Tuesday, June 30, 2009


blogging are getting boring..arghh!
maybe it just for a while..

huu..yeahh..tomorrow i will go to college as usual and start my 2nd semester..weehee..=)
life getting FUN!
i'm wondering how's my results will looks like..
i'm not expected for good-good okayh..
because of what?
because of my applics test..
i did like S***k..
or ok-worst??
or or unexpected good-worst..??
wait for my next announcement..
see you tomorrow guys..
gud LUCK!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Future plan..ngee..

my super duper future PLAN !



working !

get married =)

pregnant and have a cute baby..


a happy family..wee..

hope can make this dream as my real world..

don't be suprise if i said i want 5 children in the future..hee..=p

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ouch !!

to someone :
(IF A person knows that i point to him oR her..make your OWN guess!)
you want me to treat you that way..i give you that way..
don't try n ever ever to BLAME me on that...
you know what u wish..i won't give you a DAMN...
BUT u ask FOR it..
I just wanna tO say...
sorry and thanks FOR everythings with what u had DONE for me BEFORE!

try tO appreciate with what you have...

Saturday, June 20, 2009


my parents n my bro go back to my dad's hometown just now..n my sister n I didn't follow them..coz i want to hangout with my beshfrens tomorrow..ahaha..damn bad la me weyh..i mean like because i'm not follow them..hehe..plan for tomorrow :

8.00 a.m wake up,take bath,do a little bit household,iron my clothes
10.30 a.m wait for mira to fetch me..
11.00 a.m fetch zul n his friend at ktm subang n then goooo to mid..

yeah!can't wait..wee for that..heh..=)

today,i feel like i broke already..because i bought 5 pieces of tudung in one day..ahaha..OMg..like i want to take all tudung in that shop..but i tried to control my 'shopaholics' sense..is this term correct?? whoa..watever okay..ahaha..

chat with dila just now..she said like she become homesick already..she's from pahang n she got JPA scholarship n now pursue her study in KDU..just arrive to damansara this evening...yeah..damansara is just nearby to my house..not really nearby but still not really far rite??ahah...can't wait to see her..

to dila..'kakcik cbe dtg ngan kamil okayh'
since like i'm studying at sunway n kamil studying at taylor..our college is really2 near..10-15 minutes like that..so,can go together..yeah..eheh..okay,guys..again..no bad thinking huh..

hope i will not sesat tomorrow..
damn funny..ahah..but
pray for me..whuaaa..

Friday, June 19, 2009

how we handle our stress ??

yeah!..finally i'm FREE!..wee..just finish my applics test dis morning..i feel like damn hard..AND...i think my applics results will be the worst n lowest from the other subjects..huaa..so bad..because i AM definitely sucks in math okay..=(..i ask a few of my clevereeest frens n they said they also can't finish several questions that are totally freaking hard nn within only 3 hours for 25 question i think..can't really notice about it..LOL..

huu..my friends will continue their study already..and most of them will go for diploma level..just wanna to say that university life is damn nice weyh..ahahha..but at the same time we also have to face a lot of stress which may INCLUDE :

* The pressure to earn good grades and to earn a degree is very high
* Pop quizzes or final exam
* Excessive homework
* Unclear assignments
* Uncomfortable classrooms
* Relationship with faculty members
* Time pressure especially assignment deadlines
* New responsibilities
* Roommates and their varying personalities
* Financial issues
* Sleep deprivation
* Change in eating habits
stress,stress n stress..
BUT! (wait.....)
there are many ways how we can cope with our stress..
yeah..i start to pratice my knowledge of psychology now..
Firstly, (suddenly become soooooo excited)..wee..=p
1.Focus your attention elsewhere
2.Talking about it..You can either talk with your councellor or friends that you believe ond comfortable with.
3.A diary or blog like me..hehe..(promote for a while).You can try to getting your thought down on paper,examine them and work on strategy to manage your stress
4.Learn to manage especially your time management
5.Do first thing first
6.Take action like make a correct or appropriate decision
7.Change your thinking..(think positive)
8.Set reasonable goal
9.Money management
10.Avoid comparing yourself with others
11.Reduce muscle tension..go for exercise for an example
12.Get enough sleep
13.Eat nutritional well balanced diet
14.annnnnddd FINALLY is LAUGH!! YEAH..=)))) dis one is the most important..
but frankly speaking..i never follow this steps of stress management..ahaha..but i'll try to improve it..yeah..okayh..maybe in d future
there are a list of few things that i need to do since likee my EE finish already..ahaha..
> working with my dad as a secretary assistant ( to earn more pocket money )
> plan to hangout with my bestie this sunday with mya n zul..like long time not spend time together..busy too much..
> have to do my psychology assignment..
> plan to hangout with my ex-dormmates also cause they're going to pursue their study this coming weeks..
> daydreaming..whoa..i wish money can come from the sky..haha..(stupid nonsense things)

credit to psychology department for stress management resources..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tomorrow EXAMS ! MyEm0.com

monday : psychology
tuesday : EALD
wednesday : accounts
thursday : economics
friday : applics math
yeah..then,i'm FREE!.
Wish me gud luck PEOPLE !..
Only free for semester BREAK..yippi..

Friday, June 12, 2009

forgive me..please..

first of all..i would like to say sooory to my close friend,Pei Ling..because i still want to blog riGHT now!..fuh..i feel like i cannot stand already..my hand feel like i want to press the computer keyboard n type...although I realised EE just 3 more days more to go..damn like i'm going to have headache soon..because i'm having sore throat..like soooo pain n uncomfortable..sob2..owh..ya..yesterday 11th JUNE 2009..arizan came to visit us in college..hoooray..he is totally different..looks like so handsome after cutting his hair..opss..haha..this is nice compliment from me to you arizan...okayh..n then while talking with him...all suddenly...i saw farhanah went down from the stairs..

farhanah!!..nn i showed arizan that was standing in front of me..n i made a very2 evil plan which i asked arizan to lie farhana and said that he's going to continue back in sunway..nnn...it was like farhanah believe him..i was like really?? owh..no...

n then after that,around 4.30..we went off from the college..i sent arizan to sunway pyramid first because he said he want to hangout with his friends before go back to his UITM..n then sent usha to her house..usha,it just likeee ur house so neaaar from the college..later on,i can send you always to your house..ok honey..?ahah..thanks to usha coz being an instructor in the car..LOL..only now i noe how to go n way back to pyramid from my college..damn..like very stupid person that live in her own world n never know anything around her.. ahah

this morning..i donno...i can't really remember..huu..owh..owh.. ya..now i remember..before i went lunch..I bumped into farhanah again..since like we met in psychology class.hehe.n then she asked me..'is arizan really want to continue back his study in this college??i was like i can't stand to laugh..n i said nooooo...he just joking...wah..i feel very2 bad..it was my idea...n farhanah like believe arizan truthly...farhanah..if you read this...please forgive me..please...i know that was really 'mean' idea..but i just wanna make a joke..but i am really2 sorry k?..i hope you will forgive me..huhu..sincerely,from me..zalikha-

my english writing like become worst now..owh..no!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

no entry

no entry
silent in mood..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

about HIM..MyEm0.com

LOL..arizan,this pictures are totally funny..but you are CUTE okayh~~..

before i away from this blooging and whatever things..ahah..i want to write somethings about this guy..oopss..????question marks there..hee...everyone must be weird why i want to write about this guy..why not another guy??actually..i already promised to him that i will write something about him after he withdraw from my college..but it was long time ago..only now i have time to write about him..eheh..sorry..my bad..busy always all the time..nothing much than that..yeah..aawww..let me story a little bit about this guy..

okayh... it's all about HIM..

first,his name is arizan..he is from gombak..but i donno which area..seems like i never go to gombak.. feel like i aaammmm sooo outdated person..ahaha...then,he is actually my ex-classmate in sunway U college..in account class nn economic class...i really enjoy and happy nn have a great moment when i'm sitting beside him..owh..no bad thinking okayh..just because he always make me laugh all the time with his words n his joker..at first i saw him..in my account class..which that time the class is in NE-4-7...i think it is the first day he's in this college..because i never seen him before that day..i still remember..i really thought that he is a chinese guy..everyone also think like that..but actually he is a malay..but not really purely malay..i think he is also mixed...can't really take note for that..hehe..i'm so bad arizan..please forgive me..just know him a little while only because he now already pursue his study in UiTM..continue in foundation in laws..we all really2 sad when he said that he wanted to go..but i think he will become one of a successful person..i can believe for that n i will pray for him too..he is my friend..so,i will support you buddy..he will not regret to choose that way..i can promise that..ms suzana told me that UiTM is good when it comes to their law courses..sounds like greeaaatt things rite..he is very kind person...his girlfriend must be proud of him...yeah..he already has a gf which is a chinese girl..wah..lengloi la...'manyak cantik'....eheh...suit with him..

he is one of ms suzana favourite students..eheh..because ms.suzana will always ask him a lot of questions in my economic class...haha..he will never escaped..but,you know what arizan..now,i think like i replaced your place..ms.suzana like always ask me question in class...but nvm..its not very seldomly..i think i should appreciate ms suzana because she make us more alert in class..it is goods..no wonder u like economics because of ms.suzana..because i feel the same way too here..yeah..btw,i think rayyan is lonely now without you..but don worry too much..i will take care for you..hahah..he already adults man now..although he is younger than us.hee..one more things that i really2 respect about arizan is he never left his 'solat'..i always saw him at surau..huaaa..arizan..you are very good muslim..i'm proud of it..now,like arizan already withdraw from the college..n just left one malay guy in my AUSMAT march intake which is azhar..but i'm not really close with him..that's why i am very2 sad when arizan want to left us...he is very friendly person..even with everyone..n very kind..nn such being a JOKER..LOL..i noe he will never forget about us here..rite arizan..??ahah..especially his group 'gang'....okay,i'm done with this!but i really2 want to write something more and a lot of things to share..but i'm scared that there will not enough empty space for me to write..ahaha..well,just let me stop here..

message to arizan..: hey buddy,we all here miss you..drop by to this college if you have any free time..we always welcome you..nn not forgetting to remind you.that..work hard for your study..i hope u will be a great lawyer one day..i'm waiting for that..haha..all the best n gud luck..don't forget about us here okayh..if not,i will shoooooot you..ahaha..kidding! no heart feelings..thanks for the memories...=)

and thanks for being a good friend...

away! MyEm0.com

i really2 want to stay away after this..stop blogging for this 2 weeks..stop online and chatting with myfriends n forgetting about myspace rite now..hee..since like i have to struggle with my EE..i cannot concentrate if i'm continuously doing nothing that is not important..not i'm said that i'm toooo nerd..but everybody want great results rite?so am I..i have to put a lot of effort to be a successful person..yeah..=)

away !

i will come back on 20/6/2009

thank u =)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


again,i'm in the library now..n again..i have to go to econs class after this..everybody talk about EE..owh..damn..i don't really prepare anything for my EE yet..i feel like..sooooo..lazy..owh..please,someone..give me air to breath..!why i'm sooo lazy..i like freaking out too much..people..help me! please give me support or or anything that can give me more spirit to study..every night like i want to stay up..although i have someone want to accompany me every night but i still can't stay up..like hell things..my eyes feel like sleepy always..crap!..owh,not forgetting to say thanks to kamil that always want me to wake at night for study..but seriously i'm really2 sorry that i can't stay up..!i donno why..maybe i just follow my feelings..arggggghhh....owh god,help me with that..=(

okayh..today is my mum's bufday..yeahaaa...i already wish her this morning before i went out to my college..so,i will not missed anything nn i'm not going to be the last person to wish..yeepee...=)

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you..
happy birthday to mummy..
happy birthday to you..
*may ALLAH bless you..
*may happiness come to you..
*and cheer up always..
*anytime and anywhere..
i love you mum! =)

ops..surely i cannot tell my mom's age..of course for that.haha..because women are very sensitive when WE talk about our age..same goes to man when it comes to their amount of salary..ahah.. =p

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

crazy with it !

this morning..at the same place..as usual..same time..i 'melepak' with my friends at the cafetaria..nn suddenly..jamie talk about 'twilight' movie and so on..owh..damn i love that movie okayh jamie....love it,love it..toooooo much!..especially EDWARD..i crazy about him..huuu..awwww....he's hot ok..nn so romanticccc in that movie..stop it zalikha!LOL..ahah...n then Jamie gave me to watch the 'twilight new moon trailer' using jeyshaan laptop as she uploaded it last day..owh..i think so..haha..i can't remember when..not very important too much because my head full with psychology notes...kih3x...the trailer is really exciting..i can't wait for that movie..OMG..really insane with that movie..=)

is anyone out there fan of the 'twilight' movie??

Monday, June 1, 2009


it's like almost 2 o'clock n i'm in the library now..n i 'm going to my econs class later at 2.30...try to release my stress by writing something in my blog..huu..like 2 weeks more i have to struggle for my EE exam before semester break..yeeehaaa..can't wait for my break..but of course i have to burn the midnight oil again everday..until u can see my eyebags..ahah..just for my EE..i want to have better results..OMG...just now,i just got my applics topic test 2 results..it's like my marks are totally horrible...arrrghhhh..teribble!..i feel like i want to cry..but i have to be strong..because its not end until here by the way..i have to put more effort next time..make my parents proud of me..nn try to achieve my goal..n of course i want a newww hp if i get better results for this semester..yeah...really hope for that..

message from dila..

'salam..zaza..nanti aku leh la slalu jmpe ko..hehe..aku blaja kt KDU kolej,damansara jaya..yeah=)'

i was like...wah..really??great! i'm happy for you dear...wee..all my KBS very successful in their SPM..except me...i'm so lazy n not clever like them..dila n nan got JPA scholarship,syaz got MARA...n i'm nothing..huhu..but i hope i can be like them one day...maybe..LOL...high expectation should be done in our life okayh..i also wanna to be a role model for someone else...well,stop with that..i called dila just now n she said she will pursue her studies in KDU this 20/6...by that time,i will enjoy my semester break..haha..so,so..i can visit dila..whoah..yeah..can't wait for that time..

till next time...XOXO..

counting days for my SEMESTER 1 BREAK