Friday, June 12, 2009

forgive me..please..

first of all..i would like to say sooory to my close friend,Pei Ling..because i still want to blog riGHT now!..fuh..i feel like i cannot stand hand feel like i want to press the computer keyboard n type...although I realised EE just 3 more days more to go..damn like i'm going to have headache soon..because i'm having sore soooo pain n uncomfortable..sob2..owh..ya..yesterday 11th JUNE 2009..arizan came to visit us in college..hoooray..he is totally different..looks like so handsome after cutting his hair..opss..haha..this is nice compliment from me to you arizan...okayh..n then while talking with him...all suddenly...i saw farhanah went down from the stairs..

farhanah!!..nn i showed arizan that was standing in front of me..n i made a very2 evil plan which i asked arizan to lie farhana and said that he's going to continue back in was like farhanah believe him..i was like really??

n then after that,around 4.30..we went off from the college..i sent arizan to sunway pyramid first because he said he want to hangout with his friends before go back to his UITM..n then sent usha to her house..usha,it just likeee ur house so neaaar from the college..later on,i can send you always to your house..ok honey..?ahah..thanks to usha coz being an instructor in the car..LOL..only now i noe how to go n way back to pyramid from my very stupid person that live in her own world n never know anything around her.. ahah

this morning..i donno...i can't really remember..huu..owh..owh.. i remember..before i went lunch..I bumped into farhanah again..since like we met in psychology class.hehe.n then she asked me..'is arizan really want to continue back his study in this college??i was like i can't stand to laugh..n i said nooooo...he just joking...wah..i feel very2 was my idea...n farhanah like believe arizan truthly...farhanah..if you read this...please forgive me..please...i know that was really 'mean' idea..but i just wanna make a joke..but i am really2 sorry k?..i hope you will forgive me..huhu..sincerely,from me..zalikha-

my english writing like become worst!!


  1. AARRGGHH~~~
    hahaha.. joking oni la..
    hope u recover soon..
    drink more water k..;)

  2. lol.
    it's ok laaa.
    but really, i believed u guys u kno??
    haha. anyway, u just found out how to get to sunway pyramid...??
    oh my god..... teehee
    so, nw u'r driving to college?