Monday, December 7, 2009


'Does my head look big in this??'

oh last..i finished read this book..for so long i bought this..i mean not really a few weeks only..maybe because i have no time to concentrate reading this book all the way..since like last two weeks my days were fulled with 2 LAN subjects night,i slept very early because i have to wake up early for the next,not really in mood to read..but i gathered all my strength,i managed to finish this book.. the story was quite good..was okay for me..let me tell a little bit about this book..the story is about..

'A muslim girl who was born in Australia,she wearing a hijab or vein and she is a could she survive in the middle of the city of Australia..her decision to wear the hijab starting when she's in year 11 full-time takes a lot of she can manage to cope with the prejudice that happened around her..sort of like people look her from up to down of her appearance and looks her as a weird person,how people think a piece of material that she wearing on her head..and can she still attract the cutest boy in school??'..and its all about..and so on..

many things to write but i just summarise it..maybe in next few weeks,i can go out with someone to accompany me to go to KLCC..wanna to buy some other books at kinokuniya bookstore..well,i think kinokuniya have a lots of novels that we can search n variety of novels that we can choose..hurm..maybe i can grab one book only..because english novel quite expensive for me..but not at all..just some of it only..ahaha..and most important things..i am totally a very slower reader like a doubt for that darling..haha..i think i will stop now..since like i have nothing else to write..i'm typing right??well..u noe..typing replace my hands to write..ahah..blablabla..since..i'm out of an,gudnite people!hope tomorrow will be better than today..!

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