Sunday, May 31, 2009


yesterday night...i sitting at my bro's bed..i cried empty silence room..n the clock showed 2.30 a.m..almost 3.00 a.m n i feel very2 sad..whuaaaaa...why??because of my assignment disappeared before i save it..oh,damn you guys feel ??huu..i feel like i want to scream and kick the computer out..'bengong punye komputer'..huhu..i spend my whole night doing that works...also burn the midnight oil to finish it..owh..crap2X...i can't sleep yesterday night..try to misscall haire..nn he called me back..nn i told him everythings about that..he ask me to check again from the recovery n i can't find it..owh,owh..thanks to afiq a.k.a abe n also ky because gave me a lot of support n very concern about me..i just relieved when i told them..haire..thanks bro..coz help me to forget about it..i really2 appreciate about it..

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