Friday, June 19, 2009

how we handle our stress ??

yeah!..finally i'm FREE!..wee..just finish my applics test dis morning..i feel like damn hard..AND...i think my applics results will be the worst n lowest from the other bad..because i AM definitely sucks in math okay..=(..i ask a few of my clevereeest frens n they said they also can't finish several questions that are totally freaking hard nn within only 3 hours for 25 question i think..can't really notice about it..LOL.. friends will continue their study already..and most of them will go for diploma level..just wanna to say that university life is damn nice weyh..ahahha..but at the same time we also have to face a lot of stress which may INCLUDE :

* The pressure to earn good grades and to earn a degree is very high
* Pop quizzes or final exam
* Excessive homework
* Unclear assignments
* Uncomfortable classrooms
* Relationship with faculty members
* Time pressure especially assignment deadlines
* New responsibilities
* Roommates and their varying personalities
* Financial issues
* Sleep deprivation
* Change in eating habits
stress,stress n stress..
BUT! (wait.....)
there are many ways how we can cope with our stress..
yeah..i start to pratice my knowledge of psychology now..
Firstly, (suddenly become soooooo excited)..wee..=p
1.Focus your attention elsewhere
2.Talking about it..You can either talk with your councellor or friends that you believe ond comfortable with.
3.A diary or blog like me..hehe..(promote for a while).You can try to getting your thought down on paper,examine them and work on strategy to manage your stress
4.Learn to manage especially your time management
5.Do first thing first
6.Take action like make a correct or appropriate decision
7.Change your thinking..(think positive)
8.Set reasonable goal
9.Money management
10.Avoid comparing yourself with others
11.Reduce muscle tension..go for exercise for an example
12.Get enough sleep
13.Eat nutritional well balanced diet
14.annnnnddd FINALLY is LAUGH!! YEAH..=)))) dis one is the most important..
but frankly speaking..i never follow this steps of stress management..ahaha..but i'll try to improve it..yeah..okayh..maybe in d future
there are a list of few things that i need to do since likee my EE finish already..ahaha..
> working with my dad as a secretary assistant ( to earn more pocket money )
> plan to hangout with my bestie this sunday with mya n long time not spend time together..busy too much..
> have to do my psychology assignment..
> plan to hangout with my ex-dormmates also cause they're going to pursue their study this coming weeks..
> daydreaming..whoa..i wish money can come from the sky..haha..(stupid nonsense things)

credit to psychology department for stress management resources..

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