Wednesday, June 3, 2009


again,i'm in the library now..n again..i have to go to econs class after this..everybody talk about EE..owh..damn..i don't really prepare anything for my EE yet..i feel like..sooooo..lazy..owh..please,someone..give me air to breath..!why i'm sooo lazy..i like freaking out too me! please give me support or or anything that can give me more spirit to study..every night like i want to stay up..although i have someone want to accompany me every night but i still can't stay hell eyes feel like sleepy always..crap!..owh,not forgetting to say thanks to kamil that always want me to wake at night for study..but seriously i'm really2 sorry that i can't stay up..!i donno why..maybe i just follow my feelings..arggggghhh....owh god,help me with that..=( is my mum's bufday..yeahaaa...i already wish her this morning before i went out to my,i will not missed anything nn i'm not going to be the last person to wish..yeepee...=)

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you..
happy birthday to mummy..
happy birthday to you..
*may ALLAH bless you..
*may happiness come to you..
*and cheer up always..
*anytime and anywhere..
i love you mum! =)

ops..surely i cannot tell my mom's age..of course for that.haha..because women are very sensitive when WE talk about our age..same goes to man when it comes to their amount of salary..ahah.. =p

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  1. zalikha, dun worry too much..
    we r on da same boat..
    im so not prepared 4 EE..=(
    here am i 2 give u moral support my fren..^^
    so gud ar..
    got someone 2 stay up late n accompany u..
    which kamil? =P