by turning the radio to be LOUD while driving..it was soo fun bebeyh..but i'll make sure that i do it that once in a blue moon only..because my parents will get angry with me later..a-e-i-o-u..on top of that..it's DANGEROUS okayh!! children under 18: beware!!don't follow me..farhanah!! u are not 18 yet..so,better watch out..haha..

yesterday,i went to pyramid with my friends..we wanted to take our lunch over there..since like we don't want to eat at medan already..haha...almost 8 people i think went there..at first yasmin wanted to go..but she had another plan..so,she not following us..we were confused which restaurant we want to eat..so,end up..we just went to mcD..and half of us went to KFC and bought foods for ourselves..but we 'curik-curik' ate at mcD..since like mcD is beside KFC..so,that will be easy rite??haha..but then,luckly no one check us..if not,we are going to be kicked out from the restaurant..haha..then,after lunch,we went to archade (is this spelling correct??)..nvm..just check it out in dictionary later..hew hew..we played a few games..not really a few la..but 2 games only we played..but i played 1 game only..mario-kart..it was totally fun..and shaleen always kept winning..and i never win once also..huhu..sad2..=(..sob3...we went there just for a while only..while we played,shauni,farhanah and su yin watched movie..since like kelly drove her car..so,it was fine for 5 of us to go back college separately..

We went back to college after that..wanted to study at library..but library is totally FULL..with MUFY students..aiyo..everywhere in the library also can see blue t-shirt..either the 1st floor or 2nd floor..it's totally fulled..because MUFY had their trial this week..i guess so..so,we decided to empty class..and we checked our time table..but seems like sw-4-6 is empty..so,we study there..me and shaleen was discussed about the econs topic..which we are going to gave headache to read the notes for WACE..it's totally a lot man..but we are so lucky..because we don't have to read from the text book..we just to read from the notes that are given by ms.suzana..but fewwwhh..it still a LOT..i hope i can manage to read it..because i am L-A-Z-Y- bum-bum to read..i am not hardworking reader..even.my dad also knew that..hehe..

gtg..here some picture we took yesterday..

to ... : i'm glad that you are happy now than before..

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