Thursday, July 30, 2009

rainy feelings...

i have to do a lot of stuff tonight..
a new assignment is coming on..which is EALD assignment..
and yet pyschology assignment i haven't start yet.. many things happen today..
i did my applics homework halfway sooooo HARD..
i told shaleen n she agreed with me...pei ling also said like that..
so,i'm not going to feel that i'm the one that said it's hard..
the question i did just now is probability topics..since f4 or f5..
i noe i hate that topics..n i have to face again in choice okayh..
*sigh* mumbling myself alone in this library..
i have to memorise psychology notes for tomorrow quiz..
like 2 topics to finish in ONE NIGHT!! damn it weyh..
can you imagine that...??n yet the topics are not's's a lot of point that we have to remember..
and i'm thinking that we are totally in rushing situation now..
the WACE EXAM schedule is paste on the board already..
and suprisingly that my econs and psychology exams will be held on the same day..!!
duh..hate econs,we have to memorise,understand a lot..and currently..of course psychology subject also we have a lot to memorise...n we will suffer on that day..ahah..because of too much of essays to write!!
HELP ME!..auhh..still mumbling again...
just now..shaleen said something...n i don't get it..
ahaha..shaleen!! i will force you to tell me..okayh..
i'll wait for that..
perhaps tomorrow i will ask her again..because today i don't have same class with her..
but i met her just now..yeah..n she ask me to online today..
but with a lot of things and stuff...i cannot online..sooooo sorry dear..
but maybe we can spend time on FRIDAY together...not forget with USHA also..
tralalala..mish u guys..=)

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