Monday, November 23, 2009

MS and IS!

just a PERFECT word to describe my starter of the day for today.
erghh..hate it when i have to wake up early after spent a week for my holiday..then have to continue wake up early every morning for this 2 beautiful isn't it..duh..i emphasised the beautiful word,now..u get what i mean write??please2 and thank you..huuu..i am damn lazy weyh..seriously..i mean it..because today,i really had a terrible time for my morning time..owh..please..i don't have to mention it..5 hours to spend only on malaysian's like totally crazy..and i'm hunger for the excitedness of that subject..but still can't!!..the subject was totally boring!!for me..but i think most of my friends think and felt the way like i doubt for that my dear...but yet,luckly every 1 hour lecture,we still can have a break..wee..

feeewhh..the crazyness of malaysian studies!haha..

during break okie..=p

But then,my day become cheerful back like as usual..because of my islamic studies..though,at first,only me and hannah attend the class out of 7-8 people for AUSMAT march intake..and i feel awkward in that class..because too few people only..first time in my life got only 2 students attend the class..haha..but i am so proud with myself because i managed not to open my mouth every 5 or 10 seconds..i managed to do that okayh!!i just fall in love with my islamic studies..again!! after i finished my spm syllabus..i find it very interesting..the lecturer explained to us here and there almost perfectly..and i feel like i won't skip my islamic studies for this 2 weeks..i like islamic studies since i was,not a big deal for that..i can cope easily for that subject..since like only just both of us in that class just now,so,the lecturer tend to ask us more and ask wether if we have any problem to ask him or not..haha..that's cool huh..we can ask anything that we not really sure..hurm..whatever it is totally exciting to learn islamic studies for tomorrow..yeeehaaaa..=)

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