Thursday, May 28, 2009

buzz up! long time not update my blog..but.ya! it's true rite..since like almost 2 weeks or 3 weeks maybe..always busy all the time..with a lots of stuff that suddenly comes up,assignments nn not forgetting test!lol..ahaha..this week i have a lot of test..

monday : Have to pass up EALD Task 2 [ multiculturalism 'n' pluralism ]
tuesday : Account topic TeST 1
wednesday : Applics topic Test 2
thursday : Short test EALD
friday : Account Quiz [ club 'n' societies ]
that is my schedule for this week.Owh..i'm so upset doing my applics's damn hard..I feel like i will fail..actually,i don't know how i want to improve my addmath basically..since my addmath in my previous school is really2's like 2 times failed in f5 'kot'..but then i tried to improve n finally I got C for the trial bad huh?but luckly i got B4 for my addmath for sPM..but i think it just my luck..cause addmath graph will turn lower (decrease)badly..hee..i'm going to die if my dad knows my results later on..owh, applics lecturer will going to continue her study..she just a nice lecturer..i'm gonna to mish her..although she teach very well,but i still can't manage to understand her subject..wish u gud luck n all the best for you out there teacher!..(dedicated to ms.anusuya)..thanks for your concern n care about us..ngee2..=)


norza: hello..
kamil : hello..zalikha..this is kamil..
norza : owh..ya..i know..
kamil : hey,let's meet at pyramid tomorrow?i have semester break now..when is your semester break?
norza : owh really?why so fast? semester break on June..after my EE..i got two hours break tomorrow.
it's fine if we want to meet tomorrow..let's have lunch together okayh..
kamil : okayh..what time is your break?
norza : around 12.30 to just a few minutes to go to pyramid from my college..
kamil : okayh..c you then tomorrow..
norza : okayh..bye..

long time not see kamil since we took our SPM results last 2 months i think..ahaha..since he's taking SAM in taylor college..we always contact each other..then,suddenly i i want to go to pyramid ? even it is just near from my college,but i never go there by myself from college..then i manage to ask a few of my frens..i sent a message to alia since she had went to pyramid many times from college during her study in A Level Programme...ahah..

11.45 p.m
norza : alia,how i want to go to pyramid from college?it's not really far rite?
alia : ya..u just walk at the back way..
norza : it fine if i walk alone..?
alia : hurm..i think better u have a accompany..because its quite a dangerous way to go there..since not many people use that
norza : okayh..thanks a lot! =)

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