Friday, May 29, 2009

clinic ??

last night,my parents bring my little bro n my eldest sister to a clinic to see a doctor..aiyo..of course to see a doctor lah zalikha..ahah..can't u really imagine for that simple things...btw,i just want to make the sentences as fun as i could..eventhough it's not fun enough.n..i'm not an excellent JOKER by the sis n my bro got fever,cough nn flu..its all because of my at first,he is the only person in my family that had a fever,cough,flu n blabla..but he don't want to see a doctor..and at the end,my other siblings got it from my dad virus disease..

act,my dad so stubborn to go to the clinic..he just took a panadol and then go to sleep..just like more other medicines or..or other supplements to take..huu..but dad,u are really2 have to take care of yourself better next time especially when it comes to your high blood pressure okayh...but,but..suddenly i felt that only my mom n me have better antibiotic in our bodies..ahaha..seems like we are strong and not get affected..wah..i'm so bad to say that...sorry dad..huhu..i hope they will get better soon...i LOVE my FAMILY..wEE..everyone also LOVES their FAMILY rite..because they belongs to us!..yeah!

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