Friday, December 4, 2009


faster wake up!haha.mumbling myself.ALONE.tonight.sitting in front of the computer.start to press my keyboard very gently and softly.actually,i'm so lazy to update my blog nowadays..i don't have any ideas about that.but,farhanah already asked me to update my blog.muahahaha..
here it you wish my dear.

like,woke up at 6 something..make myself n get ready to go to,is my final exam for the LAN subjects..basically n honestly,i'm not really understand what i learnt in malaysian studies..yeah..but i think not only me that could not understand what the lecturer teached us..n talking about that subject in front of the class every morning until noon..ha-ho-ha-..not suprise if i said most of the students have same feeling n thought like me!! no doubt for that okie..but i hope i can pass the subject..just hoping..hehe..well,i was the 3rd last person that went out from the exam hall just 'the'...why everyone went out so early??ok-ok..i noe the reason..u noe the reason??yeah..u should noe okayh!!have to!!i did the exam very slow..still can play with my pencil n look around..haha..hurm,then..had lunch with farhanah,usha,shaleen,yasmin n n farhanah ate first..and others ate later..farhanah was very hungry,so..i decided to accompany her 'makan'..haha..yea right??if farhanah read this..sure i'm dead..haha..because that's are totally not the legal reason..=pp

after that,studied islamic studies for a while..i read it already last night..and just want to make a last minute revisions to refresh back..went to class n finish it the paper..then,had a presentation about our project..which the project contribute like 30% for the entire topic was like 'discuss why women don't want to get married nowadays and how to prevent this problem'..sort of that..huhu..i think i did quite ok..i think..farhanah took my video..and i watched the video..and i was like soooo retarded..everytime also my hand move up and down by holding the pen or ..whatever the thing..i can't upload the video in here..since farhanah not send to me any video..haha..

HOORay for a while!!at last i completed my LAN,i can enjoy my legal holidays..haha..oh dear..stop it with the 'legal' words..miahaha..but i like it..quack-quack-
looking forward for the plan for tomorrow..going to have a barbeque with my friends at nina's house..maybe 5 of us only..others cannot come..since like some of my jasprincess in matriculation..u know la some of matriculation are too far from K.L..huhu..i could wish that we can get together back like hard to have the same free time together after we pursued our studies in different path ways of studying..ok!..stop with that emo mood..maybe nina will fetch me at my house after i come back from my dentist house n her house just nearby only..okayh..not really near.but still can be categorised as ''near''..haha..sounds nonsences..but that is a to say..near but not really near..haha..okie dokie..whatever..i just can't wait to meet them i come girls!!

gtg..i have no mood right now..someone might angry at me.huu...i don't know..but i felt that way..oh,god..maybe it just my feelings..but hope i can receive a good news tomorrow..

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  1. hehehe. yes yes. i took your video.
    BUT you sooo do not look like a retard ok??
    don't worry laaa!
    yay! update more more more :D