Thursday, April 30, 2009

mid valley!

we had a lot of fun!thanks girls..spends this precious time with me..:)

my ex KBS -dila-
with mai comot..=p..luv ya!

with kak nadja

yesterday..i went out from house at 10..n then go breakfast with my parents at indian 'cappati'..wah..delicious..bon appetite! waaaalaaah..:)..eheh..after eat,get off from that place..Then,ayah n ibu send me to LRT station at sri petaling....wah..i'm alone!i can't believe it..i hope i can reach mid valley by myself..first time beb..ahaha...s0 funny..(padahal pernah je but this time just alone without my frens!)They all so busy...s0,cannot accompany me..First,buy a ticket..then waiting for the train..suddenly i became so dummy..i already get into the train n then i feel like sooooo different..wat's the different also i donno..n then i get out from that train..when the train already move..suddenly..i think..sri petaling is the first and the last other train from other way can come to sri way!bongek.!i have to wait more minutes time for another stupid i am..adush..then another train come..wah..don be so stupid again zalikha after this..keep in ur embrassing..then,from sri petaling...stop at tasik selatan station..after dat,buy a ktm tickets to mid valley..first..there are 2 ways..1 is nilai & seremban..n another one is rawang,pelabuhan klang..s0,i did a right desicion in my mind..i go to rawang n pelabuhan klang way....ogeyh..owh,owh i can't wait to reach the mid valley..just for a few minutes later,the train is coming n i get into it..i look up n then suddenly i think is this the correct train i take??OMG...i am so gelabah..then get out from the train.huhu..s0,then i go to nilai n seremban platform...i think back..why i go this way..i called seems that he always 'merantau' so..i decide to call him....ahah..'hello,haire...kak cik alone i want to go to mid valley?? which way?? to nilai n seremban or rawang'??..but then..'he said,kak cik go to rawang way la..why u want to go to seremban plak'...n then i ask a lady besides me 'kak,if i want to go to mid,this way or that way'....she replied..'go that way because mid valley near K.L rite..'..really??owh,owh..ok..thanks kak..OMG..not again! damn it! how stupid i am..dush2...terrible day for me in my whole life...seems that i'm really2 so stupid..because of i'm so 'menggelabah cpt'..ahahah..then the train come..i step into it n i relieved..then,when i reach mid valley ktm station..suddenly i heard someone called my name..'zalikha!'...owh..ya..i try to find which person that called my name...then i saw psychology wonder people always said..this world is so suprised that i bumped into her..she smiled at me..n i replied her smile back..eheh..crazy things today..finally..i go to cinema n i called mai..'mai,where are u now??'....'at the counter..wait for us..we buy you a tickets k'....then..i tried to find them..owh,owh..ya..i already saw them..hehe..really mish 10 years not see each other..owh,owh..zalikha..shut up..i noe u are very excited..keep control urself okayh..ahah..:) we watch bohsia movie..walaweyh..this movie is damn 'hot'..i can give shamsul yusoff 5 stars for this film..this film a little bit funny n give a lots of moral value n of course i enjoy it...this film is 18 above ogeyh...attention to childrens:u are not allowed to bad..ahah..after watch the movie..we go n eat dominoes pizza..just take away only..then stop at medan selera n eat our lunch..yeah..i eat 1 slice stomach still full....we chatting..n recall back our long lasting memories..ahah..laugh,laugh n laugh..damn..mish d past time so much!..then we go jusco n buy some clothes..dila bought a new pair of baju kurung..she said for matrix stock!..haha..then at 4.45 we go down to ktm n wanna to go back..suddenly my mom called 'ika,where are u now?? what time u want to go back??'..huhu..'yes,ibu..i'm on d way back'..
wah..the train really made me mad..i have to wait for an tired..then at around 6 o'clock i think..finally..i reach my lovely home..owh..yeah! finally...

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  1. hehehe
    yup totally!
    i was so surprised to see you too you know??
    haha. yes yes, the world is superbly TINY!
    and the story about you got the wrong train and all is so funny. hehe =D