Friday, July 31, 2009


i wanted to eat 'kuew teow bandung'..because i feel like soooo 'mengidam' today..ahaha...donno why..n at last i got it!..huuu...i feel i'm the happiest person in my own world...tralalaa..i had lunch with fana just now..and we only ate at cafetaria..i will only eat at cafetaria like 4 days in a week..another day i will eat at medan or medan and medan?huh! place to go anymore..owh.ya...if i feel free,i will go once a month..ahah..although it just near my college..10-15 minutes only..nn nowwwwww....i feel like i want to eat 'kuew teow bandung' again for my dinnner..duh! 'kuew teow bandung' become my favourite..never mind..fana also like to eat 'tomyam' what...ahaha..that's not a big deal..n luckly that food is ver delicious compared to sarawak laksa that i ate that day at laksa shake restaurant..feel like a mud!

fana like a crazy woman just now..ahaha..sorry to say that dear..but very nice to hangout with her..never stop laughing if i'm with her..i like to tease her..n she also like to tease me..LOL..n the important part for today isssssss.....she introduced to me 'keropok lekor'....i mean not because i donno wat is 'keropok lekor'..daaa..but she introduced me to one stall that sell 'keropok lekor'..ahaha..since like i very rarely to eat at cafetaria for,i do not know very well all those foods..ahaha...aiy0o..sounds funny..after went 'makan'..we snap some pictures near AUSMAT stuff room..which there is a nice weyh..but the weather is i can burnt all my fat under the we go..!

today,i'm wearing baju,feel like more ayu than fana..yeah..i win for 'ayuness' title..n fana,you won for the 'crazy woman' title okayh..ahaha..

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