Friday, September 4, 2009

my thought..

today,like no words to say...
suddenly yesterday i'm thinking like..
a lot of man are annoying..
yerrr...i purposely to think that.
i think like my 2nd time i feel
like i hate BOYS!!
they annoyed me..
i donno why i think like that..
maybe some of them.
yeah..and some of them..
are very-very nice to me..
i cannot say i hate all guys...
that's not fair to some of them..and and..
people will assume i'm lesbian then rite??
just because of minority of guys..
that are totally annoyed me..
i will said that i don't like the majority one..'s time!! again...
last time also..i feel the same things..
it's like a season for me..
no heart feeling guys..
i just express my words..
to release my extension wire in my head..
you can throw your defend words if you want..
i really don't mind..
different people have different opinions and thought right..??
so,this is it..

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