Wednesday, July 29, 2009

wednesday.. last i managed to change my blog backgroud..
huu..hepi for to me...and some of my resources..=)
i donno what i'm happy for..
but watever it is..can you see..??i manage!..
it's pink...and I Aaaammm....slightly changed the pictures on the top of my page..
today..i had presentation for my econs..
i felt like i did 80% badly..huhu..basically,usha did the power point..and i try to edit..
but i gave the pendrive early to teen..and ms.suzana said..
maybe our group is next week..but we have to get ready first..
i ask my friends from econs 5 and they said that some of the group will do the presentation
this friday..n after analyse all things..i was like a little bit relax to edit the power point..
n suprisingly was.....after the group 3 finish presenting,ms.suzana said..
marshmallow cake..your turn now...
and i was like still relax..ahah..damn crazy rite??
zachery will be the presentator of my group..
and suddenly...he point at me..i was like...huh??
what??wey2..i'm not really ready...i never present before...huhuu..i really scared that time..
and a little bit shocked..n maybe a little bit excited...ehehe..maybe..
zachery is,like..i don mind to replace him..because he coughing like many times in class..
poor,i just go in front and present our work..
n teacher said that all are ok..but we have to edit some point in our power point..
but overall is.....I relieved! thank goodness..hew,i feel like i wish more other
PRESENTATION!!.....i feel sooooo excited to do it again...and if i have another chance..i want to do more better
than JUST Now..YEAH!!..

sorry for my bad english writing..[ in a hurry weyh ]

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