Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stay up..

okayh,'s like almost 2.00 a.m now..and and i'm proud to say that i am in a success way to stay up!..hooray2x!..yeah!..i know it sounds like so funny...because..'i manage to stay up??'..yucks..i'm so's wrong with's like nothing okayh..everyone also stay up..n just not being soooooo..excited like me..wooooaaa..but..but i'm happy that i manage to stay up..even it's a little bit weird to everyone else in this whole world..ahah..because all this while..i never stay up..owh..except during hostel time in my previous school..haha..( btw,it's all because gossiping nn of coz PM!)

-PM is either 'perjumpaan malam' or or 'parti makan'..OMG..can't forget about it..have a great time even in the morning class i AM sooooo sleepy in class..ow..okayh..fuhh..forget about that..always like sleeping in class especially in physics class..sorry teacher (pn.marmidah) ?? wonder i got C for my just like 'sucks'..i got C??huh!..BUT past is past ok-
LOL..BTW,maybe i have to finish up my 2% econs assignment report about Labour Force manage to stay no..wait!..or maybe i drink 'a cup of old town white coffee ' just now..WEE..well..stop! last previous week or,or a month or even last previous year...even i drink a cup of nescafe also,i will fall a sleep...daaa...what happen to me tonight??help!!.. okayh..i'm starting to ''merepek n merapu tah pape2 sudah'...huuu..I feel like an '0' to me okayh..
gud nite everyone! have a nice sleep n sweet dreams! ;)

i want to stay up longer..
any accompany please?? =(

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