Saturday, June 20, 2009


my parents n my bro go back to my dad's hometown just now..n my sister n I didn't follow them..coz i want to hangout with my beshfrens tomorrow..ahaha..damn bad la me weyh..i mean like because i'm not follow them..hehe..plan for tomorrow :

8.00 a.m wake up,take bath,do a little bit household,iron my clothes
10.30 a.m wait for mira to fetch me..
11.00 a.m fetch zul n his friend at ktm subang n then goooo to mid..

yeah!can't wait..wee for that..heh..=)

today,i feel like i broke already..because i bought 5 pieces of tudung in one i want to take all tudung in that shop..but i tried to control my 'shopaholics' this term correct?? whoa..watever okay..ahaha..

chat with dila just now..she said like she become homesick already..she's from pahang n she got JPA scholarship n now pursue her study in KDU..just arrive to damansara this evening...yeah..damansara is just nearby to my house..not really nearby but still not really far rite??ahah...can't wait to see her..

to dila..'kakcik cbe dtg ngan kamil okayh'
since like i'm studying at sunway n kamil studying at taylor..our college is really2 near..10-15 minutes like,can go together..yeah..eheh..okay, bad thinking huh..

hope i will not sesat tomorrow..
damn funny..ahah..but
pray for me..whuaaa..

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