Thursday, May 28, 2009


my applics class start at 10.30..but my lecturer still not come yet to the,i started to call kamil.since i want to ask him wether he can come to my college n then walk together to'm scared to walk alone..i am gurl okayh..i have to take care of myself safely..yeah! at last,kamil will come to my college first..thanks buddy..=)

i can't wait to finish my chinese friends keep teasing me..they said that i want to go for a don't have any boyfriend ogeyh..i don't have time to have a boyfriend..hee.i mean special boyfriend at this moment..since like i don't want to have any comitment to any guy...but just in PRE U..i donno if i will have one on my degree time..ahah..we never know our future rite?? double triple single..not forget to mention that..ahah..that guy is just my ex-classmte n he is just a friend..

sunway outing !!

the sky looks dark..but it's not going to rain actually..ahaha..we just took dis pict at the last moment before i went back to my college..owh..we have a great time..first,had lunch at Wendy's..just wanna to taste a new food..but the price is quite expensive..huhu.. 1/4 pounder burger,strawberry softdrink nn french cost about't believe it..better to eat at MCd or much more cheaper than Wendy's..but it's ok to taste a new regret for it..ahah..kamil told me that next time..we eat at other more Wendy's..i just laugh by myself..then,we had a long about our beloved school which is TIKL..friends, of course about our future..opss...i mean our next future studies bad n naughty thinking..=p...we went to Popular..Kamil tried to search a few things..and I tried to have a look for mechanical pencil..yea...haha..seems my pencils broken already..for 2 weeks i have to use 2B just fine for me..i'm use to it..until the pencil become short now..nn the funniest things..i remembered EALD lecturer ask me about that 2B pencils..she asked me 'do you use that pencil since your primary school?'ahahah...'what?since primary school??nah..of course not teacher'...both of us just laugh together...finally we went out from that popular bookstore..yeah..btw,i manage to buy 1 rexgrip pilot pencil ..which is blue in colour...Finally,at 2.15 p.m..we went out from pyramid..n kamil again sent me to my college..ahah..thanks a lot buddy!hope can hangout with u again next time okayh..

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