Sunday, December 6, 2009


had fun just now.

met my fellow jasprincess..just a few of them.jasprincess stand for 'princess of jasmine'..the name was given because we were from 'jasmine dorm' in school..yeah..jasmine is a type of flower..maybe when some people heard this name..this is a dorm of MPP..okayh..whatsoever!! just past and it will always remain in my heart n mind..being a person that have to hold the responsibilities as a MPP is not easy..i mean..although MPP is just the same like prefect like in other school..but i don't know we are different..we used to be hated by other people..because of was sooooo stereotype..i tell u!once they heard that one MPP make a this bad thing this nonsence things la..change la..n so on..they will hate the whole entire group of people..i can say some of them judge us from outside and try to talk bad things behind us..although they never know us or eben talk to us..they simply like to be a judgemental person..hurm..but,honestly,i never regret who am I's time for me to stop..i will stop with that yah..i just wanna to refresh my mind..try to recall back the nostalgia..but for me,i don mind..people like that would never be my friends..i don't like people that think they are too PERFECT..and don't care what they want to say about other people..many people make a mistake in their,u can't blame us on that people..thanks to those that always supporting us from back,behind,in front and all side of the corner..i appreciate it..owh boy!!zalikha!!stop with that okayh!..past is past..and people will always and can change..bear that in your mind..p/s:i'm so sorry if anyone can get hurt with my words...

so,go on..had a barbeque last night..people that came;me,nina,kakna,deqna (they are twins..)hehe..nora,haire and ijam..basically haire n ijam were not included as jaszprincess..but we are very close with was totally awesome..we laugh n laugh all night..nora will never stop make us laugh..i don't know why..she always make us happy..with her cracking jokes..every single minutes we laugh until our stomach feel like going to be burst..i have no words to describe how much i miss them..yesterday gathering was like annual gathering for us..too sad that some of our members couldn't join the party because we don't have same holiday..except me..because i finished my matriculation already..and since i just stay at,there will be no problem to go out with anyone..but with my parents permission la huh..haha..because i'm a,its not really good to go out so often..especially at night..wuaahhahah..

while we're stuffing our mouths,arguing about how many minutes we need on the treadmill for every bite..there's a cute boy attract our attention..n he is sooooo cute..his face like nora said..can be her husband..!!haha..ok..i talk nonsense here!!daaa..of course cannot..8 months boy want to be a husband to a girl that is 18 years old..can you see the differences between their age??OMG..btw,i'm sorry..again!!i make up the story..quack-quack..penguin!!ops!!not penguin!!,it's a duck okayh..after we finished all..finished tidy up usual..we did night talk session..i don't know what time i slept..this moment of time,we shared our problems..when we laugh,we laugh..but when we sad,we will always shared people sad..sharing is caring right??so,that's what we try to practice..since long time not see each other..many things we want to talk's not like we cannot share our problem with an outsider or other people that we are not very close..but sometimes we scared because of our experinces..friend sometimes can be a backstabber..sometimes they used us for their own just not we cannot believe them but maybe it takes time to share our very privacy secrets..hurm..but it just my perception and point of views..i don't know about other's perception..maybe there are slightly different opinion from me..

then,just now..after we send kakna n deqna to bukit jalil LRT,me,nina and nora went to IOI mall..since like nora wanted to watch,we went there..and we watched this other nice movie at all that attract us..we are more likely love romantic movies..a typical teenagers like us..damn cool isn't,we decided to watch 'LOVE HAPPENS' for me,the movie was quite slow n totally out of my taste..i felt that movie was totally boring..i can give 1 and a half over 5 ONLY!!..erghh..and can u very few people only in a's about 10-15 people only..
huuhu..wee..snap a lot of pictures!!'s not like we are very3 'jakon' a person that never found a camera in their own world..but its an annual gathering.people!.once a year only we can meet like this..because we are from different places..i mean different places not like other planet or somewhere else but from our house to another's not like 5 minutes only we can walk n chit chat,chit chat like takes time for 2-3 hours or more toone,can imagine that huh..and maybe we have another comitment to do..i had a great time this two days..before we left,we have a bit of a kodak moment ang hug each other.

*more pictures i uploaded in the facebook..

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  1. bese la tuh....
    tp time batch anda2 semua la plg teruk mpp penah dgr cter....
    terima hakikat yer....