Saturday, August 8, 2009

sunway lagoon!!

yeah..sorry not updating yesterday night..sooo..and damn tired..after went back from lagoon..i took my dinner and then i go to sleep..wanted to study but my eyes wanted to looking my bro's bed and the pillow..huuu..i cannot stand!!..pecum..go to the bed and sleep..nice dream..ahah..feel like i donno anything happen around me because i'm in a deep sleep..miow2..LOL..

yesterday was fun and totally awesome..had a great time with my friends..thanks to govini because she can get the ceaper price for the ticket..the ticket was RM35 per person for two theme..dry park and wet some picture that we take..

thanks and sorry to my sister..i borrowed her long tight and her shirt and also her shade..ahah.. without telling her..sooo..sorry..but btw..fair2 borrow my clothes..i borrow yours one..

hurm,we went many places yesterday..played a lot of games..and it was totally awesome..i'm scared about the high and still want to play sort of games that we can look down on the ground or or turn around 360 degree..OMG..i felt my life is flying already..i always close my eyes..i don't dare to look down..i always said....oh no! oh no!..why i choose this game to play...but at the end..i still want to because wanna to feel the feelings if we are in the high level..

and then..there's a story which suddenly i want to cry..yes..i cried!! embrassing!!...the story begin like this..when we wanted to play roller there are 5 of,like usha and shaleen sit together..and i supposed to sit with nitha..but i pity to see fanah sit,like..i don mind to sit alone behind them..because i really2 don,i sit alone...and i sit at the second row from behind..and then suddenly..there are two malay guys coming and sit behind first..i feel nothing la..they sit behind me..and they seems like look so fine..but then,during the time the roller coster wanted to move..they keep teasing me...i was like..'what the H***'..F*CK!'..sorry to say it here..i have been cursed them like so many times in the roller coster..and i was not shout at all..because they really2 make me mad...feel like i want to say face to face to them..'weyh bodoh!! ko boleyh jgn kacau aku tak??bodoh!!..ingat aku kecik nk buli aku la...bangang!!..da la muka mcam aku nk tembak ngan senapang askar yg besar tu..xde otak ke!..siut je...'..i am totally2 angry..hate it...stupid!!..spoil my mood...and when i'm totally angry..i will go away from anyone that is near to me..because i don't want to spoil their mood too..if i angry with someone..i will keep quite and not try to talk with another better i go away and try to calm myself rite??,other people will not hurt because of my bad mood and attitudes....since like in my secondary school..if i'm in bad friends will not dare to greet me or talk with me..because they know me very well already..

After that,i took my bag..and go far away from my friends..and then i heard someone called me..and i looked farhanah try to persuade me and ask me why i cry..and i told all the reasons..and she was like..never mind..forget about that two guys..don spoil ur mood...think about our money..yeah...and i was like relieve a bit after that..thanks fanah..u r so you!..yeah..i should enjoy..i should thinking about my dad's money..=)..simpang malaikat maut 44 if i forced to have a boyfriend like that two malay guys..huh! hopefully it's not going to happen to me...hurm...

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  1. haha, i had fun too babe!!
    wish we can do that again!
    thanks tau for going on that water slide thingie with me for THREE times. Haha :D
    about the malay guys, screw them!!
    and sorry if u didnt want to be bothered at tht time. i just couldnt stand to see u just ran away like tht! felt so bad ; (
    glad u had fun : )