Thursday, June 4, 2009


LOL..arizan,this pictures are totally funny..but you are CUTE okayh~~..

before i away from this blooging and whatever things..ahah..i want to write somethings about this guy..oopss..????question marks there..hee...everyone must be weird why i want to write about this guy..why not another guy??actually..i already promised to him that i will write something about him after he withdraw from my college..but it was long time ago..only now i have time to write about bad..busy always all the time..nothing much than that..yeah..aawww..let me story a little bit about this guy..

okayh... it's all about HIM..

first,his name is arizan..he is from gombak..but i donno which area..seems like i never go to gombak.. feel like i aaammmm sooo outdated person..ahaha...then,he is actually my ex-classmate in sunway U account class nn economic class...i really enjoy and happy nn have a great moment when i'm sitting beside bad thinking okayh..just because he always make me laugh all the time with his words n his first i saw my account class..which that time the class is in NE-4-7...i think it is the first day he's in this college..because i never seen him before that day..i still remember..i really thought that he is a chinese guy..everyone also think like that..but actually he is a malay..but not really purely malay..i think he is also mixed...can't really take note for that..hehe..i'm so bad arizan..please forgive me..just know him a little while only because he now already pursue his study in UiTM..continue in foundation in laws..we all really2 sad when he said that he wanted to go..but i think he will become one of a successful person..i can believe for that n i will pray for him too..he is my,i will support you buddy..he will not regret to choose that way..i can promise suzana told me that UiTM is good when it comes to their law courses..sounds like greeaaatt things rite..he is very kind person...his girlfriend must be proud of him...yeah..he already has a gf which is a chinese girl..wah..lengloi la...'manyak cantik'....eheh...suit with him..

he is one of ms suzana favourite students..eheh..because ms.suzana will always ask him a lot of questions in my economic class...haha..he will never escaped..but,you know what,i think like i replaced your like always ask me question in class...but nvm..its not very seldomly..i think i should appreciate ms suzana because she make us more alert in is wonder u like economics because of ms.suzana..because i feel the same way too here..yeah..btw,i think rayyan is lonely now without you..but don worry too much..i will take care for you..hahah..he already adults man now..although he is younger than more things that i really2 respect about arizan is he never left his 'solat'..i always saw him at are very good muslim..i'm proud of,like arizan already withdraw from the college..n just left one malay guy in my AUSMAT march intake which is azhar..but i'm not really close with him..that's why i am very2 sad when arizan want to left us...he is very friendly person..even with everyone..n very kind..nn such being a JOKER..LOL..i noe he will never forget about us here..rite arizan..??ahah..especially his group 'gang'....okay,i'm done with this!but i really2 want to write something more and a lot of things to share..but i'm scared that there will not enough empty space for me to write..ahaha..well,just let me stop here..

message to arizan..: hey buddy,we all here miss you..drop by to this college if you have any free time..we always welcome you..nn not forgetting to remind hard for your study..i hope u will be a great lawyer one day..i'm waiting for that..haha..all the best n gud luck..don't forget about us here okayh..if not,i will shoooooot you..ahaha..kidding! no heart feelings..thanks for the memories...=)

and thanks for being a good friend...

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