Thursday, August 6, 2009

6th August

tO : pEI Ling, Kelly and Shauni...

Happy advanced birthday !!

~ 6th August 2009 ~

Sweet 18 !! =)

wait..i would like to sing a song for you all..
yeah..basically bufday song..
ahaha..because i donno how to sing
another song..sorry??
but this song is sincerely from me..
Happy Bufday to you,
Happy Bufday to you..
Happy Bufday to 3 of you..
Happy Bufday to you..


may God bless you all..
may happiness always with you girls..
wish u all the best in watever you do..
don be naughty2 okayh..
old already..i'm still young..
don't let the past experience to be your next future..

Luv u all...mmmmuuahh..(hug and kiss)

will update soon...[10.30 a.m]..have to go to psycho class now..xoxo.

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