Saturday, November 21, 2009

awards night!

yuhuu..awards night just passed by me..held on 19th November 2009..last thursday..from 6 p.m to 10 p.m..the last night that i could enjoy with my collegemate!!..yaaa..though,we have still a lot of days to spend after this for LAN subjects but days that we could spend only like a quarter of time..because we only same class for Malaysian studies!!perhaps!..huhu..okayh..stop with the dramatic action..hehe..for me,a quarter of time can be used with full of meaningful rite??so,that's what i'm gonna to do bebeyh.

i make myself sooo fast..then,i went to usha'a house..because my friends that same table with me are all over,i asked my mum to sent me there..try to look forward what they are wearing and i tried to fullfill my time with touch up a little bit of my make up..ok3..honestly..i'm not a perfectionist in make,i will just put the make up on my face..simply okayh!!haha..last time,i told one of my friend that tried to comment on my make up..i said to him..he can see me in a beautiful perfectionist appearance with a gorgeous make up when i get married 6-7 years later..hahaha..6-7 years later????cool huh?maybe it's too late some of them to get married..but for me..i want it to be planned like that..i just want to graduate first,then work and have my own satisfaction on here and there..hurm..)

The most unwanted part was..we had an accident a little bit at usha's housing area..not really housing area..just in front of her house..hurm..actually,kelly wanted to reverse her car...then maybe the sensor not really cover all the sight..and she didn't realised that got car behind,she accidentally bang the car...the car was static..and that car was volvo..okayh..luckly not the new volvo but its OLD VOLVO..!!hurm..go on..the owner of the car wanted a big of 'ganti rugi' for that..honestly..i went out from the car and try to look wether it is serious or not..and guess what...his car was nothing!!!no scratch at ALL!! AT ALL!!..can you read my lips??if yes,good job!!erghh..that guy damn..annoying!!..i think kelly's car was more in troublesome..i think she have to change her bumper and her plat no..then,kelly called her dad and told him..and he asked her to take a picture..h0ho..that malay guy was like totally pale in blue..don't know why..maybe because he scared that his car can just be polished only..and not a big serious scratch or,maybe he will think how he can get the 'ganti rugi' right..erghhh..yah..i admit that we did a mistake..he's not wrong at all..but can't you just settle it with a polite manner man..??maybe we can give him a RM50 at most to polish his car..because his car was totally FINE compared to kelly's car..but whatever it is..hope kelly can settled it with that man.

here some pictures in awards night ceremony..i just upload a little bit only..more pictures i uploaded in facebook..thank you..=)

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