Monday, June 1, 2009

it's like almost 2 o'clock n i'm in the library now..n i 'm going to my econs class later at 2.30...try to release my stress by writing something in my 2 weeks more i have to struggle for my EE exam before semester break..yeeehaaa..can't wait for my break..but of course i have to burn the midnight oil again everday..until u can see my eyebags..ahah..just for my EE..i want to have better results..OMG...just now,i just got my applics topic test 2's like my marks are totally horrible...arrrghhhh..teribble!..i feel like i want to cry..but i have to be strong..because its not end until here by the way..i have to put more effort next time..make my parents proud of me..nn try to achieve my goal..n of course i want a newww hp if i get better results for this semester..yeah...really hope for that..

message from dila..

'salam..zaza..nanti aku leh la slalu jmpe ko..hehe..aku blaja kt KDU kolej,damansara jaya..yeah=)'

i was like...wah..really??great! i'm happy for you dear...wee..all my KBS very successful in their SPM..except me...i'm so lazy n not clever like them..dila n nan got JPA scholarship,syaz got MARA...n i'm nothing..huhu..but i hope i can be like them one day...maybe..LOL...high expectation should be done in our life okayh..i also wanna to be a role model for someone else...well,stop with that..i called dila just now n she said she will pursue her studies in KDU this 20/ that time,i will enjoy my semester,so..i can visit dila..whoah..yeah..can't wait for that time..

till next time...XOXO..

counting days for my SEMESTER 1 BREAK

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