Monday, April 27, 2009

planning for mydearest dilla..

starting from this wednesday until sunday..
i will have a study break..
yah0o!!can't wait for this coming days.
i am planning with mai to go out and watch a movie (bohsia i think)..
actually,wanna to go out with others..but seems some of them are
busy for their exams,work n s0 on...
hope we can be gathering together-gether next time yah! =)..sure!
to kakna n deqna,not forgetting to alia to0 : 'study hard n strive for
the becoming exams ok..i'll support 3 of you'
..muchacha...n oh,oh ya..dilla is in K.L now..=)
wah..damn!mish u s0o much dear..hope to see u On this wednesday..
we will bring you 'jln2 k dear?'..yeah..maybe we will go either to mid valley or KLCC or TS..
ahah..n planning for : shopping,movie,bowling, & chatting..

reminder to myself : zalikha,don't forget about ur..
psycho movie review n of course the debate t0o..oh,damn! =(

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