Tuesday, October 6, 2009

it was not my mistake..

i don't have mood to write blog nowadays..only if i feel like my 10 cutey fingers want to touch this keyboard and type!!grrr...lazy dumm2 of me..i just got my psychology,EALD and accounting paper just now..it was like totally horibble..not really horrible..i can say that my marks are much higher this time compared to my EE results..and i think my marks are average..AVERAGE!!..i am only me..i cannot say that i am too sad..yeah..maybe i can say it too because i do really dissapoint my parents..but this is only ME..my average of me..i still in average level..i cannot expect to get results that i really2 can't achieve..i mean for this moment..yeaaa..people might advance in the future..but for me..i have to move forward slowly..i cannot be like bummm..getting higher marks like that..i cannot put higher expectation results for me to achieve..it just like not worth it!..i know very well how my ability could be..i can't just put my expectation for an A++ in such a way my level is just B or C+..because if i put higher expectation,i will be more suffer and become soooo..upset if i couldn't get at the end..because i cannot achieve the real high super expectation....hurm..but yes for sure..i want an excellent results..pleaseee..everybody also want..but at this moment..i will work harder for the last minute expectation..just same like what i did for my little tiny PMR and little advance SPM..from the worst trial to a better actual results..i hope i can excel more better for my entire AUSMAT..wish me luck people!!..to my parents,i won't dissapoint both of you again for this time..but i can't promise for my applics..hehe..i can't help on it..and yet i donno why..because i really2 sucks at MATH!..although if i do a lot of questions..

huhu..did my oral test yesterday..it was quite ok for me..but i donno how my marks are given to me..because i was talking to AUStralian people!! fuh..it was nervous that time..i can't really think about the points when she kept asking me questions one by one..but at least i have a point to talk about..i wasn't like keep quiet in that room..and blinking over the time..but i think 1 question i couldn't answer because i don't know what she asked!!..errghh..the question is something like this..( i donno wether correct or not )..'how speech can empowering your language'..i was like huh??i'm not really said 'huh?' to her..haha..but it was just my silent thought..and i was like..'can you repeat again the question'..duuh..although she repeated the same question also..i couldn't answer!! because i donno what point i want to say..it just a speechless moment when we already sat on that chair in that 'blessful' room..and talking with someone that we cannot see their face..only can hear their voice..and they can hear our voice..but i know they can see us..only us cannot see them..maybe because they don't want us to feel nervous..but yet daaa..we still nervous..because its an ORAL!!..spontaneously have to answer the questions... haha..but for me i prefer like that..because at least i cannot see their face..so,i will like less ''hurm..errrkk..'' to answer their questions..hehe..fullstop for that..gtg now..dada..
sorry for my bad grammar..i have to wake up now and digest my grammar lessons back..

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