Tuesday, June 2, 2009

crazy with it !

this morning..at the same place..as usual..same time..i 'melepak' with my friends at the cafetaria..nn suddenly..jamie talk about 'twilight' movie and so on..owh..damn i love that movie okayh jamie....love it,love it..toooooo much!..especially EDWARD..i crazy about him..huuu..awwww....he's hot ok..nn so romanticccc in that movie..stop it zalikha!LOL..ahah...n then Jamie gave me to watch the 'twilight new moon trailer' using jeyshaan laptop as she uploaded it last day..owh..i think so..haha..i can't remember when..not very important too much because my head full with psychology notes...kih3x...the trailer is really exciting..i can't wait for that movie..OMG..really insane with that movie..=)

is anyone out there fan of the 'twilight' movie??

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