Monday, July 20, 2009

sickness =(

i'm in the library now..again..have to wait for my econs class start...everytime i post a new post..hew seems like i always at the same place and at the same time..=p duh..blablabla..

i'm not feeling very well since last night..i slept so early yesterday because i got heavy headache after watched harry's sounds so funny aite?? fall sick after watching the movie ?? but anyway..we can fall sick anywhere and anytime rite?? oooorrr...maybe i missed a small child that sit beside me in the cinema?? perhaps..who knows rite?,today seems like it's not my luck..i'm scared i cannot concentrate in class..even dis morning,i'm not really doing well for my applic topic test..but at least i try my best...

pei ling also got flu...since like we have strong it?? fall sick TOGETHER..she has flu and i got fever and cough..i said to xiang jek n joyce...don't come,they're not affected want thick sweater right now...anyone?? and i just look around..and nobody want to give me...ahaha...stupid of me! i just mumbling with myself..of course no one will give me a sweater..or or...can i have blanket please?? starting to be crazy now..ergggggggghhhh...i cannot stand already...i wanted to go home...sleep,sleep,sleep until next morning...can i do that?? right now,i feel like i want to pluck my head and throw away!!!!!! see..i told u..i talk nonsense already..huhu...hope i can get well soon..pray for me guys..

suddenly..i'm thinking about that speckie guy..hurm..=)

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