Sunday, May 31, 2009

i won't give you RED roses =)

IT just BOTH of US..
pssst.. i know you said that those pictures are retarded..but i like it cares.??=p


hangout time!yeah.!.me n kyun..wee..we just went to IOI only..which is in Puchong- for those who don't know where is it-..LOL..ahakx..long time not hangout together..ceyh..'padahal slalu je'..aahaha...but long time since she went to study in UIA NOW..huuu..luckly UIA is just in PJ,we can hangout together always..had fun with u sweetie..wah..sweet??ahahah....she's become muslimah now..wearing 'baju kurung nn jubah'..hey,gud for that..i'm happy for you dear..heheh..then,later you can 'berdakwah' to me..wee..laughing all the time when i went out with her everytime..anywhere n anytime..LOve YOU honey..although we are far..our soul still remain together in our words like a bit nerd..owh..daaaa..but i noe kyun will like when i wrote this sentences....rite dear??ahah..nn don't be sad about your 'abg' k...u can share with me if anything you want to share..i will always be there beside you..ok?yeah..i love when you cheer me up..thanks a lot!..
nor zalikha azman..

-friendship love will remain same and will never end..- have a deal with abqari azman..actually that was my idea...i want we to communcate in english..i mean chatting in english..ahah..soooooo..we can improve our english..rite qarieeee..?? yeah..actually,i'm not really perfect in english but i will try to improve it..yeah!
together with you! LOL..i'm not forget to mention that..:)


yesterday night...i sitting at my bro's bed..i cried empty silence room..n the clock showed 2.30 a.m..almost 3.00 a.m n i feel very2 sad..whuaaaaa...why??because of my assignment disappeared before i save it..oh,damn you guys feel ??huu..i feel like i want to scream and kick the computer out..'bengong punye komputer'..huhu..i spend my whole night doing that works...also burn the midnight oil to finish it..owh..crap2X...i can't sleep yesterday night..try to misscall haire..nn he called me back..nn i told him everythings about that..he ask me to check again from the recovery n i can't find it..owh,owh..thanks to afiq a.k.a abe n also ky because gave me a lot of support n very concern about me..i just relieved when i told them..haire..thanks bro..coz help me to forget about it..i really2 appreciate about it..

Stay up..

okayh,'s like almost 2.00 a.m now..and and i'm proud to say that i am in a success way to stay up!..hooray2x!..yeah!..i know it sounds like so funny...because..'i manage to stay up??'..yucks..i'm so's wrong with's like nothing okayh..everyone also stay up..n just not being soooooo..excited like me..wooooaaa..but..but i'm happy that i manage to stay up..even it's a little bit weird to everyone else in this whole world..ahah..because all this while..i never stay up..owh..except during hostel time in my previous school..haha..( btw,it's all because gossiping nn of coz PM!)

-PM is either 'perjumpaan malam' or or 'parti makan'..OMG..can't forget about it..have a great time even in the morning class i AM sooooo sleepy in class..ow..okayh..fuhh..forget about that..always like sleeping in class especially in physics class..sorry teacher (pn.marmidah) ?? wonder i got C for my just like 'sucks'..i got C??huh!..BUT past is past ok-
LOL..BTW,maybe i have to finish up my 2% econs assignment report about Labour Force manage to stay no..wait!..or maybe i drink 'a cup of old town white coffee ' just now..WEE..well..stop! last previous week or,or a month or even last previous year...even i drink a cup of nescafe also,i will fall a sleep...daaa...what happen to me tonight??help!!.. okayh..i'm starting to ''merepek n merapu tah pape2 sudah'...huuu..I feel like an '0' to me okayh..
gud nite everyone! have a nice sleep n sweet dreams! ;)

i want to stay up longer..
any accompany please?? =(

Saturday, May 30, 2009

artwork !

you all are very pleasure to put this pict in your blog or page..:)

by zalikha azman.. production

Friday, May 29, 2009

sesat gang!


'sesat gang' in my blog !
meet them at..
sunway university college..
or,or anywhere they belong to..ahaha.. they cOme! =p

clinic ??

last night,my parents bring my little bro n my eldest sister to a clinic to see a doctor..aiyo..of course to see a doctor lah zalikha..ahah..can't u really imagine for that simple things...btw,i just want to make the sentences as fun as i could..eventhough it's not fun enough.n..i'm not an excellent JOKER by the sis n my bro got fever,cough nn flu..its all because of my at first,he is the only person in my family that had a fever,cough,flu n blabla..but he don't want to see a doctor..and at the end,my other siblings got it from my dad virus disease..

act,my dad so stubborn to go to the clinic..he just took a panadol and then go to sleep..just like more other medicines or..or other supplements to take..huu..but dad,u are really2 have to take care of yourself better next time especially when it comes to your high blood pressure okayh...but,but..suddenly i felt that only my mom n me have better antibiotic in our bodies..ahaha..seems like we are strong and not get affected..wah..i'm so bad to say that...sorry dad..huhu..i hope they will get better soon...i LOVE my FAMILY..wEE..everyone also LOVES their FAMILY rite..because they belongs to us!..yeah!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


my applics class start at 10.30..but my lecturer still not come yet to the,i started to call kamil.since i want to ask him wether he can come to my college n then walk together to'm scared to walk alone..i am gurl okayh..i have to take care of myself safely..yeah! at last,kamil will come to my college first..thanks buddy..=)

i can't wait to finish my chinese friends keep teasing me..they said that i want to go for a don't have any boyfriend ogeyh..i don't have time to have a boyfriend..hee.i mean special boyfriend at this moment..since like i don't want to have any comitment to any guy...but just in PRE U..i donno if i will have one on my degree time..ahah..we never know our future rite?? double triple single..not forget to mention that..ahah..that guy is just my ex-classmte n he is just a friend..

sunway outing !!

the sky looks dark..but it's not going to rain actually..ahaha..we just took dis pict at the last moment before i went back to my college..owh..we have a great time..first,had lunch at Wendy's..just wanna to taste a new food..but the price is quite expensive..huhu.. 1/4 pounder burger,strawberry softdrink nn french cost about't believe it..better to eat at MCd or much more cheaper than Wendy's..but it's ok to taste a new regret for it..ahah..kamil told me that next time..we eat at other more Wendy's..i just laugh by myself..then,we had a long about our beloved school which is TIKL..friends, of course about our future..opss...i mean our next future studies bad n naughty thinking..=p...we went to Popular..Kamil tried to search a few things..and I tried to have a look for mechanical pencil..yea...haha..seems my pencils broken already..for 2 weeks i have to use 2B just fine for me..i'm use to it..until the pencil become short now..nn the funniest things..i remembered EALD lecturer ask me about that 2B pencils..she asked me 'do you use that pencil since your primary school?'ahahah...'what?since primary school??nah..of course not teacher'...both of us just laugh together...finally we went out from that popular bookstore..yeah..btw,i manage to buy 1 rexgrip pilot pencil ..which is blue in colour...Finally,at 2.15 p.m..we went out from pyramid..n kamil again sent me to my college..ahah..thanks a lot buddy!hope can hangout with u again next time okayh..

buzz up! long time not update my blog..but.ya! it's true rite..since like almost 2 weeks or 3 weeks maybe..always busy all the time..with a lots of stuff that suddenly comes up,assignments nn not forgetting test!lol..ahaha..this week i have a lot of test..

monday : Have to pass up EALD Task 2 [ multiculturalism 'n' pluralism ]
tuesday : Account topic TeST 1
wednesday : Applics topic Test 2
thursday : Short test EALD
friday : Account Quiz [ club 'n' societies ]
that is my schedule for this week.Owh..i'm so upset doing my applics's damn hard..I feel like i will fail..actually,i don't know how i want to improve my addmath basically..since my addmath in my previous school is really2's like 2 times failed in f5 'kot'..but then i tried to improve n finally I got C for the trial bad huh?but luckly i got B4 for my addmath for sPM..but i think it just my luck..cause addmath graph will turn lower (decrease)badly..hee..i'm going to die if my dad knows my results later on..owh, applics lecturer will going to continue her study..she just a nice lecturer..i'm gonna to mish her..although she teach very well,but i still can't manage to understand her subject..wish u gud luck n all the best for you out there teacher!..(dedicated to ms.anusuya)..thanks for your concern n care about us..ngee2..=)


norza: hello..
kamil : hello..zalikha..this is kamil..
norza : owh..ya..i know..
kamil : hey,let's meet at pyramid tomorrow?i have semester break now..when is your semester break?
norza : owh really?why so fast? semester break on June..after my EE..i got two hours break tomorrow.
it's fine if we want to meet tomorrow..let's have lunch together okayh..
kamil : okayh..what time is your break?
norza : around 12.30 to just a few minutes to go to pyramid from my college..
kamil : okayh..c you then tomorrow..
norza : okayh..bye..

long time not see kamil since we took our SPM results last 2 months i think..ahaha..since he's taking SAM in taylor college..we always contact each other..then,suddenly i i want to go to pyramid ? even it is just near from my college,but i never go there by myself from college..then i manage to ask a few of my frens..i sent a message to alia since she had went to pyramid many times from college during her study in A Level Programme...ahah..

11.45 p.m
norza : alia,how i want to go to pyramid from college?it's not really far rite?
alia : ya..u just walk at the back way..
norza : it fine if i walk alone..?
alia : hurm..i think better u have a accompany..because its quite a dangerous way to go there..since not many people use that
norza : okayh..thanks a lot! =)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day

To: Mrs.Rohana bT aLias
Happy Mothers day iBu!
I love u s0ooO much!
Thanks for everythings...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


always keep counting for the time..huhu..
wanna to spend a lots of time with my frens dat will go to matrix..
wuuuuaaaaaa.. ;(
don forget to say gudbye to me later okayh..
i'm alOne here in KL..


more other assignment!!
research investigation ogeyh...
i do not know how to do..anyone?? me!!
sick of it...
the due date is 3 JUly 2009..
although the due date is still late..but i have to finish it early..don want to pospone it..
owh crap!
hope i can DO..

Friday, May 1, 2009

bought a new advanced learner dictionery..
-thanks dad =)

matrix + UPU

jUSt for public AnnoUncement..YEeha!
cOurse : aCcOUntING
cOurse : bank ManAGEment
ConGRATes to Nora AtiQah bt RosLAN..! =)
At last,she get the course that she wants..-masscommunication,in uitm..-dear,i'm very2 happy for hard n struggle more after this kayh..i'll pray for make your parents proud of u..lOve you bebeyh!mmmmuuuahhh! x)