Sunday, May 31, 2009

i won't give you RED roses =)

IT just BOTH of US..
pssst.. i know you said that those pictures are retarded..but i like it cares.??=p


hangout time!yeah.!.me n kyun..wee..we just went to IOI only..which is in Puchong- for those who don't know where is it-..LOL..ahakx..long time not hangout together..ceyh..'padahal slalu je'..aahaha...but long time since she went to study in UIA NOW..huuu..luckly UIA is just in PJ,we can hangout together always..had fun with u sweetie..wah..sweet??ahahah....she's become muslimah now..wearing 'baju kurung nn jubah'..hey,gud for that..i'm happy for you dear..heheh..then,later you can 'berdakwah' to me..wee..laughing all the time when i went out with her everytime..anywhere n anytime..LOve YOU honey..although we are far..our soul still remain together in our words like a bit nerd..owh..daaaa..but i noe kyun will like when i wrote this sentences....rite dear??ahah..nn don't be sad about your 'abg' k...u can share with me if anything you want to share..i will always be there beside you..ok?yeah..i love when you cheer me up..thanks a lot!..
nor zalikha azman..

-friendship love will remain same and will never end..-

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  1. i will give u green roses bcuz i like green damn much..
    is green roses exist?
    neway,is tht u'r celcom number u use to me last nite?
    i'm sory,my cred is alreasy low..